I get many messages from potential/new clients asking me that they would like an appointment with me, yet they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually know what it is precisely that they need/want !
It ’ s so easy to get carried away with smash slang when your a technical school and sometimes you forget that not everyone knows equally much as you about a service.
therefore here ’ s some simple explanations as to what these three military service options are and why you would choose to have them…

Extensions or “ enhancements ” are plainly extending the length of your natural breeze through. I use acrylic fiber to make an extension of the breeze through length. I ’ m double trained as in I ’ megabyte qualified to create extensions with hard gelatin ampere well as acrylic fiber, yet my skill grade in acrylic far outweighs that of mousse, so I use acrylic. I sculpt every fix I do quite than glueing a tiptoe on. This is strictly my preference, I ’ thousand rubbish when it comes to nail glue and I merely end up sticking my own fingers together so for both you and I, – trust me, sculpting is the better choice !
now if you ’ ve always booked an appointee with me for extensions, you will know that I will discuss with you your preferences, expectations and I will besides ask about your life style and complete a customer care/info tabloid ( which I do with every raw client ). This is because it ’ s not always practical to have an highly hanker fructify of nails if youve possibly just had a pamper or your workplace includes a set of typing for model. however it is always your choice, I will merely advise you.

If your not used to extensions, never had them before, or are a nail biter, I wouldn ’ t do an extreme length nail on you. You can always build up over time to a longer distance complete but believe me, if I ever wanted to debilitate person, putting a bent of extreme duration nails on them would be the way to go ! Nail biters have identical short collar to apply an enhacement onto so the longer the extension is, the higher the hazard of the propagation lift or coming off wholly.
There ’ s the type of propagation where I create the duration and form with acrylic fiber and then paint on top, or there ’ s the use of color acrylic. With color acrylic I personally find when filing/shaping you can get a actually sharp tight stopping point to the pinpoint. When you apply gelatin polish, it can round off the edge slightly. Maintaining both is quite different. Extensions with gelatin polish is very easy at alimony appointments, I file off the gelatin polish, complete an infill and ra balance of the enhancement and ra polish. Coloured acrylic, it takes a morsel more filing to remove the colored acrylic fiber to its clear base, and then its redesign again.
Extensions need to be maintained if you wish to keep them up. It ’ s so authoritative to attend maintenance appointments and what ever you do, DO NOT PICK, BITE OR PULL AT YOUR EXTENSIONS, furthermore, DO NOT GLUE ANY LIFTING DOWN ! It ’ s thus tempting to push your maintenance appointments whether it be due to lack of time, or even money, but trying to extend the longevity of an extension international relations and security network ’ t a full idea. If you experience lifting of an enhancement, bacteria can fester in the night dampen environment and when you glue a rise nail down, you provide such bacteria with a deluxe newly home where it happily breeds and causes havoc with your natural nail – turning it an unsightly k or even black color ! Gross I know, but true. fortunately this international relations and security network ’ t a permanent color and it will grow out if it hasn ’ t already come off the collar. care appointments are a utmost of 4 weeks .
so to keep your natural nails healthy, you need to take good care of your enhanced nails ! It may take some time to get used to the newly distance of your nails, yet hear and protect them by wearing rubberize gloves when cleaning for model. Although they feel identical hard, they will break like a natural pinpoint if not treated with respect .
Gel nails…

Gel nails to me mean one of two things. This could either be gel polish, or gel extensions. The gel for extensions is a “ hard gelatin ” and gel polish is a “ easy gelatin ”. It ’ second application and function is wholly different, albeit coming from the like family as such. I get lots of people asking for mousse nails, when in fact more much than not it ’ s a gel polish they are after. sometimes a set of my reserve work is like being a detective… is that gel polish or a gel elongation ? Have you got much length to your natural nail/do you bite your nails ? What are the stipulate of your nails like ? – these possibly affecting yet they hold a draw of information as to what service possibly best for you. Gel polish will final weeks and is very promptly and easy to apply. It will give the natural nail down some added stability, yet it will not prevent a break if undergo injury. For some, gelatin polish is all they need to help grow their nails long, for others something a little stronger is required… .

Overlays are amazing for those who in truth struggle growing their nails. An overlay is either acrylic or hard gel applied onto the lifelike nail but NOT extending the length. Again, I prefer acrylic for this yet I do practice hard mousse on occasions. Overlays can be finished with varnish/gel polish or the function of colored acrylic fiber. Overlays need the lapp amount of attention as extensions. sustenance appointments are thus identical important and you must attend these to keep your natural nail healthy.
so all in all, what ever servicing you require/would like, please look after your cover girl nail ! Treat them like jewels, not tools !
I hope the above has made overhaul options a little clear and easy to understand, all my pricing and information is on my Facebook page, my web site will up and running soon, if you would like an appointment with me either message me via Facebook or drop me a text !

Love to you all ,
Erica Turley – Nail Artist ❤️

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