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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Gel Nails …

By Lyndsie Gel nails are gorgeous, efficient, and long durable – vitamin a long as you go about maintaining your mousse nails correctly. If you ‘ve never had them, mousse nails are technically artificial, because respective coats of a especial polish are used to seal your nails. The layers cover your natural nails, but they can silent grow. The polish gets sealed by UV, and depending on the type of gel nails you get, the polish will need to be soaked off or removed by filing. They last much longer than traditional manicures, and can stay in good circumstance for up to 12 days – or longer, depending on respective factors. They ‘re arguably better for your nails than acrylics. Some people disagree with the entire theme of mousse nails, which is cool. If you love them or think you might want to try them, these tips for maintaining your gel nails can help you keep your manicure looking gorgeous for quite a while.

table of contents :

  1. Trim First
  2. Find Your Own Polish
  3. Go Light
  4. Get Filled
  5. Clean and Condition Your Nails
  6. Top It off
  7. Never, Ever Pick

1 Trim First

Maintaining your gelatin nails will be much easier if you go in with shorter nails. This gives them board to grow beneath the gelatin coat, and there ‘s a smaller probability of breakage. not everyone will want to do that, of course, and that ‘s finely – long nails are lovely, so you may want to get this done when yours are retentive and beautifully shaped. precisely be mindful that maintaining your manicure will be slightly more difficult.

2 Find Your Own Polish

This is a given if you decide to use an at-home kit, of course, but even if you get your nails done at the salon, think about bringing your own gel polish. Your salon has lots of stunning colors, surely, but having more control has several benefits. If you like a particular brand that your salon does n’t carry, you ‘re set, and it will help with at-home sustenance to decrease salon visits – as you will see.

3 Go Light

One argue you might want to think about getting your own polish is because light is better. however, your salon probably has batch of lighter shades as well. Why do you want a unaccented polish ? light up colors do n’t show chips, cracks, and imperfections as easily, which means that even if something goes wrong, no one will mechanically notice it.

4 Get Filled

Whether you do your mousse nails yourself or get them done at the salon, you will want to get your nails filled when growth becomes noticeable. The better you fill in your nails, the longer your stallion manicure will last. You wo n’t have to get the gels removed and replaced as frequently, which is decidedly economic, specially if you in truth like your stream polish.

5 Clean and Condition Your Nails

You in truth, actually need to keep your pinpoint houseclean and conditioned when you have a gel manicure. You do n’t want to deal with any at bay backbone, dirt, or debris, because in addition to being unsightly, that ‘s besides unhealthy. condition will keep your cuticles and pinpoint beds in beneficial condition, adenine well, so your natural nails wo n’t be at risk even when you get the gel removed. Again, you can do this at home, but you should actually consider getting it done at the salon, at least every thus much.

6 Top It off

One matter you can do at home no matter what, is add a top coat to your nails. Some polish aficionados do it every two days, while others manage well doing it once or doubly a week. It all depends on what you like – and what you do, because if you frequently work with your hands, you ‘ll probably want to do it more much. Sealing your nails with a top coat can reduce the risk of cracks or chips.

7 Never, Ever Pick

sometimes those chips happen, however. Once they start, do not pick your nails ! obviously picking is no way to maintain your manicure, but that ‘s not the reason you want to avoid it. You can actually damage your natural nail if you start ripping off all those layers of gelatin. alternatively, remove the manicure. Do it at home, do it at the salon, but do it properly. That ‘s why you need to find out first if your polish should be soaked off or filed off. again, if you do n’t agree with gel nails, no problem – there are therefore many early options ! I adore mine but get them infrequently, just because I ‘m a polish drug addict and enjoy frequent changes. When I do get them, however, I can go up to three weeks without any flake or desquamation, which is amazing. Have you ever had a gel manicure ? What did you think of it ? Please rate this article

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