NABulous 2.5 inch Long Stiletto Crafted by NAbulous Sculpted Soft Gel Nail Tips compact than traditional easy gel nails. Spend time doing on the nail art you love. These 2.5 column inch Stiletto Beautiful nail down lean your clients will love .
Use the 4 Step System to Cure the Nails: Perfect for DIY, Nail Techncians and Nail Salon Owners.
ph Bonder, Primer, Extend Gel, Top Coat ( not Included Sold Separately )
NABulous 2.5 The longest soft-gel complete tip available 2.5 inch NABulous balmy gel nails. Ability to Cut into a beautiful Tapered Square Shape or Coffin Nails.

chummy than traditional soft mousse nails durable long lasting your customers will go 4-6 weeks with these nails * MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL : Our soft Gel Clear Stiletto V XXXL Long Stiletto shaped nails are made from eminent quality Soak Off Soft Gel material to provide you with a comfortable, flexible and lightweight complete enhancement, without the damage of acrylic or arduous mousse .
* MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL : Our easy Gel XXXL Stiletto shaped nails are made from high timbre Soak Off Soft Gel material to provide you with a comfortable, elastic and lightweight nail enhancement, without the price of acrylic or arduous gel .
* VARIETY OF SIZES : Our nails can be customized and resized by cutting or filling down the nails to your favored duration. A GAME CHANGER OF NEW NAIL TIPS : These soft gel nail tips are pre-shaped, made from eminent quality soak off gel corporeal to provide you with a comfortable, flexible, and lightweight pinpoint enhancement, without damage

innovative material : Our soft mousse wide overlay nail tips are made of soak-off mousse fabric preferably than fictile bachelor of arts substantial that is easy to bend and fall off.Nontoxic and tasteless, no damage to nails. These nail tips could be soaked off with acetone, reducing the dangers of overfilling or harmful chemicals
PRE-ETCHED NAIL tip : Our gelignite nail tips. This is to cut out the collar tip homework mistreat and save your time

soft Gel Full Cover Nail Tips, 12 Sizes Clear Gel Nail Tips Long Stiletto Gelly Tips with Case for Press On Nail Extension DIY Manicure Soak Off ( Xtra Long Stiletto )
High-quality soft gel complete tips are clear and easy to apply and paint. Apply nail tips with Gel Nail Glue and cure under LED/UV. These full-cover smash tips are big for professional nail technicians in nail salons and pinpoint art lovers at home DIY. Perfect for respective occasions like weddings, parties, daily work, or for casual practice Soft Gel Clear Extra Long XXL False Press on Nails entire cover box .

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