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Your easy guide to apply builder gel

Builder mousse is the newest swerve in nails and cursorily taking over the previous collar engineering such as acrylic, dipping ( SNS ) and polygel .

What is builder gel?

Builder gel is a breeze through enhancement engineering that is odorless, strong and can be used on natural nails for potency or can be used with tips or forms to create long nails. Builder is besides known as soft gelatin because it is 100 % soak off .
Builder mousse can come in a jolt or can come in a bottle which is besides called brush on builder mousse or builder gel in a bottle .
A builder gel, like Mitty brush on builder gel, is a wholly unlike system to gel polish with different formula. With builder mousse you can add intensity to natural nails or build pinpoint extensions or overlays. You ca n’t do this with mousse polish. however similar to gel polish, builder mousse is 100 % soak off in arrant acetone.

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What is builder gel used for?

Builder gelatin is used for in two ways. You can use it on natural nails or build complete extension using builder gel .
On Natural nails :

  • Weak nails to give them strengths
  • Nails that have ridges in them to fill in the ridges
  • As a base coat to help manicure last longer 

To create nail elongation :

  • To create nail extension with forms or nail tips
  • To re-fill or overlay previously applied nail extensions

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Why use builder gel?

This is a truly valid motion. It is authoritative to understand the advantages of builder gelatin vs early older nail engineering .

Quick application and removal

A dependable quality builder gel like Mitty brush on builder gel is designed so that it keeps it shape which means it reduces the application prison term. Plus it needs minimal file. This means you will have a fabulous nails a bunch faster than other applications .
Builder gel is besides 100 % overcharge off in pure acetone very similar to how you would remove gelatin polish .

Feels like your own nails with polish on

Builder gelatin formula, when compared to acrylic and dipping ( SNS ) has a idle more elastic feel on the nail and feels no heavier than a gel polish manicure .


Builder gelatin is designed to be super strong. It can be used to create an reference over a pinpoint topple or you can use complete shape and to add intensity to the natural complete. You can besides use on natural nails without nail tips .
It can besides be used alternatively of regular gel polish base coat to create a durable, durable and strong foundation base if you experience breeze through breaks or you are looking to grow your natural nails .
Thanks to its strong and durable conceptualization
Mitty Brush on Builder gel can be applied thinner than conventional builder gels giving the collar a streamlined profile and spirit .

And more:

  • Less damaging to nail due to limited filing required and being able to soak off
  • No strong fumes
  • Less filing
  • Better adhesion
  • Can be done at home or salon
  • Can be used on natural nail, tips or forms. No limitation.

What products do you need toapply builder gel

You use builder gel and to avoid your nails from lifting and peeling off, you need a few stable products such as :

  • Nail tips

  • pH Bonder

  • Gel Primer

  • Brush on Builder Gel

  • 180/180 grit nail file

  • UV/LED nail lamp

At Mitty, we have a starter kit to help you get all the key products that you need .

How long does builder gel last?

If applied correctly and depending on your life expressive style, they can concluding up to 3-5 weeks. There are some scenarios were they may last less which they can be :

  • Improper application
  • Damaged nails
  • constant contact with water
  • oily nails

visualize below shows a builder gelatin manicure that was done 4 weeks ago. There is no lift or undress, the nails have barely grown out and need to be refilled .
how long does builder gel last

How to apply builder gel on natural nails?

1. Clean your hands using sanitizing spray or mousse. Manicure your nails by gently pushing back your cuticles .
2. clean and dehydrate the breeze through plate using an alcohol rub .
3. Use Mitty PH Bonder to the pinpoint plate. only apply it to the natural pinpoint. Use meagerly and don ’ t touch the skin with it .
4. Apply Mitty Gel Primer to the breeze through but not the smash topple .
5. Brush on a thin layer of the Mitty Builder Gel and cure or 60 seconds in Mitty 54W LED smash lamp. Do not wipe this layer .
6. Apply a thick layer and spread it with the brush side to side. Make certain you stay away from your cuticles. It is best to aim for a level layer specially in your detached border ( separate of your nails that extends passed your cuticles ). You can turn your finger top down to help the builder gel motivate to create a lifelike swerve on the acme of your nails .
peak : It is a bang-up mind to flash cure each finger for 10 second with a small LED lamp like Mitty 6W miniskirt LED lamp. This way the builder gel will stay in place whilst you are working on other fingers.

once all 5 fingers are done, cure your hand for 60 second .
7. Assess the condition and thickness of your nails. You can add a third level if you like to have compact nails or if you see odd areas. Remember to not wipe the collar between layers .
8. If you are fix to shape the smash you can nowadays clean the brassy level with alcohol .
9. refine and buff your nails into supreme headquarters allied powers europe using a 180 grit complete charge. We want to reduce any overindulgence product around your cuticle area and the free edge to create an flush natural looking nails .
10. once filed and you are glad with the shape remove the dust filings with a pinpoint brush and apply your top coat .

    How to create nail extension using builder gel?

