You ‘re fraught or plan to be. Congratulations ! At Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, we know this is a special fourth dimension for you, and we want your birthing experience to be elated and memorable. Our finish is to exceed your expectations. By choosing our hospital, you ‘ll feel pampered while having the total security of knowing you ‘re surrounded by the most feel team and best technology in the sphere .
Trusted worry throughout your pregnancy :

  • Breastfeeding resources: Women at our birthing center receive the support they need to be successful at breastfeeding.
  • Pampered Pregnancy Program: Choose the birth experience you want, including individualized guidance and such perks as massage, manicure, pedicure and access to our fitness center. For REGISTRATION or more information about the Pampered Pregnancy Program, please call 847-842-2769, email Samantha Pagliuco at, or submit our online form.
  • Advanced services for high-risk situations: Our level II extended neonatal capabilities perinatal care facility gives you and your baby access to the highest level of neonatal and pediatric care available in Illinois.

Schedule an appointment 

OB/GYN appointment: Call 800-3-ADVOCATE or find an OB/GYN on-line
Birthing center virtual tour: Register on-line now

Pre-register for your delivery

Check one more thing off your pregnancy disturbance list and pre-register for your delivery at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital. speak to your repair if you ‘d prefer a printable form in English, spanish or polish .

Experience our family-centered birthing center

We care about you, your syndicate and your newest accession, so we strive to make your birthing experience as comfortable, loosen, dependable and supportive as possible. When you have your child with us, here ’ s some of what you can expect :
Private birthing and recovery suites: Your parturiency, delivery and initial recovery will all take place in a comfortable, private suite, which features a toilet, shower, Wi-Fi, movies and music. Your spouse, partner or digest person is welcome to stay with you in the suite the whole time. After your initial recovery, you ‘ll continue your stay in another private room .
Pregnancy planner: We offer moms-to-be access to a pregnancy planner for dislodge. anticipant moms can sign up for this avail in their inaugural, second or third base clean-cut. The pregnancy planner will help you individualize your birthing have. She ‘ll answer your questions, direct you to classes and programs and provide you with the personal attention you deserve .
Pampered Pregnancy Program: You can choose to register for our pamper Pregnancy Program, which aims to give you the birth have you want. It includes individualized guidance equally well as such benefits as a complimentary massage, manicure, pedicure, even a 30-day membership at our seaworthiness concentrate. For more information about the Pampered Pregnancy Program, please call 847-842-2769, e-mail Samantha Pagliuco at Samantha.Pagliuco @, or submit our on-line form .
Doula Partnership Program: Our nurses recognize the crucial contributions doulas crack moms, so we ‘ll work with yours throughout your delivery to ensure optimum satisfaction and outcomes .
Family bonding practices: We promote bonding through skin-to-skin contact and parent-assisted bathe deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as keeping ma and child together during neonate admission and forcible assessment .
Family-centered cesarean: Family is the focus of our easy cesareans, which can decrease anxiety and lead to less pain medicine for ma. With typical cesareans, a drape shields the aseptic function field. With a family-centered cesarean, the curtain is placed so that ma can receive her baby immediately after parentage and shackle with him or her through skin-to-skin contact .
Advanced services, just in case: We ‘re a level II extended neonatal capabilities perinatal care facility that ‘s staff 24/7 with access to neonatologists, OBs and pediatric hospitalists. If your baby needs an evening higher level of treatment, we ’ ra backed by the resources at Advocate Children ’ mho Hospital, which offers the highest level of neonatal and pediatric care available in Illinois .
team of experts helps moms before, during and after birth

Our team of experts helps moms throughout pregnancy and beyond with classes, bonding support and breastfeed aid .

Videos: Our family-centered approach

Watch our videos to see what parents and team members are saying about Good Shepherd ’ s family-centered border on to mom and baby manage .

“ They treated us like family ”
When ma developed high rake pressure after delivering her first gear child, the Good Shepherd team kicked into high gear to care for her, baby and dad .

First-time parents wouldn ’ triiodothyronine change a matter
First-time parents describe the “ incredible experience ” of giving birth at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Illinois .

We don ’ t cookie-cutter our worry
When giving birth at Good Shepherd Hospital, moms can expect condom, individualized caution and memories that will end a life .

Breastfeeding assistance

We work with women throughout pregnancy and beyond to make certain they ’ ra successful at breastfeeding. We even offer a breast milk donors platform to help babies whose mothers have a moo milk supply, are ill or on certain medications .

Breastfeeding support

  • Before delivery: We offer prenatal breastfeeding classes on a regular basis to help you prepare. Register for an online class today.
  • During your stay: All of our OB nurses have special training in breastfeeding support and can help you get started. If you need more assistance, a lactation consultant is available by appointment.
  • After birth: We offer a complimentary Baby Bistro breastfeeding support group every Monday at the hospital. There’s no fee or registration required. Stop in at any time between 12:30 pm and 2 pm. Call 847-842-2769 for the meeting location.

Milk donation

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital is a milk storehouse for the Mothers ’ Milk Bank of the westerly Great Lakes. This allows approved local donors to drop off their frozen breast milk at our hospital preferably than ship or drive it to the milk deposit in Elk Grove Village. When the milk from the storehouse arrives at the milk savings bank, it ‘s pasteurized and processed according to the standards of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America .
For more information on becoming a summit milk donor, call the Mothers ’ Milk Bank of the western Great Lakes at 847-262-5134 or Advocate Good Shepherd ‘s Lynda Swearingen at 847-842-5569 .

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