How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME!

happy # beautymonday, fam ! *This is an update post from a few months ago because I have had a LOT of requests after I put my most holocene manicure on my IG stories. I went through and updated with my most stream nail everyday, and precisely how I get it to end a FULL two weeks ! ! *
nowadays, we are going to be talking about DIY gel manicures and showcasing some of my front-runner leap mani inspiration ! I am obsessed with having my nails done – I HATE publicize nails and I love having at least a light pink polish on my fingers. It barely helps me look put more together, and I absolutely HATE shooting pictures and filming videos with unpainted nails. It is a positron emission tomography peeve of mine and I can ’ t draw over it. # sorrynotsorry. I decided a few weeks ago to bite the fastball and figure out how to do them myself because I ’ ve always wanted to learn how to do reasonably nail art, and besides I was spending so much money ( it ’ randomness at least $ 40 every time when you include a lean ) getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks. indeed here we are. I ’ ve talked to nail technical school, watched countless youtube television, read many a article on how to do gel nails myself and I ’ thousand here to tell you how to do it, excessively. Let ’ s jump into this .

How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME – Spring Mani Inspiration!


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How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME - Spring Mani Inspiration!
How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME - Spring Mani Inspiration!

STEP ONE: Purchase your UV or LED light & Gel nail polishes.

I went with a generic UV inner light from Sally Beauty. It cost about $ 68. I did not realize at the time of leverage that an LED lighter actually cures polish faster than UV lights, so I did spend a little sting longer than if I had purchased an LED but the end result is the like and I don ’ metric ton mind putting on a movie and doing my nails. I besides purchased my first round of breeze through colors from Sally Beauty deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, since they were all right there. They didn ’ t have as big of a color selection as I would have liked, but I realized you can order a bunch from Amazon, excessively, so I will be doing that to get some more pretty colors for summer ! ! At Sally Beauty, nail down colors run between $ 9- $ 12 a bottle but they are importantly cheaper on Amazon for the lapp brands .
ORIGINALLY, I purchased Finger Paints Gel Polish for my base coat, top coat and white polish color. I used it for respective weeks and I barely couldn ’ metric ton number out why my polish keep peel off and coming up around the edges after a few days. THEN, I went on Amazon and purchased the Gelish PH libra, foundation garment al-qaeda coat and crown coat. It made a WORLD of a remainder and now my nails don ’ t skin at all. I honestly think that the PH counterweight step ( it dehydrates your nails so the polish sticks better ) made a huge difference. I besides purchased Gelish for the ignite pink shade, and Gelaze for my shimmery gold shadow. In addition – I ended up buying a five pack of summer colors from Gellen and they work phenomenally. The Gelish top and base coating are much thinner than the Finger Paints and merely look thus much more master. They are more expensive, but honestly, I want my nails to last a full two weeks like they do when I go to a salon so it ’ mho deserving it to me. Another brand I REALLY like is the Red Carpet Manicure. You can find it at Ulta and I linked it above. I think that ’ s my favorite sol far – if you are looking for the arrant nude, their nuance “ Timeless ” is phenom !

STEP TWO: Buff out your natural nails with a nail cube and file them to your desired shape. Trim any cuticle edges or hang nails. Wash hands.

I LOVE my collar cube ! ! ! It ’ s very exchangeable to ones they use in the salon, and it ’ s very easy to use. Mine has 4 different sides : buff, smooth, ridge removal and glow. I start by taking my time on each nail to get them as legato and glazed as potential so that I have a in truth slickness canvas for the polish. I then file them to the determine I want ( I prefer a actually natural bend and nails that aren ’ t excessively long ). After than, I apply a small sting of epidermis cream and trim my cuticles/hang nails so that they are decent and even prior to polish application .
How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME - Spring Mani Inspiration!
How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME - Spring Mani Inspiration!

STEP THREE: Swipe fingers with acetone and then apply the PH Balance nail dehydrator.

You have to do these steps in ordering for your polish to stopping point the FULL two weeks. Your nails have natural oils in them, and oils get transferred when you touch your nails with your fingers, and that all contributes to how long the polish will final on your nails. I couldn ’ thymine get my polish to last longer than five days without this nail dehydrator so I think it made all the dispute in the world. Plus – you ’ ll notice they do this footprint when you are at a salon arsenic well, so there much be something to it .

STEP FOUR: Apply a thin coat of Gelish Base Foundation. Cure TWICE.

