Goodbye way nail fungus

Hand fungus treatment not just because ugly that even means prevention of many other serious diseases.
If the view, the tooth root is the human hair with essential nails, toenail to add enough new sets of beauty! Stuck for many of you, many of your favorite decorating her nails again new nails scene files at least on back texture, though not as brittle nails nail dynamic, easy to nail corner pain swelling though not multiples of infection! The reason is because the nail fungal infection! Did so because of “bad cover good Breeze” often paint coating without override under the paint layer less oxygen, mold spoilt to grow. In addition, because the nails or the swelling hurts so many people rinse the nails with antiseptic. The consequence is that the mold as the fish against the country because of the countervailing forces is bacteria was clean.

Goodbye way nail fungus


In the context of its origin, with the status of environmental pollution, the presence of a variety of mold on the surface of the skin is normal! Mold outbreak easily if the next hand of stress, poor nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, waste technology, chemical fertilizers … Not too hard because there is no shortage of medicines to treat the fungus but still theme is how to find the drug has no side effects?! Unfortunately many people don’t know there’s also a different way, to safer and more comfortable if compared with drugs, to mold but is present in the body but could not disperse. Phagocytes white blood cells of the body and when it has enough time gradually trimmed mold components born disease. It is applied on nutrition according to the principle:

1. Reducing sugar, MSG because mildew is very sweet and perfect. Nutrition increases blood glucose rise for mushrooms. Who has fungal infection should limit the desserts like cakes, tea, cream until pushed back was sick.

2. If the guarantee food hygiene and safety, the raw vegetables, yogurt, yogurt is the carving of the mold.

Goodbye way nail fungus


3. Instead of fried chips should be replaced with forms of cleaning, boil, or use the microwave, or minimum fat substituted with cooking oil.

4. increase the spices have fungicidal properties such as garlic, onion, mustard, vinegar.

5. limitation of industrial foods with additives unpredictable. Rather it is the fresh green dish but not so though is preserved in the refrigerator.

6. Focus on the mineral elements and necessary for the operation of the immune system such as A Smoothie out of carrots, peppers, chuống C, parsley; zinc in beef liver, selenium in manganese in soybeans, egg yolk, magnesium in the poultry …

7. Change of pH on the nail by hand several times during the day with neutral SOAP, aromatherapy tea or water not mix a few drops of lemon. Sometimes a simple solution that efficiently.

Goodbye way nail fungus


If the idea on the nail fungal infection is superficial beyond the skin. According to some recent medical reports, bumper mold infection lasts even as leverage to cause fatty nutrients variable disorder, atherosclerosis and coronary vascular embolism heart. Treatment of fungal diseases of hands so not only because of the ugly that even means prevention of many other serious diseases. Instead just count on the drug, much more subtly, if the cure to preventive measures such as avoiding food mold meo, airy living environment, keep dry, full sunlight. Even more important is the increase in the amount of the food has fungi in rations, such as mushroom, mushroom, mushroom cat snow … because the compound can and betaglucan mineral elements in the reducing effects of mushrooms mushrooms born disease. This category the other mushrooms mushrooms lend, were so delicious, again nothing more than clever?!

According to statistics in the countries of Europe, not less than 30% of residents that are victims of multiples. If the incidence of the disease in our country just to occupy half of the rate then we have almost ten million people are in need of treatment! Don’t see a problem with what usually nails. Small hole wrecked boats like the play.[:]

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