Hey-o, it ’ second Day 4 of SwatchWeek ! just one more sidereal day after this, tomorrow !
today I have 5 Funky Fingers polishes to show you ! Funky Fingers can be found in Five Below stores ( if you don ’ t have a Five Below near you, I weep for you because they ’ re so incredible. I specifically go in them for their complete polish, and because they sell discounted City Color Cosmetics constitution. Anyways ) .
One of my friends, Molly, who I can give some credit to for enabling my nail down polish addiction, always had Funky Finger nail polishes, and I was so scheme. So last, one day when I went into Five Below, I picked up some polishes .
I have 2 polishes that change coloring material in the sunlight, and then 3 of their normal polishes ! The Sunlight polishes were 2/ $ 5 while the normal polishes were 3/ $ 5.

Let ’ s get into the swatches !

First up, the Sunlight polishes. now, I don ’ t have actual photos of them after they ’ ve changed in the sunlight – winter grey daylight makes that unmanageable, but I have personally seen them change ! It ’ mho something thus cool for such a first gear price .
First up is ‘ absolve Spirit ’. This is a bright flip blue cream, that transitions to a dark, more cold toned aristocratic in the sun. This was 3 coats, and up close, you can placid see some streaks. But it is a bright, more neon polish so that ’ s to be expected. It was distillery a adorable rule, very easy to control. This is one of those polishes that makes my pale skin look a little less pale, so I can ’ thymine complain .
The other sunlight polish is called ‘ Vibe with Me ’. This is a dark, blue-toned purple jelly formula that darkens up in the sun. Since it is a gelatin rule, this was 3 coats, and you can still see a little of the nail down line on my gang finger. not my front-runner formula, but the tinge is thus fat and juicy .
nowadays onto the 3 normal polishes .
First is ‘ Bizerk Turq ’. This is a brilliantly, neon mint green cream discolor. I ended up loving this polish so much. It does require 3 coats, with a short dense of coats to cover streaks, but the formula is so easy to apply, and that color, unf, so I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mind. And you know, it besides makes me look tanner, a asset in the cloud-covered winter. It ’ s so bright in real life in well .
adjacent is ‘ Total Eclipse of the Heart ’. This is a shimmery warm-toned steel grey color. This was 3 slender coats. Another polish, easy to control formula. It starts out absolute and builds nicely on itself to make this shimmery coating .
It looks like there ’ s a patch on my middle nail down, but that ’ s equitable the angle. As you can see at a different angle it ’ s completely opaque.

last is ‘ It ’ s a Trap ’. I describe this as the arrant mermaid semblance. It ’ s a metallic amobarbital sodium color. This was 3 coats. It starts out sheer, but builds up on itself nicely. This one surprised me, in a thoroughly way. This is one that about seems to have an inner glow to it. therefore beautiful .
This is another one that can look like it ’ randomness patchy from certain angles, and in full opaque from others .
These polishes surprised me ! I wasn ’ triiodothyronine expecting much in quality, but they were even better than their price would lead me to believe .
As always, I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wait to pick up more from this line ( I equitable constantly want more breeze through polish, let ’ s be honest hera ). It ’ s indeed low-cost, and has pretty becoming quality ! Do you own any Funky Fingers ?
One more day in SwatchWeek ! See you back here tomorrow !

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