“ A chip in my gelatin nails ? But I only had them done four days ago ! ”

This was the remember that led me down the “ how to stop gelatin nails from chipping ” rabbit hole .
here ’ s what I discovered .
If your gel nails are chipping within the first week, then something has probably gone wrong during the application process. The most common issues that cause gel nails to chip are poor preparation of the natural nail, failure to cap the free edge, and over curing. Chips are also more likely if your natural nails are in poor condition (thin, brittle, or peeling) and can also be caused by using your nails as tools.
Turns out I ’ m not the entirely one experiencing chipping within the first week .
It ’ s a fairly coarse problem with gel nail polishes.

Let ’ s look at the problem in a short more detail .
In this article, we ’ ll go through all the main reasons that gel nails chip .
then hopefully, you can get to the bottom of what ’ s causing your mani to chip so soon .
then, we ’ ll walk you through everything you need to know to put a stop to that annoying chip ( and peeling ) so that your mani will death for the full 2-3 weeks that the folks who make gel nail down polish predict !

sound beneficial ?
Let ’ s dive right in .
so, what causes gel nails to chip and/or peel so soon ?

Reason number 1: Unhealthy or damaged nails.

All the experts agree that gelatin nail polish should never be applied to unhealthy or damaged nails.

If your lifelike nails are weak, thin, brittle or prone to peeling then gel smash polish barely international relations and security network ’ thyroxine going to work for you .
So what can you do ?
well, take a well look at your nails .
then expect at the list below and see what gels with you ( shameless and absolutely intended pun ! ).

● Peeling, splitting, and dryness.

If your nails are peeling and or cleave, then they are credibly besides dry .
Dry nails are typically caused by a vitamin insufficiency so you might want to think about changing your diet to include collar healthy foods like fruits and berries, lean meats, and dark leafy greens .
You can besides take a addendum like Biotin ( pawl to check price on Amazon ) to improve your overall complete health .

Dry nails can besides be caused by the overuse of harsh chemical products like nail strengtheners, polishes and removers.

acetone is a chemical found in most collar polish removers and using acetone is the most coarse direction to remove gelatin nails .
however, acetone is renowned for drying out nails, so try to avoid using it if your nails are a little on the dry side to start with .
You can get acetone-free complete polish removers about anywhere so consider switching to one of those deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as moisturizing your nails and cuticles with desirable oil .

● Tiny white spots on the nail plate.

Are you a nail-biter ? Or are you just guilty of having room excessively many manis ?

If you have bantam flannel spots on your nails, it means that you either need to stop biting your nails or stop painting them sol a lot !
Give your nails a well-deserved break and you should start to see an improvement in a couple of weeks .
If you can ’ metric ton be without painted nails, try alternating between mousse nails and regular manicures done with normal non-gel polish and avoid using harsh chemicals like acetone ampere much as possible .
There are some great acetone-free nail polishes on the market so ask your manicurist to use one or buy some for your home manicures.

It does take doubly equally long to remove your mousse polish using a gentle formula, but your nails will be much happier !

● Sore cuticles, redness around the nails and or swelling.

Your cuticles are there to protect your nails from fungal and bacterial infections .
If they are in poor shape due to biting, or rocky discussion during manicures ( like using a metallic element cuticle scraper for exemplar ), then this can affect the overall health of your nails and the timbre and persistent office of your mani will suffer .
If your cuticles are huffy, crimson or swollen, then they need some TLC .
Whatever you do, don ’ thymine cut, pungency or choice at your cuticles !

If you have a hangnail, clip it off with the proper tool, and always keep your cuticles clean and moisturised .
medicine, diet, and poor circulation can all influence your overall nail health, so the buttocks line is that you should always look after yourself and your nails .

Reason number 2: too much moisture in the nails.

Nails need to be dry before mousse collar polish can be applied successfully .
Your nails are a short bit like sponges, they soak in urine and swell .
so, if you are painting your nails besides soon after you have had a shower or a bathtub, or even shortly after you have washed your hands, then you are asking for trouble oneself.

