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Race-Day Nail Polish

Race day is special. You spent week after week following a coach plan, and no matter what your finish is for the race, it ’ s an excite day ! Some runners might be superstitious about wearing a specific shirt for good luck or might choose to wear a specific kit. Others might write race-day mantras on their hand with a permanent marker to read when the going gets sturdy .
Another popular room of celebrating the skill is with race-day nails. Whether a runner matches their nails to the race composition or uses colors or patterns for inspiration, a especial coat of polish in honor of a big slipstream can be a fun tradition. Nine runners shared their race sidereal day nails with us and explained why their choices kept them motivated along their routes.

“ In 2015, I painted my nail down orange and bluing, the New York City Marathon colors. I ’ m not going to lie, I ’ m a pretty girly girl ( hawaii, I run in a hedge ), thus I loved looking down at my hands during the slipstream to see this act of happiness when things got tough. ” —Theodora Blanchfield of Preppy Runner

“ I used to be very superstitious about only wearing loss OR hot pink for races…but then I branched out a few years ago and had success with a color that wasn ’ t hot pink. Ever since, I switch it up, according to mood or temper. But getting a race day manicure is a must ; even my husband stopped giving me a hard prison term about it ! ” — Mary Johnson

“ I ’ m a pinpoint technician and this mani was created for the 2016 Great North Run. My running group is called ‘ Running Ninjas ’ and their colors are pink and gloomy, so it was alone justly to create pink and blue ninja on my dialect nails. The race was the hardest thing I ’ ve ever done, mentally and physically, but I did it and I have the bling to prove it ! ” —Kay Gilligan

“ Getting a manicure before the Disney marathon helps me get into the spirit of the race. A short extra bling on my fingers reminds me there ’ south charming inside of me waiting to be unleashed on rush day ! ” —Marianna Biribin-Viel

“ I was getting a pedicure before my big travel at a target I have been going to for years. All the women there were then stimulate for me and decided I needed an appropriate ‘ Team USA ’ design. I absolutely loved it because it besides felt a little like Wonder Woman, who I obviously channeled to finish the raceway strong ! ” — Allie Burdick

“ The city is the affection of the TCS New York City Marathon and I constantly felt like my nails had to represent it. Your hands are one of the things you ’ ll see over and over during the race, and having the city correct there with me ( and everyone that that represents to me ) always make me feel stronger and ready to tackle the distance. ” — Elizabeth Maiuolo

“ This was my first triathlon always ; normally, I am a swimmer. It was a little local triathlon in Chorlton Manchester. 750-meter open water swimming, 15-kilometer batch motorcycle and 5k run. I loved it ! ” —Emma Willert

“ Every rush equip is made completed with matching nails. ” —Loveness Scott

“ After my ma passed aside from cancer I decided to run my inaugural marathon in NYC to honor her and raise money with the american Cancer Society. I ’ megabyte immediately in the work of running all six majors. In 25 years I never saw my mother not have a absolutely manicured hand–getting a marathon manicure for each city allows me to look down at my hands around miles 18 to 26 when it actually gets baffling and remember my ma and the cause I run. ” –Kim Riordan
Do you have any fun race day traditions ? Share them with us at @womensrunning and @racepacejess!

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