A soothing and hydrating hand discussion that restores softness and lissomeness to the hands. This relax manicure will include hot towel compressions and easy exfoliation of the hands and arms. Nails will be cared for with a haunt lotion that promotes smash growth and strengthening. The combination of a rich masquerade and intensive hand cream regenerates and softens palms. Conclude your service with a option of buffet or polish application. Rejuvenate your hands with a massage, buff and cleanse followed by cuticle removal and shape. coating with a polish application in the color of your choice .


Salt Stone Pedicure
Melt into a country of deep relaxation with our new strategic arms limitation talks stone pedicure. This bring around pedicure includes a strong foot soak, easy sea salt exfoliation, and hot towel compressions to cleanse banal feet. Our soothing animal foot balm will smooth away dry cracked clamber and leave feet easy and velvet smooth. Gentle massage with flowing movements and warm salt stones ease away built up latent hostility. The therapeutic mineral infusion from salt stones brings you back into proportion and reinvigorates energy levels.

Mokara Pedicure
Our signature pedicure is customized every mistreat of the manner. Select your front-runner aroma to make this a memorable experience. Begin with an aromatic foot soak and shea butter scale process that leaves your feet as soft and smooth as silk. future, enjoy a rejuvenate foot masquerade and hydrating cucumber heel therapy, paraffin treatment, followed by a slack foundation and calf massage. Cuticles and nails will be shaped and nourished. blue-ribbon buff or polish for a finished look.

Honey Lavender Pedicure

Enjoy the elusive perfume of honey and farm fresh lavender while indulging your soles. We begin with a ritual cleansing and aristocratic exfoliation, then a hydrate and rejuvenating masquerade is applied and toes are enveloped into a cocoon of ardent paraffin. Followed by a comfort foot and calf massage, plus care and groom of cuticles and nails. The complete tint is nail down polish or buff .
Deluxe Renewal Pedicure
Soothe and revitalize tire feet and legs with citrus and peppermint. This intensive pedicure includes a warm foot overcharge, pacify exfoliation, and hot towel compressions that will cleanse bore feet. Our soothing masquerade and foot ointment will smooth away dry cracked clamber and leave feet soft, velvet fluent and nourished. strong paraffin is applied to soften and seal in moisture while an inspire foot and calf massage is performed. Treatment concludes with nail shape, trimming and fan or polish application .

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