This is a very crucial step. The polish needs the base adhesive to truly stick to your nails so they last. The gelatin polish will just peel up without it. If you have an LED fall, you merely need to cure for 30 seconds, two times. If you have a UV light, you need to cure for 120 seconds, two times. *for longer lasting nails, you need to cure this step TWICE. * Don ’ thymine touch the nails after they come out of the light, because they will be slightly tacky. That is all right – you ’ ll address that at the end. Leave it for immediately .

STEP FIVE: Apply two or three thin coats of your polish color. Cure.

Try to make your coats deoxyadenosine monophosphate reduce as possible so that your polish doesn ’ thyroxine get besides dense during application. Do two thin coats of your polish color and cure ( using the lapp timing method for UV vanadium LED as above, but only cure one time in between color applications ). If you are doing nail down art on one or more nails, you can choose to do that immediately or during step five. I did the white flowers at the lapp time I did this pace and cured at the lapp time .
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STEP SIX: Apply nail art if needed. Cure.

Repeat the step above with your polish color for complete art ! do it ! I did the white dots and the gold center of the flowers during this step and cured them in concert in the faint. You could do them all individually, but it saves time if you can do some of them together ! I besides want to note : I swipe my complete art nails with acetone before I put the nail art down on my collar so the come on international relations and security network ’ t tacky before hand. I found that if I didn ’ thyroxine remove the cohesiveness, the nail polish spread into one another rather of keeping a distinct design .
How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME - Spring Mani Inspiration!
How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME - Spring Mani Inspiration!

STEP SIX: Apply a thin coat of Top Coat. Cure TWICE.

This is, of course, the most crucial part ! This sets the entire nail and gives that hard, bright polish that we ’ ve come to know and love with gel nails. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get excessively thick on this because it will importantly thicken the collar layers and it will look chunky ( I hate that word ). Some people will do two coats of the clear, but I just do one and it works out fine for me. Cure for 120 seconds, twice, just like the base coat.

STEP SEVEN: Swipe a cotton ball covered in acetone over all nails to get rid of the sticky residue.

sol, once you pull your nails out of the light, you may be tempted to touch them. If you do this, you may panic because they are however slightly brassy. But american samoa long as you ’ ve left them in the light for the right sum of time, this is normal. once you apply your top coat and bring around it for the right sum of clock, take a cotton ball or cotton pad covered in acetone and vigorously rub it over each nail. This kind of completes the “ setting ” of the smash and gets rid of that sticky residue that you may be stressed about. I panicked the first time I did my nails and tried to use the acetone in between each layer, but you don ’ t have to do that. It ’ sulfur super unnecessary. Just delay until the end !

STEP EIGHT: Wash hands and enjoy your beautiful new nails! 

I know I have a long way to go before I am some master gelatin pinpoint ace BUT I feel like for the first prison term, this international relations and security network ’ t all that bad. The polish lasted a farseeing time ( about the wax two weeks ) before I removed it and wanted to do something modern ! Make certain you wash your hands thoroughly after you finish painting them and then go rock those reasonably new fingernails !


This is an update to this master post : removal ! ! so, when it comes to removal my favorite direction to do this is to buy these gel removal pads from Amazon. They work perfectly when you drop a little spot of acetone on the pads. Start by putting Aquafor all around your cuticles and nail layer to keep them from being dried out from the acetone. then, using a buff or nail file to scratch the top of the gelatin so that the acetone can in truth soak in. Wrap your nails in the foil and let sit for 15 minutes. Once the fourth dimension is up, use a epidermis pusher to gentle scrape off the mousse polish from your nails. Wash your hands thoroughly once the mousse is removed and enjoy your clean nails – and don ’ thymine forget to MOISTURIZE afterwards .
How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME - Spring Mani Inspiration!
How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME - Spring Mani Inspiration!
How To Do Gel Nails AT HOME - Spring Mani Inspiration!
I hope this helps you achieve the breeze through expect of your ambition ! It decidedly takes practice – and it won ’ metric ton completely replace going to the collar salon for me. It ’ s an feel for sure, and I love doing it with my ma and sister. particularly pedicures. BUT – since I do like my nails done therefore much, it ’ s a cost effective way to make certain that happens and doesn ’ thymine break the bank. It ’ s a bit of an investment upfront, but within the first three times of doing my nails, it ’ s made it ’ s money back. PLUS, it ’ second become kind of therapeutic for me and I very look forth to doing it every few weeks now.

Do you do your own gel nails at home ? Any tips for beginnings ? Let me know in the comments below !

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