There are so many different types of artificial nails ( aka juke nails, fake nails, assumed nails, or fashion nails ) out there ! It ’ second no surprise at all that most people are confused at best, and are at the clemency of their nail technical school at the worst .

History of Artificial Nails

Closeup shot of a beautiful young woman with over-the-top long acrylic manicure and bright fashion makeup| Artificial Nails - All the Different Types of Fake Nails

The Short(er) History of Faux Nails

Let ’ s explore the relatively holocene history of artificial nails for a act. This might be a bite of a shocker, but did you know that modern acrylic nails owe their start to dentistry ? ! It ’ south truthful. As it happens, an accident at work inspired Fred Slack, a dentist in 1954, to create an artificial nail to temporarily replace the matchless he broke off. Some experiment with chemicals and methods late, he started a company together with his brother. This laid the foundation for acrylic nails .

The Long(er) Version

however, 1950 ’ randomness wasn ’ t the first gear meter person intend of using something to enhance the spirit of natural nails. In fact, longer nails were en vogue during many periods in homo history. For exemplify, women wore them as a sign of a status symbol and upper class in ancient Egypt, where collar extensions were made from bone and gold, adenine well as 19th century Greece, where noblewomen used pistachio shells as fudge nails.

so thanks for the history example, but so what ? …

Types of Artificial Nails

Different bright nail art on three rows of artificial press-on or glue-on nails | Artificial Nails - All the Different Types of Fake Nails Fast-forward to today. The options for your digits seem endless, but all types of juke nails can be broken down into these main categories : acrylic nails, gel nails, dip powderize nails, silk smash wraps, fiberglass smash wraps, and tied diverse spine collar wraps. The newest thing is the revival of glue-on options which now include press-on nails ( lapp as stick-on nails ) and glue-on nails .

What are Acrylic Nails?

Warning : small skill example to follow 🙂 Acrylic nails are made of a combination of acrylic glass and liquid monomers ( normally ethyl methacrylate ). The monomers in this position are active and actually promote the reaction to form what is known as an acrylic nail down. This assortment looks like a paste, bonds to the natural nail, and begins to harden reasonably promptly. During this prison term the coveted determine is created .

Are Acrylic Nails Safe?

Traces of these monomers may remain, however. And in the 1970s due to many reported reactions, the FDA removed products that were made 100 percentage from one such methyl methacrylate monomer ( aka MMA ) { * }. While any use is banned in many states, this ingredient is still used in many salons as it ’ south thus much cheaper than the safe monomer ethyl methacrylate. however, acrylics are generally safe. You need to be very careful with the removal march though and take a breath every 3-6 months to let your nails rejuvenate, as acrylics will soften your breeze through plate .Example of nail length that requires the use of acrylic nails | Artificial Nails - All the Different Types of Fake Nails


  • They are stronger than gel and dip powder adding to the durability
  • Best used if the ultra-long look is what you want
  • Expect anywhere from six to eight weeks with a fill every couple of weeks or so.


  • Requires a “nail fill” every couple of weeks as your nails grow out. This is done for esthetics and to prevent water and elements from getting under the original nail which can cause the nail to lift
  • Takes much longer than gels and even than dip powder. Plan to spend about 1.5-2 hours at the nail salon
  • Might cost slightly more than gels or dip powders.

What are Gel Nails?

Gel manicure has become fabulously popular in the concluding 5-10 years. Gel is precisely what it sounds like. It comes out fluid like regular breeze through polish but is then cured under a UV or LED light .UV or LED light curing Gel Nails | Artificial Nails - All the Different Types of Fake Nails There is a draw of false information around mousse nails. Basically anything that comes out of a bottle and is brushed on your collar and then cured under a light to harden is a gel smash. It doesn ’ t matter if it ’ sulfur called “ shellac ” which is just a trade name from CND or if it ’ south called soft gel or mousse polish. It ’ s all one and the lapp.

The misinformation is in part due to marketing around gel polishes. They generate more income for the salons, require slenderly less prison term, and they do not smudge or chip as debauched .

Are Gel Nails Safe?

Gel nails are by and large dependable. however, they will besides damage your nails slenderly. Some people tolerate them well and can go for months without taking a fail. I ’ thousand personally not one of them. The early divisor to consider is that you need to expose your skin to a UV unaccented or an lead luminosity. Both of them emit UVA radiation that is the longer wave radiation sickness and at large amounts of exposure may cause cancer { * }. however, LED lights generally cure the gel faster than UV lights, the light bulb last much longer and consume less energy. But studies on both have shown them to be safe. Although sunscreen is inactive recommended .


Both gels and acrylics are great if you are looking to get out of the salon without waiting to dry your even polish. however, gels typically take quite a bite less time per appointment than an acrylic would. normally, you can be done in 45 minutes or less. They are besides widely available with tons of semblance and radiation pattern options .Selection of gel nails and designs at a nail salon | Artificial Nails - All the Different Types of Fake Nails


Gel nails are broadly not adenine impregnable as acrylics and consequently you can expect it to last about a week to two weeks, depending on your life style. You should have it removed by a professional, as pick at the collar can and will damage your pinpoint. even with proper removal, it may soften your smash beds. Gels besides require the practice of UV / LED lamps that may lead to skin aging .

What is Dip Powder?

Dip powder nails are the newest tendency to blow up on the breeze through space. They have been around for a while, but have not truly gained much popularity until the survive couple of years. Dip powder is basically acrylic in a powderize shape .Applying Dip Powder to Nails | Artificial Nails - All the Different Types of Fake Nails To create a look, the nail technician will clean your nail down, cover it with a glue-like top coat, and then apply a highly pigment powder. This is done a few times. After some buffet to create a streamlined open, a greatcoat is applied.

Is Dip Powder Safe?

precisely like acrylics and gel, dip powder is not bad for your nails. But it always comes down to a few simple rules. Do not let the smash technical school dip nails immediately into the powderize jar. Chances are you ’ re not the only customer who used that jolt. It ’ s well to have the powder brushed on with a clean brush or sprinkled on top .Removing gel or dip powder from nails | Artificial Nails - All the Different Types of Fake Nails Another concern is the removal march. As with gels, your nail technical school will buff or file the nail down open and then wrap each nail in a cotton testis soaked in complete polish remover. Acetone and over-filing are a real concern. But because everyone has different nails, your own might do better with dim powder than other artificial nail solutions. however, there is no UV or LED lamps with this serve .


  • Expect it to last anywhere from 3 weeks up to a month
  • Durability and strength similar to acrylics
  • No UV / LED lamps required
  • Can be used to add some length. Your nail technician can apply acrylic nail tips and layer the dip powder on top to create a look you want
  • Cost is similar to gels at $30-$50.


  • May be hard on some nails
  • The removal process can be more intense than gels
  • May take up to 2 hours for an appointment (with nail tips or nail art)
  • Not all salons offer due to sanitary concerns.

xo, Marina

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor or a accredited esthetician. The data presented is not medical advice. It is strictly to share my experiences and opinions based on the linked research. As constantly, check with a doctor for any checkup conditions. The author and web log disclaim indebtedness for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in any activities or ideas from this locate .

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