Hiring Front Desk Staff and Nail Artists ! !

art Nail NYC offers fashion-forward New Yorkers must-have nail designs created by talented manicurists and an department of education on natural nails during their appointee. Our collar Technicians will bring excellent customer service skills, a rage for nails, and a desire to learn into our salon .

Requirements for Nail Technicians :

  • Licensed in NY or near gradation
  • solid customer service skills
  • 2 year of studio apartment, watering place or relate make know
  • Knowledge of Gel application and removal

Requirements for Front Desk Staff :

  • Positive and problem solving attitude
  • hard customer service skills
  • ability to adapt to a fast paced environment
  • comfortable handling stress sedately
  • Organized and adequate to of following job protocol

Responsibilities :
Enjoy meet and interact with clients ; demonstrate an enthusiastic and plus attitude. Provide a personalize node experience and making allow recommendations on products service

Bonus qualities :

  • Demonstrated creative mercantile establishment ( for example, personal web log, extracurricular activities or hobbies )

  • Innate endowment with nail art and design and early smash enhancements are a plus but not required before hiring

Perks of the knead place :

  • regular staff and individual meetings to ensure our team is working together and up-to-date on all industry trends and techniques .
  • sanitation practices are set well above the state requirements to ensure safety for employees and clients alike
  • weekly collar art class to build your portfolio and skill set
  • certificate in Akzéntz, Kokoist, LeafGel and IBX by Famous Names .
  • Medical Advanced Nail Technologist documentation
  • Staff break board, stocked with snacks, refrigerator and microwave for our consumption

art Nail NYC was founded out of a rage for nails, excellent customer serve and desire to provide a better sour environment for professional nail technicians. Our clients love us because they know their nails are dependable from damage, they can reach their collar goals and they can count on the newest techniques and trends being available. Our technical school love us because they come into a full of life and supportive work environment, they are continually learning raw techniques and they are supported by us to reach their highest potential .

Nail Techs
After reviewing your application we will reach out to set up your audition .
You will bring a model for the audition after which we will invite you to schedule your apparition days anterior to your interview

Our hiring action is typically approximately a week as we value each of our staff members input to the final decisiveness

Front Desk Staff
After reviewing your application we will reach out to set up your virtual interview.

Next we will invite you to schedule your shadow days to view our space and meet our team

Our hiring serve is typically about a workweek as we value each of our staff members input to the final examination decision

source : https://nailcenter.us
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