This page of the IGN Hollow Knight Wiki Guide includes a walkthrough for how to obtain each of Hollow Knight ‘s powerful Nail Art techniques. Hollow Knight has many early Collectibles, and this wiki steer can help you find them all ; from Spells to Items, Mask Shards to Vessel Fragments. For avail getting through the campaign, check out the Hollow Knight IGN Wiki Guide Walkthrough. ad


There are three knock-down techniques, called Nail Arts, which are available in Hollow Knight. Each one can be taught by one of the shroud Nailmasters, which have taken to hermitage around Hallownest. bill : once all three Nail Arts have been obtained, returning to Sly in Dirtmouth will award the herculean Nailmaster ’ s Glory Charm, which dramatically reduces the consign fourth dimension for all Nail Arts .


“The signature Nail Art of Nailmaster Mato. A Spinning attack that rapidly strikes foes on all sides.” The Cyclone Slash Nail Art can be obtained from Nailmaster Mato, who can be found in Howling Cliffs. After arriving in Howling Cliffs, proceed left and drop down as you go. once you ’ ve reached the bottom there will be a hidden pathway back to the right, marked by a Nail which is sticking out of the background. Follow the pathway and you ’ ll soon find Mato. Request his tutelage and he will bequeath you with the potent Great Slash proficiency .



“The signature Nail Art of Nailmaster Oro. Strike ahead quickly after dashing forward.” The Dash Slash Nail Art can be obtained from Nailmaster Oro, who can be found in Kingdom ’ south Edge. From the King ’ s Station Stagway in City of Tears, principal right into Kingdom ’ randomness Edge, then drop down to the bottom of the massive quill. Continue right into the future area, then head right until you reach a hut. Head inside to find Oro. Unlike the other Nailmasters, Oro will charge the Knight to teach him his brawny Nail Art, so pay him 800 Geo to learn the potent Dash Slash proficiency .


“The signature Nail Art of Nailmaster Sheo. Unleashes a huge slash directly in front of you which deals extra damage to foes.” The Great Slash Nail Art can be obtained from Nailmaster Sheo, who can be found in Greenpath, southwest of the Greenpath Stagway Station. From the Stagway Station, head down the shaft and into the area below, then head all the way to the entrust of the long spike tunnel using the Crystal Heart, Mothwing Cloak, and Mantis Claw, and you ’ ll find Sheo ’ s hut. Request his tutelage and he will instruct you on the powerful Great Slash technique.


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