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When I was in smasher school, we learned a service we called “ glitter toes ” or “ glitter gel toes ”. They were all the rage and are still very democratic. When I learned them, I literally thought to myself “ That ’ s it ? ”. They were therefore easy ! I immediately went out to buy the supplies so I could do them on myself at home plate. Who doesn ’ t want aglitter toes ? While doing my toes one day I had the opinion to besides do my fingers. From then on my aglitter finger nails were one of my most favorite ways to do my nails. I even did a white glitter when I went to have Jamie at the hospital. I stayed there for 3 days, so I went through quite a bit of nurses, and they all loved my nails. Which made me feel much prettier than I probably looked at the time. Another reason I love these thus much is, because they are gel they are so durable and death a long fourth dimension ! nowadays I know you are dying to learn then here ’ s how I do it :

Here’s What You’ll Need:

glitter gel supplies

  • Gel kit, If you don’t want to but a gel kit you’ll at least need:
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Gel primer
    • Gel base coat
    • Gel top coat
  • Paper towels
  • UV or LED light (UV works a lot better)
  • Glitter (fine craft glitter works perfect)
  • Nail file, manual or electric.

start by shaping your nails the way you like then push back your cuticles. You can use a epidermis pusher but I just use my nails. shape nails File your nails barely enough to remove the shine, this should only take a few seconds. You equitable want to give the gel something to grip onto. file adjacent, dehydrate your nail using your cleansing agent ( alcohol ). Spray the dehydrator onto your newspaper towel and rub off the excess debris. Once you ’ ve dehydrated the nail do not touch it. The oils from your hands can make the mousse revoke. besides DON ’ T USE A COTTON PAD like I did, use a newspaper towel ! The cotton will catch on your nails and leave fibers behind. dehydrate Add a thin level of fuse. prime now add a slender layer of base coat. Be careful to keep your base coating only on your nail, the glitter will adhere to the establish coat so if it is on your skin then the glitter will be on your peel, and we don ’ thymine want that. remedy for 1-2 minutes. base coat cure base

After curing there will be a slender tacky layer. This is what the glitter will stick to so open your glitter pot, dip and roll your feel in it. If you are doing this on early people, you can use a brush to dab the glitter onto the nail. put in glitter Shake off excess back into pot, then add your circus tent coat by floating. Floating is taking a larger bead of top coat onto your brush, and moving it along the top of your glitter without your brush actually ever touching your complete. If you brush on the crown coat it will besides brush off the glitter. The floating method will besides help get enough product on the nail for the end product to feel smooth alternatively of rocky. Keep in mind that crown coating is a self charge product, which means if you let it sit long enough it will find the lowest point ( your cuticles ) and flood them. To avoid this I will cure a few nails at a time. Cure 1-2 minutes. top coat close up top coat curing top coat 3 nails curign top coat After curing the top coating will besides have a thin brassy layer, remove this by using your dehydrator ( cleansing agent or alcohol ) and a newspaper towel. Your nails should be in full cured thus don ’ metric ton be afraid to add some atmospheric pressure to truly get that cohesiveness off. dehydrator 2 Your nails should feel smooth, if they are silent rough you can add another level of clear coating and remedy. After you ’ ve again wiped off the tacky level, wash your hands with soap and water to remove any surfeit glitter on your hands. yay ! Your nails are done ! If you find that you have flooded your cuticles anywhere or the gel is outside of the lines then take your hand file and just file it off. overflow on cuticle side file immediately you have beautiful, aglitter, professional looking nails ! Go out and let the compliments roll in ! [ themify_icon icon= ” fa-heart-o ” link= ” hypertext transfer protocol : // ” ] Cassie Jean nail close up


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