What happens is, your nails intoxicate in the water, then they swell, and you then paint them .
then, as they dry out, they shrink, reducing in size always so slightly and causing your smash polish to peel .
excessively much moisture in the nails is the main campaign of peeling with gelatin nails .
If you are in a rush, you can dry your nails out a bit using a hairdryer, fair be careful not to overdo it as nails that are besides dry are precisely a bad as wet ones !
A lot of people make the error of washing off the particles after they buff, and this is a big no-no !

During your manicure, debris and debris should never be washed off. rather, try removing it using an alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol and do not use cotton wool pads as this will dehydrate the nails .

never use a epidermis petroleum before painting your nails .
This is indeed significant !
Buffing your nails is what helps to create an harsh surface to make it easier for the polish to stick .
Putting an greasy message on your nails right before you paint them is merely going to create a slippery non-stick base. not what you want for creating the justly conditions for a durable manicure.

You need to be careful with moisture not only during the lotion action but besides for the duration of your manicure, as exposure to hot water system can cause your mousse nails to peel .
You can minimise the risk of your mousse nails peeling due to moisture by wearing gloves when you wash dishes and when you are washing your hair .

Reason number 3: base coat doesn’t properly cover the nail.

Getting the basecoat coverage right is all-important to avoid chip and undress .
If the base coat doesn ’ t by rights cover the solid come on of the pinpoint, you are setting yourself up for disappointment .
That ’ mho why it ’ sulfur ace authoritative to have great lighting so that you can see what you ’ rhenium doing.

I have been to nail salons that use black light in order to create “ an experience ” but that is a recipe for customer complaints !
Make certain your salon has good lighting and if you ’ rhenium painting your nails at home, use a spot lamp or the light on your call to do a exhaustive check .
To check the coverage, turn the collar to the right, then to the entrust and pay particular care to the edges and corners .
If you ’ ve missed a bit, go ahead and apply another reduce coat to fix the emergence .

Reason number 4: poor positioning of your fingers under the lamp.

If your fingers are not in the correct situation under the lamp, your nails will not cure properly and will be more prone to chipping and peeling .
Led lamps have dark spots at the edges which can hinder the effectiveness of the remedy .
Your hands should be flatcar with your nails facing directly upwards and they should be centred so that they are not excessively close to the edges of the lamp where the light is less likely to penetrate .
A thoroughly tip is to cure your thumbs and fingers individually .
therefore, start with painting both of your thumbs, then do four fingers on each hand .

Reason number 5: using an incompatible lamp.

If you are experiencing chip, peeling or smudging, then chances are you could be using the wrong lamp .
Every gel breeze through polish formula is unlike, and many companies design their lamps to match their specific formula .
indeed, if you like to use a lot of different makes of mousse polish but you only have one lamp. That could be your issue .
I constantly advise people to use the lapp brand of polish and lamp. That room you can be sure that your lamp has been designed to cure your polish to paragon .

Reason number 6: under or over curing.

Getting the arrant cure international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine always easy. It ’ s a reconciliation act that may take a short trial and error, particularly if you are doing your nails at home .
Curing for excessively short a time will cause your nails to become soft and fudgy.

On the early hired hand, over bring around will make them brittle and probably to chip .
Curing is a complicate skill, which is another reason why you should constantly use the same post of polish and lamp .
Be mindful that your nails will look hard and glazed when they only 50 % cured, you want 90 % for optimum results .
If you want the best find of success, my advice is to follow the manufacturer ’ mho instructions to the letter .

Final thoughts: How long should gel nails last before chipping?

If you follow the advice in this article, there ’ s absolutely no rationality why your newly painted gel nails shouldn ’ triiodothyronine last 2 weeks minimum .
If you ’ re golden, you might even get 3 !
To maximise the length of your manicure, remember to constantly make sure that your nails are not besides damp or excessively dry before paint .
Make sure that you apply the polish correctly, wide coverage with several slender coats and proper hardening times using a duplicate polish mark and lamp .
ultimately, look after your nails ( which means no using them as tools ) .
Do these simple things and your nails should last a lot longer .
I hope that you have found the advice in this article concern and useful .
Thank you for reading and glad paint !
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