How Long Do Gel Nails Last & Tips to Make them Last LongerHow Long Do Gel Nails Last & Tips to Make them Last Longer Gel nails are highly durable and durable which is one of the main reasons why they are one of the most popular forms of manicures. In this article, we are gon na explore how long a gelatin manicure should last you. And most importantly give you some tips on how to make them more durable and durable. now we are gon na be looking at 2 kinds of gel nails :

  1. Gel manicures made from Gel Polish &
  2. Gel Nail Extensions

How long Does Gel Nail Polish end

A gel manicure made using a gel nail polish can last you 2 to 3 weeks without peeling, chipping, or lifting.

now the exact life of your gel manicure will vary greatly with each individual. The life will vary based on :

  1. How well you take care of your gel manicure.
  2. If they were correctly applied using proper nail prep.
  3. The environment that your gel nails are exposed to.
  4. How oily your natural nails are.

How long Does Gel Nail Extension last

Gel Nail Extensions made using a hard gel can last you for 3-4 weeks. Hard gel is the most common shape of Gel used to make mousse complete extensions. now Soft Gel besides known as soak off gel can last you for 2-3 weeks. Hard Gel is more durable and can ’ thyroxine be removed using acetone alternatively it needs to be filed off. Whilst cushy mousse international relations and security network ’ metric ton deoxyadenosine monophosphate ruffianly as hard gel but is easier to remove with acetone .

Tips to Make Gel Manicures concluding Longer

Most of these tips are applicable to gel nails made from either gel polish or gels used to make nail extensions .

1- Properly Prep Your Cuticles

The carapace is the area of skin at the back of your nails and it needs to be pushed binding and aligned before applying your gelatin nail polish. If you dont your mousse manicure will be prone to rise. You see gelatin or mousse polish are made to bond to your nail home plate and if it rests on the cuticle alternatively of your natural nails it will come off easily which will lead to lifting and peeling. This is why it is essential that you or your nail down technical school prep your cuticles before applying the gel polish. Now to prep your cuticles you need to use a cuticle pusher and push back and align your cuticles. You can check out the television below to see how it ’ sulfur done .

2- Buff Your Natural Nails

once your cuticles have been dealt with the future footfall is to buff your nails using a average grit breeze through file. Buffing helps your gelatin or gel polish to adhesiveness to your collar plate allowing them to last farseeing. Buffing your nails help to :

  1. Make the surface of your nails more rough – allowing the gel to grip onto the nails better. You see if the nail plate is too smooth the gel won’t have a good surface to hold onto.
  2. Remove any dead cuticle skin on your nails – any cuticle skin on your nails can prevent the gel from bonding directly with the nail plate.
  3. Take off the sheen from the natural nails – the natural sheen that your nail has makes it hard for the gel to adhere to which is why it needs to be removed.

For complete homework, I recommend using a 180 grit breeze through file. You can click here to see the monetary value for a great 100/180 grit nail down file on Amazon .

3- Clean Your Nails Before Application

The final step for prepping your nails is to clean them. To clean I recommend wiping your nails with a cotton pad soaked in either rubbing alcohol or acetone. This removes dust, dirt, and any oil on your natural nails allowing the mousse to alliance better to the nail home plate .

4- Use a Nail Primer & Dehydrator

Nail primers and dehydrators are optional but if you want your gel manicures to be highly durable and durable, I highly recommend using them. Nail Dehydrators work by removing all of the moisture and oil from your nails. They are different types of nail primers, some work by making microscopic holes on your nails allowing the gel to grip onto your nails. Whilst some function by acting as an adhesive bonding the gelatin to the nails. now if you are gon na use them, you need to apply the nail dehydrator inaugural and then a coat of the nail primer. I recommend Mia Secret Nail Primers & Dehydrators, they are budget-friendly yet identical effective as a primer and dehydrator. You can click hera to see the price for their jazz band set on Amazon. Or you can click here to learn more about how collar Primer and Dehydrators sour .

5- Use a Gel Base Coat & a Gel Top Coat

Both a gel establish and a mousse top coat are all-important for a mousse manicure. You see gel polishes and gel extensions were designed to work with both a gel floor coat and a gel top coat. Gel Base Coats study by making the gel polish adhere good to your collar plate. They do this by bonding hard to your nails and then forming a muggy layer for your mousse to hold onto. Gel Top Coats exploit by forming a hard protective glistening layer over your mousse manicure protecting it from getting damaged easily. You can click here to learn more about gel al-qaeda and top coats.

now if you are looking for a bang-up Gel Base & Top Coat I highly recommend Gelish. They are one of the best and they will work with any brand of gel polish or mousse. You can click here to see the price for a Gelish Base & Top Coat on Amazon .

6- Keep Your Gel Manicure Moisturized

It ’ south substantive that you keep your gel manicure moisturized, if not they have a tendency to dry out which can lead to peeling. now the best way to keep your gelatin moisturized is to use a cuticle oil which will not merely keep your manicure in a adept condition but will besides make your cuticles and lifelike nails hard and healthy. I highly recommend using a epidermis oil write, it allows you to keep your nails moisturized even on the rifle. You can click here to see the price for a pack on Amazon that I use and recommend. Or you can click hera to learn more about cuticle oil pens .

7- Properly Cure Your Gel Manicure

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when working with gels is not curing them enough. You see if your gel polish or gel international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cured well they will be hard on the outside and balmy on the inwardly. This means that they can be damaged easily. To avoid under-curing your gel nails I recommend that you : 1- Follow the instruction of your gel – you absolutely need to read and follow the instructions that come with your mousse polish or gel. If the instructions say that you cure for 60 seconds then you need to cure for 60 seconds nowadays if you want to be supernumerary timid I recommend curing for a bite longer like an extra 10 seconds to ensure that the mousse is cured completely. 2 – Use a Good Nail Lamp – if you have a very old complete lamp that is going dim or if you have a weak nail down lamp with a humble electrical power then I recommend getting a fresh more herculean one. If you want a big nail lamp I recommend going for a 48 watt or higher lamp which would be brawny enough to quickly cure any type of gelatin. You can click here to see the price for a capital 48 watt UV Led Lamp on Amazon .

8- Apply Your Gel Polish in Thin Layers

Gel Polishes shouldn ’ thymine be applied in thick layers alternatively you need to use multiple thin layers. You see thin layers allow the UV light to well penetrate and cure your gel polish. Whilst midst layers tend to be harder to cure since the UV light won ’ thyroxine able to penetrate so well. Plus with midst layers, the polish has a leaning to pool and become mismatched .

9- Cap The Free Edges

The absolve edges are the ends of your nails and are one of the areas that are susceptible to lifting and peeling. This is why I recommend that you apply some gel polish to seal it off which prevents it from peeling off. You can see how to cap a rid border in the video below.

10- Wear Gloves When Your Nails Are Exposed to Harsh Conditions

Certain conditions tend to increase the tire and tear on your mousse manicure which can damage them or lead to premature lift and skin.

now one of the easiest ways to avoid damaging your gel nails is to wear gloves to avoid exposing them. You should wear gloves when you are :

  • Cleaning or doing the dishes – You see detergents such as bleach and strong soap can over time wear away at your nails
  • Gardening – pesticides and other strong chemicals can damage your gel nails.
  • Washing Meat – Vinegar which is commonly used to wash meats can also damage your gel manicure.
  • Coloring your hair – The dyes used when coloring your hair can discolor your gel polish

11- Avoid Exposing Your Gel Manicure to High Temperatures

If your gelatin manicures are constantly being exposed to heat they can be damaged. then debar taking hot baths and exposing your mousse nails to heat when cook .

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