Hello everyone ! the past three weeks I ‘ve been doing sodium experiment testing the New Kiara Sky Gelly Tips and comparing them to the Aprés Gel-X.

first, a little background ! There are few of these indulgent mousse extensions that are available right now, but Aprés Gel-X is by far the most well known. Established in 2015, they have caused a massive spark in the nail industry, specifically the collar art industry. Nail technical school are able to save meter on building the nail and focus more on the artwork. In the time that I have been mindful of the Gel-X, the coarse charge I have seen is in regards to the price. Well, At the end of February, Kiara Sky, which is know for their gelatin colors and dip powders, released their own interpretation of a voiced gelatin tiptoe, Gelly Tips, at a competitive price. So I purchased two unlike shaped tips to compare to my Gel-X tips to see if the deviation in monetary value is worth it.

so I ‘ll start with some data on the Gel-x tips. The Gel-X kit comes with the PH Bonder, the Gel Primer, the Extend Gel, the Top Gelcoat, a Miniature LED Light, a 100 Nail File, the carrying character and your choice of tips. For all the components, the cost is $ 107.50 + the cost of the box of tips you choose. the tips range from $ 31.29 for short circuit shapes, $ 34.99 for Medium Shapes, and $ 37.49 for Long Shapes. They besides have option between Sculpted and natural for a sum of 14 different shape/length combinations. For the Gel-X tips, I personally have the Sculpted Long Coffin, Natural Medium Coffin, Natural Medium Stiletto, and Natural Long Stiletto.

now for the Gelly Tips. The Gelly Tips Kit comes with Prep, Primer, Builder, Top Coat, Beyond Pro Flash Cure Mini Lamp, and your choice of Gelly Tips shape. For all this, the cost is $ 109.99. There is a entire of 5 different tips to choose from ; 2 lengths and 4 shapes. For the Tips, I purchased The Long Coffin and the Medium Almond to compare then to the Gel-X tips I already owned. something to point out with the Gelly tips. You do not have an option between sculpted/Natural. only the Long coffin are sculpted, the other shapes are natural. now for the comparison ! I first did the test with the Medium Almond Gelly Tips, comparing them to the Natural Medium Stiletto Gel-X. I rounded off the points on the stiletto tip to match the almond human body since I was wearing these for a while. I applied some childlike nail down art, of course, by using Scratch nail down wraps made by @ ninanailedit over Kiara sky Cheeky. The adjacent workweek, I did the lapp test with the Long coffin with some encapsulate glitters and a Scattered Holo Taco over the top. The two fingers on the forget ( pointer and middle ) are Gelly Tips, The two fingers on the right ( ring and Pinky ) are Gel-X. For the comparison, I compared side by side the tips, application procedure, week long wear, and removal.

Tips : The tips of both products are very exchangeable, providing size 0-9 with an empty slot for 00 sizes. Both Boxes of tips have 500 pieces with 50 pieces of the 10 sizes. Gel-X has the choice to buy individual refill packs with 50 pieces of a particular size 0-9 and 00 of choice shapes. At this clock, Gelly Tips are alone sold in the box set. for the Box itself, the Gel-X box is a more grave duty corner with compact plastic and, in my public opinion, a better cluck closed. This would only in truth consequence you if you were to travel with the boxes. If they box of tips where to open while traveling from customer to node, you would in truth not want to spend the clock sorting them binding by size. One of the first base things I noticed with the Gelly Tips is the smell. When you open the box, there is a potent plastic smell that comes from the tips that you do n’t get from the Gel-X tips. unfortunately, neither product list the specific ingredients that make up the TIPS, so we are not able to compare to see where the smell comes from. next, comparing the tips english by side, I noticed that the Gelly Tips feel a bit thinner than Gel-X. I was able to bend the tip more towards the rear. Personally, I like the thick tip off of the Gel-X, but I know some techs will apply bend the tip to fit those clients who are in between a natural and sculpt tip. Comparing the APex of each point in the images below ( Left : Gel-X, right : gelignite Tips ), Both sets are similar in height, Gel-X being the smallest bit improbable on the sculpted Long Coffin. Looking at the bet on end of the tiptoe, the depart that goes close to the epidermis, the Gel-X curve down a spot foster. This creates a better transition to the natural nail, allowing longer wear and less risk of lifting. I found that this small dispute in the tips made a large dispute in application and workweek long wear. now look at the tip of each tip. The almond Gelly Tip does not go down angstrom far, which you can see by the col between the tip and my desk in both the side scene above and the front man view below. Despite the Gel-X being stiletto and Gelly Tip being Almond, I would expect to the the gratuity of both come down to free edge point. so overall the shape of the almond Gelly tips does not feel complete. The coffin gel-X gratuity has a much tighter C-curve to it then the Gelly Tip, which contributes to the stature remainder you can see in the side view. This one, In my public opinion, is fair a predilection. It is more democratic in current pinpoint trends to have the tighter C-curve, but it does not cause and structural deviation to the nail.

