Blue is a trendy and versatile color that suits everyone. It looks amazing every season and when worn on nails, it can be styled with any nail artwork besides. There are therefore many different complete designs that you can try so to give you some inhalation, we have narrowed down the dateless list to 43 amazing amobarbital sodium nail down designs. There is a manicure to suit every occasion and no matter what your personal style is, there is a design for you. You can recreate some of these at base or bring one of the images to your adjacent pinpoint appointment. The only trouble you will have is choosing which look to try first .

1. Bold Matte Blue Nails

We would like to begin by showing you these boldface and beautiful nails. The nails are very long and are painted in a vibrant felt blue. This nail down idea is sandbag and a similar color will make your nails stand out from the crowd. It is a simpleton but statement make manicure that will suit everyone .
Bold Matte Blue Nails

2. Blue Nails with Glitter Ombre

Add some sparkle to your attend with our adjacent smash theme. These nails are stiletto shaped and most of the nails are bright blue while two of the nails have a glitter ombre blueprint. One of the nails besides has gorgeous gems excessively. Try and recreate the solid design or equitable the glitter ombre, either way, it will look stunning !
Blue Nails with Glitter Ombre

3. Light Blue Chrome Nails

Chrome is one of the hottest collar looks to try and these nails show how to wear the swerve in style. hera we have coffin nails that have all been covered in light blue chrome. One of the nails besides has flatware glitter besides. It is a beautiful complete idea that will be perfective for the spring and summer.

Light Blue Chrome Nails

4. Beach Nail Design

Our future estimate is super cute ! This manicure has been inspired by the ocean to create a beautiful under the sea attend. The nails are nude and blue ombre with gold glitter and gold embellishments. We love the decorations because there are starfish, shells and more. You can buy gold embellishments like these online to create a like look yourself at home .
Cute, Beach Nail Design

5. Blue and Silver Stiletto Nails

future, we have a stylish silver and blue nail theme. The stiletto nails are long and two of the nails are silver and two are aristocratic. One of the ash grey nails is bubbling and the other nails all have beautiful crystals. It is a glam and bold search that would be perfect for a special occasion such as a party.

Blue and Silver Stiletto Nails

6. Stylish Blue and Gold Nails

Glam up your nails by trying a blue blue and gold combination ! hera is a gorgeous model. The nails are all night bluing with two gold stress nails. One of the accent designs looks like gold foil and the early features gold gems. There are gold foil tutorials online and the gems can easily be stuck on with collar glue .
Stylish Blue and Gold Nails

7. Nude and Blue Ombre Nail Idea

Our next mind is a beautiful ombre look. The nails are a nude color near the cuticles and blend to light blue towards the tips. There is besides a light coat of glitter and one nail besides has a stunning crystal design besides. This is a fashionable look and you can recreate the whole design or try just light amobarbital sodium nails without the ombre to make it easier. The crystals used on the nails are Swarovski and you can buy these on-line.

Nude and Blue Ombre Nail Idea

8. Matte Nails with Blue Tips and Crystals

If you are looking for unique and trendy nails then this estimate is for you. The nails are nude with stunning amobarbital sodium five tips. One nail is besides painted dark blasphemous with a beautiful quartz glass design. The v tips look amaze and a manicure like this will stand out from the crowd ! You can try and recreate a alike blueprint just use record to create the five section .
Matte Coffin Nails with Blue Tips and Crystals

9. Trendy Blue Drip Nails

Bored of your nails and want to try something fashionable and newly ? then check out this smash design. These nails are painted in a light aristocratic color and there two stress nails. One nail is painted in a blue ghost and the other has a blue drip invention. The drips are indeed artistic and creative. It is a playfulness and cool look that will suit everyone. There are tutorials online to help you with creating the drips .
Trendy Blue Drip Coffin Nails

10. Matte Blue Coffin Nails with Gems

The following pinpoint idea we have to show you is easy to wear, vibrant and glam ! These nails are painted in a beautiful and graphic blue and they are coffin shaped. Each collar is besides decorated with sparkle crystals along the cuticle. It is a sandbag look and it is a chic way to wear blue .
Matte Blue Coffin Nails with Gems

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