Have you tried doing gelatin nails at home ? I ’ ve been feeling a snatch nervous about doing it myself… until now ! Gena del Portillo, a professional nail artist from the South Florida, shares her do ’ mho and don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate of successful at home gel manicures. Feeling reassured, I ’ megabyte now keen to give it a survive and hope you are excessively guy. delight ! – Maria, twenty gel nails at home We ’ ve all seen the adorable little opaque bottles and super-cute portable LED and UV lights. We ’ ve all hear of beautiful shine and durable lastingness of Soak-Off Gel Polish. And more recently, with the rise of DIY at home mousse smash products, now everyone can try it ! Multiple brands have soak-off gel complete kits available at beauty retailers worldwide, making this once-pricey and salon exclusive more accessible. But before you don those pajamas, pour that comforting glass of whatever you prefer, and pop in that dame flicker, make certain you ’ rhenium intimate, informed, and well-prepared for that life-changing mani you ’ re about to give yourself ( badly, I love polish, but gel has changed my nail-centric life ).

Educate yourself on what you should – and shouldn ’ t do – when it comes to bequeathing those tips with Soak-Off Gel Polish ! THE DO’S OF GEL NAILS AT HOME:
1. Do your research! With virtually all cognition at our absolutely polished fingertips, wear ’ metric ton hesitate to inquiry, via the Internet ! Always use dependable, official resources for tutorials, tips, and tricks. Watch a few video on basic gel application – many brands have well accessible video tutorials. Check out your favorite breeze through blog for tips that they ’ ve accumulated with their experiences. Start compiling your own list of notes. This is one of the most important parts of making certain your gel manicure lasts ! 2. Practice proper nail prep! Gel polish needs a clean, dry surface to adhere to in order to final. Start by gently pushing back your cuticles. File your nails to the desired form ( don ’ thyroxine know how ? Watch this helpful tutorial on how to file nails for the perfective ellipse determine ). Make certain you get those little hangers from the edges and underneath the nail down ! Because if you will leave roughly, spotty edges it cause adhesion issues. then thinly buff the coat and edges of your nail with an extra-fine buffer ( just enough to remove the shine ), then spray with cleansing alcohol and rub dry with a lint-free rub to remove debris. Use a primer or ph balancing liquid ( provided with much every basic mousse polish kit ) anterior to application. Extra tip: function arrant acetone ( available at any beauty add store ) prior to the primer step to dehydrate the nail home plate and ensure there is NO moisture present before beginning. 3. Prepare your supplies before you begin! Make certain you have everything you need within range before starting – once you begin application, you don ’ metric ton want to have to touch anything unnecessarily – this could leave you open to lint and debris clinging to your unfinished manicure. When doing a gel manicure, always make sure to have the follow at hand :

  • Gel lamp ( already plugged in ! )
  • All gelatin polishes you intend on using – including flat coat, base, and top coat
  • acetone
  • Cleansing alcohol
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Paper towels ( merely in lawsuit ! )
  • Clean-up brush

4. Do use proper removal technique! This ‘ do ’ is very crucial to maintaining the health of your nails. While acetone can dehydrate the nail plate, properly soaking off gel polish will prevent the skin of your nails. Use a file to break the surface of the gel polish. Saturate lint-free wipes with pure acetone, wrap with foil, and let sit down for approximately 10-15 minutes ( don ’ metric ton peek ! ). Use an orange stick to gently lift any remaining mousse from the nail. If not all the mousse has lifted, re-apply the acetone-soaked wipes and thwart for a few more minutes. Extra tip: watch this tutorial on how to remove pinpoint polish like a professional – the second method acting is perfect for removing souse off gel nails. gel nails at home dos and donts 2 AND WHATEVER YOU DO… 1. Don’t apply thick layers This is a must when applying gelatin polish ! just as with regular polish, thin layers make for smoother application. And in the casing of gel polish, gelatin foundation, and gel top coat, if the layers you are applying are besides thickly, this can negatively affect how the polish cures and adheres. If you think you may have applied besides much product, you can use the ‘ dry-brush ’ technique – wipe all overindulgence product off the brush, and drag it back over the already-polished nail – this will remove any excess product. After curing, repeat 1-2 more times for a total of 2-3 layers. 2. Don’t wash your hands before application
I know, sounds gross. You CAN wash your hands, but just not before merchandise application ! It is well to have a super-dry pinpoint plate to work with – therefore all the dehydrating methods taken anterior to polishing. If you must, wash correctly after polish removal, dry THOROUGHLY, and proceed with prepping ! 3. Don’t let the gel touch the skin This can take a little practice and the proper tools, but as with many of the above don ’ t, is such a vital depart of a survive mousse manicure. Gel polish hates skin, and if any run-over is left to cure, it will start to lift once the manicure is completed. additionally, if any of this errant polish is left to cure, it will make for jagged and un-even sides, which tend to catch…and, you guessed it, lift. Before curing each level, use an lean brush that has been dipped in acetone ( dab onto a paper towel to remove extra ) to clean along the epidermis and sides of the nail. 4. Don’t pick! The number one nail sine. As absolutely tempting as it can be, this is THE most potentially damage legal action you can take – and one of the reasons gel polish has earned a reputation for damaging the nail plate. With the high attachment that this product offers, peeling the polish lifts precious layers of nails along with the gel – and leaves thinly, odd, and flaking nails. so whatever you do, resist, take your time to soak, and DON ’ T pick. Armed with these tips and your gelatin polish kit out, keep your wallet lined and have a fabulous DIY gel manicure at your fingertips ! – Gena del Portillo.
Photos : Maria Vlezko.

P.S. Want to try doing gel nails yourself ? here ’ s a capital detail tutorial on how to do gel nails at dwelling .


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