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I think this is a great polish remover

I ‘m stunned at the awful reviews sol many people have left for this product. I have used many brands over many years and find this to work equitable fine. OPI polish, Nail Envy come off very easy, some of the gel polishes take a little more work, but I do n’t think there is anything on the market that takes some of the stronger polishes off in a flash. For a becoming polish remover, give this a chance .

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it doesn’t work

I have tried this product 3 different times trying to remove three different brands of pinpoint polish precisely to confirm the product is a joke. completely worthless, I have been scrubbing my lifelike unretentive toe nails with cotton loaded in Ulta mosturizing lavander nail polish remover for more than 20 minutes and I ‘m still not done. U have already used 5 cottons and like 1 oz of the product. Lots of attempt, a lot of atrophied product. Again, I have tried 3 times and all the time it is the lapp. Dont buy this.

Reviewed by 61 customers

Unfortunately it’s awful

1 lily gas constant from New York It takes just forever to get off your polish using this, even just creme. I hold the cotton ball on my nail for 1 hour then start to wipe. Skip, evening in a pinch this is amazing .

Don’t waste your money😭

1 Chey from oregon I normally like to read reviews before purchasing anything but I bought this in shop and enormously regret it 😭

Terrible polish remover

1 No name from Vancouver, WA This polish remover does n’t work. I have been scrubbing and it ‘s barely removing any polish. Save your money and find something else .

Its true, its the worst

1 rebecca from NC It merely smears the polish around. Its much hard to get it off, specially without staining the carapace. Hoping iodine can even return this if iodine had to use like 3 oz of it to get off my polish… .

worst remover ever

3 TD from Washington All the 5 headliner rate reappraisal people are either reviewing the wrong product or were paid to give a good review. This remover is worthless ! You might be able to get the polish off if you sit there and scrub for an hour, but I gave up after about 8 mins .

Might as well be water

1 Kristin from MO I could barely get regular polish off with this. A full waste of money and will be returning .

Worst nail polish remover

1 K from California This breeze through polish remover might american samoa well be urine. I have been scrubbing my nails for the past 20 minutes and am only half way done. awful. Do n’t buy this .

Not a Great Remover

1 Micki3 from Sacramento CA I bought this, actually 2, buy one catch 1/2 off the second. Alas, I ‘m adhere with them. It does not take polish off quickly ! I had to rub and rub, plus I had to keep using more nail polish remover over and over. I do n’t normally ever give 1 asterisk for anything, but this is the worst. I had to go buy more Cutex trade name, that works bang-up !

Worst remover ever

1 Cynical home manicurist from DC This remover can not remove dim-witted, cream polishes ( not even gel ! not even glitter ! ) without scrubbing. I normally buy generic polish remover, and this is the worst pinpoint polish remover I have always used in my life. Buy literally *anything* else and it will be more effective than this. You ‘re better off with an emery display panel and rubbing alcohol. So blue Ulta ! Your products are normally solid… not this one, though .

Super fast results!

5 Shoefanatic from Venice, FL This is a great polish remover. Does n’t dry my nails out and it removes multiple coats of polish fast .

Should be a 0 star rating!

1 Batgirl from FL I took a cotton ball to my pinpoint polish and it slid correct over it. I worked unvoiced at trying to get the nail polish off for a few minutes and this remover did absolutely nothing. How this products gets dependable reviews, I ‘ll never know .

Good product

5 Gardengirl from Pittsburgh, PA I like this breeze through polish remover the best of any that I ‘ve tried. It does a good job of easily removing polish, while besides not drying. I will continue to buy this, and I recommend it.

I will keep buying it.

5 Lea from West Hollywood CA It is the best nail polish remover that I have always used. I ‘ll keep buying it .

Like it

4 Evie from Brooklyn. nu I have purchased this in the past and enjoy it, wished the bottle was bigger


1 kew from Conifer, CO This is the worst collar polish remover. It takes about a 1/3 of the bottle to remove ( finally ) the polish on your nails. It will take about 15-20 minutes and you will use about a twelve cotton balls. It would not be worth the money if it were free. It took half the bottle for 2 uses .

do not waste your money

1 not a ball carrier from Texas This barely works, takes constantly and wastes cotton pads. You will use half the bottle to get any properly polish off. Cheapo Cutex is better .

it doesn’t work

1 Lillie from FL I have tried this product 3 different times trying to remove three different brands of nail polish just to confirm the product is a joke. completely worthless, I have been scrubbing my natural short toe nails with cotton loaded in Ulta mosturizing lavander smash polish remover for more than 20 minutes and I ‘m silent not done. U have already used 5 cottons and like 1 oz of the product. Lots of feat, a bunch of lay waste to product. Again, I have tried 3 times and all the meter it is the same. Dont buy this .


3 Lori from Tx I ‘ve tried this remover respective times since I bought it but it does n’t take the nail polish off completely. And it does n’t smell like lavender either .

Not very good quality

1 Jaime from Keizer, OR honestly this actually defeated me. I ran out of my previous remover on one hand ( budget brand ), and started using this one on my other pass. not only did I have to use respective more cotton balls with Ulta ‘s remove, but it left stains on and around my nails whereas my other hand is extremely uninfected. This fair did not do a well speculate of removing my lacquer AT ALL .

Not nourishing and does not take off polish

2 Liz from Texas Does not remove nail polishes and it is not nourishing like it claims. Because iodine have to use WAY more remove on a long ton of pads, my collar get dry anyways. atrocious formula, would not recommend .

Disappointing – would not buy again!

1 Jenni from Belvidere, IL This remover besides left my fingertips stained with streaked polish ; what a thwart mess ! Wo n’t buy again, but hardly worth returning to the storehouse for a refund due to COVID .

Waste of money!

1 Tishala from NC If you ‘re looking for an arm exercise while removing your polish then this remover is for you. Otherwise, buy some thing else. I rarely write a revue but when a intersection is this disappointing I think people should know .


5 Grandma6 from Georgia This acetone loose pinpoint polish remover works precisely arsenic well as the harsh thrust with the damage

Terrible product

1 Missemstt from California This is in truth one of the worst I have ever used. I used to remove regular opi polish and peak coat. I needed to reapply constantly to my cotton ball. DO NOT BUY THIS ! !

Not worth it

2 Cyndi from Albany, NY It ‘s not very good at removing the complete polish and takes quite a bit of effort. Once the cotton ball gets saturated it does n’t do anything at all, so I end up going through way more. I besides do n’t understand why it ‘s called lavender scented ; it just smells like normal remover .

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