    There are two methods to create pinpoint extensions using builder mousse .
    The traditional method acting is using half cover tips. In this method acting, the steps are identical similar to applying builder mousse on natural nails. The only different is that after you have clean and dehydrated your nails ( step 2 above ), you apply the half overlay tip on using a good quality breeze through glue and then you will add ph bonder and gel primer and continue .

    here is a video showing you how to apply create farseeing nails using half cover gratuity and builder gel :

    But there is a better way:

    The breeze through technology has come a retentive room and there is a much faster and easier way to create collar extensions using builder gel and full cover collar tips .
    This method, uses already shape nail down tips that cover your hale nails consequently there is no formative of nail required.Period ! The plus is that this breeze through extension is equitable as firm and lasts equitable a long as other methods .

    How to create nail extension using full cover tip:

    1. Buff the surface of your nails with a senior high school backbone nail file like Mitty 180/180 nail down file. Buff in one direction and remember, you are trying to rough up your collar surface, not make them smooth. Dust your nails & clean with alcohol. Remember we do n’t want any nail dust causing lift .
    2. Push your cuticles back and remove any surfeit carapace. You can use an e-file if you have been trained differently a epidermis remover would be just fine .
    3. nowadays we need to make sure we use the veracious collar tips that fits perfectly. If the pinpoint tip is besides big or besides modest, it may not stay long on your nails. A perfectly sized nail down tip is the one that sits well on your nails and it does n’t go over your cuticles nor does it have a gap showing your own breeze through. If you ca n’t find a pinpoint tip that is the arrant size, find a nail tip that is slenderly bigger. File the side of the smash lean to fit your pinpoint. This step is identical crucial. Make certain there are no gaps on the sides of your breeze through and nail down tip off. besides make certain the breeze through gratuity is not sitting on your cuticle. It should feel identical comfortable, like your own nails .
    4. With either normal file or electric file, gently charge inside of the pinpoint gratuity. This will help in making sure the pinpoint lean will adhere to your complete. Remove any dust and add Mitty Gel Primer inside of the complete tip to help with attachment .180 grit sanding band for this.
    5. lightly file the top edges of the breeze through tips thus that the nail peak is flimsy and will sit on the nails creating a natural placid complete .
    6. Your nails has lifelike oils. These Oil stop the builder mousse and nail tips from adhering to your nails and causes lifting. It ’ south crucial to ensure the nail down airfoil is clean. C lean the complete surface with alcohol. then apply Mitty ph Bonder, let it dry followed by Mitty Gel Primer. Let dry. ph Bonder and Primer prepare your nail come on and make it sticky sol that the pinpoint tips will adhere to your nails .
    7. Apply a thinly layer of Brush on Builder Gel & cure for 60 seconds in a solid LED lamp like Mitty 54W LED lamp
    8. now apply Brush on Builder Gel inside the collar point. Do n’t cure. Push down the nail down tip off into your pinpoint start from the cuticles and moving towards the end of your complete slowly allowing the builder gel to fill in the break between your breeze through and smash lean. Make sure there are no bubbles. If you get bubbles, beginning again .
    9. When felicitous, keep the nail tip in position with your fingers and use a portable LED lamp like Mitty 6W mini LED lamp to cure for 20-30 seconds. This step is called flash bring around. It allows the smash tip to sit on your pinpoint temporarily so you can move your nails under a bigger lead lamp. If you do n’t do this tone, the nail tip will lift off or pop off before you put your hand under LED lamp .
    10. once all your fingers on one handwriting is done, cure your hand for 60-180 seconds .
    11. If you would like to add Gel Polish or nail down artwork, buff the open of the nail and remove any excess nail down dust .
    12. give two thin layers of gelatin polish and remedy each layer for 60 seconds for 60 seconds. now apply your top coat and bring around for 60 seconds

    Watch video below showing how to create collar extension using full cover breeze through tips .

    The fully shroud breeze through tips come in different shapes and length consequently reducing the clock time even further .

    How to remove builder gelatin ?

    As discussed, a gelatin collar propagation is 100 % soak off in saturated acetone. however there are a few steps to do so that you can easily remove them .

      1. File as much of the nail extension as you can using a low grit nail file like Mitty 100/100 grit nail file. This step can be much easier if an e-drill (e-file) like Mitty portable nail drill and using Smooth Top Barrel-Medium nail drill bit if you are trained on how to use an e-drill.
      2. Now we need to soak the nails with pure acetone. Cut a cotton pad into 4 peices. Now place acetone on the pad, slip the pad inside your Mitty Polish off Soakies and slide the soakie onto your finger.  If you don’t have Mitty Polish off Soakies, you can use aluminium foil however aluminium foil is harder to use and it’s not environmentally friendly.
      3. Wait 10-15 minutes and remove the Soakies. Use a cuticle pusher to remove softened gel. If all products are not removed, repeat step 1-3 until all gel products are removed. 
      4. Once all gel products are removed, buff the surface of your nails and apply a good quality cuticle oil like Mitty 100% certified Australian organic Cuticle Juice. 

    Watch video recording below showing how to remove pinpoint extensions .

    Where to buy builder gel remover kit?

    You can purchase builder gel remover kit out from our web site directly .

    interested in learning more ? check out our nail courses and smash trainings. We offer both on-line and face to face train. ( Australia only ). Click HERE to find out more

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