application : The action is about identical for both products. They are as follows

  1. Size out tips
  2. Buff the lifelike nail
  3. Apply the dehydrater
  4. apply the PH bonder
  5. Apply a thing layer of Extend Gel/Builder and cure for 30 seconds ( LED )
  6. etch the inwardly of the tip to better adhere
  7. practice stretch gel/builder to the bottom of the tiptoe, enough to cover the natural nail
  8. securely imperativeness the tip onto the nail using your flick, making indisputable the unfold gel/builder flows to the spare edge
  9. bring around for 10 seconds ( LED ) rotating the miniskirt lamp around the pinpoint to cure all edges
  10. reprise with all nails
  11. remedy full moon pass for 30 seconds ( LED ) once all tips are applied

For the coffin tips, the work was very alike, the only deviation being that the Gelly Tips are slenderly thin. despite that, I did not find anything that makes me prefer one over the other. While applying the almond/stiletto tips, I found that the shape difference in the tips caused some trouble with the Gelly Tips. First, it was very hard to apply on my nails. Since the back of the tip stands up a bit higher, it was harder to get that end to be flush with the natural complete while still keeping the rest of the tap in course with the smash. When I would place the base of the lean on my nails, it would stand up and not lay flat. thus, unfortunately, I was not able to make a seamless transition from tip to natural pinpoint and had to fill with the builder. I believe this may partially be caused by the “ natural supreme headquarters allied powers europe ” of the almond nails. Gel-X decidedly has the Gelly Tips beat here. Every collar is shaped differently and will need a unlike shaped tip. Since Gel-X offers both natural and sculpted for the shapes, you have options. Someones smash beds may be more flat and required a natural while another persons could be very arched and need a sculpted. You should not have to limit yourself to a specific smash shape based on the form of your smash bed.

Week Long Wear : Since these are easy gel, it is important to note one thing. After wearing for a while, the condition will dull a bunch. Acrylic and hard gel are much harder and will keep their shape better overtime. Both Gelly Tips and Gel-x did dull a bit ; Gelly tips a bit more than Gel-X. For the coffin, you will not have the unvoiced lines that you did when apply ; the corners start to round from wear. For almond/stiletto, the point will not be as distinct. almond is my favorite shape, which is why I like the Gel-X stiletto so much because some wear to them, the lean softens and becomes closer to the true almond form. After the week, I noticed on the Almond Gelly Tips that the base of the point started to lift where I filled it in because of the shape. Most was attached to the collar but there was a slender brim that came up on the floor. This would get caught on everything ; clothes and haircloth being the two big ones. note, that this did not happen with any of the Gel-x tips during this side by side wear. On the following week with the coffin tips, I felt as if the Gelly Tips and Gel-X had little differences. Neither tip lifted or did anything else to compromise the integrity of the nail. I do think the Gelly tips dulled a lot faster than the gel-x on this shape. I ‘m not sure if I fair noticed it more on the coffin jell or the almond dulled fast ampere well.

removal : This was alike in both products. I did notice that the Gelly tips required less intoxicate fourth dimension and overall removed quicker than than the Gel-X. This is likely because, as I mentioned above, they are a bit dilutant.

overall : Comparing all points, I personally prefer the Gel-X. I think the Gelly tips are perceptibly lower choice. To me, I would rather pay a small more to get the higher choice product of Gel-X. I besides think that the Gelly Tips are very limited with the shapes and natural/sculpted. Nails are not a one size fits all type of thing ; everyones nail bed are singular to them. Gel-X has significantly more options to find the right shape for your nails. Aprés has spent years in developing and perfecting the gentle gel extension. It is there main intersection and cant spend most of their resources specializing in it. to me, it feels that Kiara Sky wanted to get in on a new trendy product in the industry. They can not give the time and attention that Aprés does, leading the Gelly tips not being as good. Its about as if Gel-X feel like high end salon choice, while Gelly tips feel like the quick DIY at home version. I equitable wanted to say that these are my opinions on the two products. I am lucky adequate to be able to try both products to do this comparison. I had a lot of fun enforce, wear, and comparing throughout the weeks. If you have tried either merchandise, I would love to hear your impression ! -XOXO ,

source : https://nailcenter.us
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