The argument between mousse or acrylic fiber nails has been ongoing for years. While some people swear by the no-chip bring around method of gel manicures, others are obsessed with acrylic manicures ‘ artistic exemption and expressive style .
If you plainly ca n’t decide, we have the perfect solution for you. Gelly smash tips are a blend of everything you love about mousse and acrylic manicures. Read our web log below to learn more about how gelignite tips are different from acrylic breeze through enhancements !

How Gelly Nail Tips Work 

gelignite complete tips are clear extensions that are applied over the integral breeze through bed. These extensions are made from the same materials found in standard gelatin polishes, including molecules known as photoinitiators. Photoinitiators are a compound responsible for absorbing UV lights to cure and harden gel polishes .
These gelatin extensions can be shaped and decorated similarly to traditional acrylic pinpoint enhancements. The application action for gelignite tips is besides easy and involves fewer acrylic chemicals. Simply apply a layer of pass gel polish to the al-qaeda of your gelatin extension, then press this extension to the entire nail bed.

Place your nails under your LED lamp to bond the polish to your natural nail. once your gelignite nail tips are secure, you can shape and polish the extensions with as many bluff colors as you desire !

Gelly Nail Tip Trends

  • Ombre Nails
  • Sea Glass Nails
  • Shimmer Nails

How Are They Different From Traditional Acrylic Nail Enhancements?

Although gelignite collar tips have several similarities to traditional nail enhancements, these manicures besides have plenty of advantages over acrylic fiber nails. For example, gelignite tips look much more like natural nails than acrylic manicures do.

Since the extensions for gelignite tip consist of the like materials as standard gel polish, these extensions are a lot thinner than acrylic nails. additionally, because gelignite tips are slender and applied to the entire nail down, these manicures blend in more naturally .
Growing out gelignite tips is besides more manageable compared to acrylic nails. Both acrylic and gelignite nail enhancements last for an average of three to four weeks. The thin texture of gelignite tips makes the appearance of grown-out manicures less noticeable.

If you ‘re much frustrated by the expect of overgrown acrylic fiber manicures, then gelignite complete tips could be a viable solution for your life style .
gelignite tips are the arrant blend between traditional gel and acrylic fiber nails. Before starting your following manicure, consider how gelignite tips are different from acrylic nail enhancements. If you prefer the front of natural nails but besides desire the customization of acrylic manicures, then gelignite nail down tips are the best choice for you .
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