The ‘sticky sandwich’ nail hack to making polish last (ad•gifted)

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A woman rests her hands on a white desk. Her nails are freshly painted a nude colour. She wears a lot of stacked slim silver and white gold rings. There are bottle of nail polish scattered on the desk by her hands.
There is something a little piece atavistic about the ‘ awkward sandwich ’ nail down hack. I first base discovered it years ago before gel nails became my proceed to. I ’ molarity hard on my hands indeed finding ways for nail polish to look dependable beyond two days is a challenge. With the ongoing pandemic restrictions, I ’ ve rediscovered the ‘ sticky sandwich ’ nail hack as a direction to make regular complete polish last .
A woman holds a bottle of Orly Bonder base coat to be used in the sticky sandwich nail hack.
The footing of this proficiency is to sandwich your color nail polish between layers of a ‘ gluey ’ al-qaeda coat. I love to use the Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat ( £14.99 ). This works with any trade name or color of nail polish but getting right field awkward base coat is key. I think there are other similar foundation coats but Orly is well available at Superdrug and it works. And yes, I know it seems expensive for a base coat but it is worth every penny in my feel. This proficiency makes even the cheapest of complete polishes concluding longer.

A woman's left hand is clutching a bottle of nude nail polish. Her nails are painted the same nude colour.
A woman rests her hands on a white desk. Her nails are painted in alternating coats of Orly Bonder base coat and Beauty Pie Supernude nail polish. The sticky sandwich nail hack to make polish last.
I prep my nails by washing and filing them then pushing back my cuticles. The inaugural footstep is to apply a reduce layer of the Orly Bonder. Once dry, paint over with a flimsy level of pinpoint polish. I love Beauty Pie ’ s ‘ Supernude ’ ( £15 or £4.50ish for members ). This is a chic semblance that doesn ’ triiodothyronine feel besides ‘ done ’ for loungewear days. But seriously, use any pinpoint polish brand or color that you want. When the collar polish is dry, repeat steps one and two. last, stopping point with a glistening top coat – I ’ thousand using Sally Hansen ’ s Good. Kind. saturated. Vegan Top Coat ( £8.99 ) .
A woman holds a bottle of top coat between her two hands above a white desk.
A woman applies top coat to her manicure. Her hands rest on a white desk.
A woman applies cuticle oil onto her left hand after using the sticky sandwich nail hack to make regular polish last.
There you have it. The ‘ sticky sandwich ’ nail hack that will help make regular nail polish final. If I wear my nails inadequate and bang-up then this method helps my pinpoint polish last a week. Sometimes it lasts even longer if I ’ megabyte not doing anything heavy duty like DIY. It ’ s not that I won ’ t return to gel manicures but this has worked well in the absence of salon visits.

A woman's right hand is laying flat on a white desk. Her nails are a nude colour. She wears some slim stacked silver rings from Daisy London. There are four bottles of nail products lying on their sides scattered on the desk by her hand.
now my nails look reasonably, I ’ m able to decorate my hands with jewelry for utmost impingement. As always, I wear my wedding ring set made in Birmingham ’ mho Jewellery Quarter. And my silver rings I hand made in a jewelry workshop .
I ’ ve recently curated a stack of slender rings for my right hired hand as I ’ molarity presently enjoying a dainty look. These Daisy London gem rings made from 100 % recycled silver and look indeed pretty together. After consideration of the different stones and their properties, I chose rise Quartz* and Amazonite* ( £29 each ). The colours in truth add a leap vibration and are indulgent enough to work with different looks. I added the Estée Lalonde Sunburst Stacking Ring* to anchor the stack in something light catching.

A close of a pair of woman's hands. On her right hand there are a slim stack of silver Daisy London rings. On her left hand, she wears a wedding ring set and two slim silver plain bands. Her wrists have some slim bracelets stacked together too.
ultimately, another late gladden for me is a dainty bracelet stack. There ’ mho something rather fun about layering on jewelry when I ’ thousand doing everything at home. It adds a smile to my boldness anyhow. so I ’ thousand adorning my wrist with my Sacet Marque Small Hoop Chain Bracelet *. I stack this with my Monica Vinader Alphabet Heart Diamond Friendship Bracelet and a ten old Links of London chain .
Finding a few small ways to brighten up my days has been a act of a travel during this pandemic. But having groomed nails and decorating myself with pretty jewelry never fails to lift my spirits a short. Rediscovering this old breeze through hack has been a little highlight of my lockdown anyhow .

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