It ’ sulfur not like it ’ s the first clock time a mainstream nail polish stigmatize has ever put a holographic collection, but this is the first prison term Essie has. That ’ s a big cope. One of the most Instagramed/Pinterested brands with a new holographic collection ? tangent : Can you believe those can now pass as verb ?
so Essie decided to not only push out a holographic solicitation but to add to the excitation and make it earth-toned. Aesthetic .

here ’ s the display at CVS. As you can see, written on the side, this collection is deplorably, limited edition.

I gravitated toward Of Quartz inaugural. naturally, it ’ s rose-toned. Essie describes it as a holographic flaxen nude metallic smash polish with tones of calming beige ( metallic ) .
The formula ’ s phenomenal. Creamy and two easy coats .
It ’ s a true holo. none of that baby holographic crap people slap the name on nowadays .

Of course you ’ ll want to add a exceed coat to this to prolong the wear, but be warned, it does dull the holographic impression. You can scantily tell. It ’ s still brilliant, so no worries. Just make note that you should expect it to dull a morsel with top coat .
It ’ s merely what happens from the smoothing effect of clear coat. placid, it ’ sulfur brilliant .

With a rose aureate, you need to add a gold to the collection. That ’ s where Semi-Precious Tones comes in. This gold international relations and security network ’ t besides yellow, not besides quick or cool, a good neutral toned amber. Essie describes it as a holographic champagne amber metallic nail down polish .

At this point, Semi-Precious Tones and Of Quartz are looking very alike aren ’ t they ?
here ’ s a bottle comparison of the two .
(L-R) Semi-Precious Tones and Of Quartz
Thanks to my skintone, the aureate pulls much warmer in Semi-Precious Tones, which makes these two look about like dupes .
They ’ re not .
Of Quartz is a rose gold. Semi-Precious Tones is a true aureate. The remainder is much more distinguishable in person .
Scroll down for another front : a swatch comparison/a expect at the holo impression of all three at the penetrate of the post.

I decided to skip the silver medal holo polishes. I ’ thousand sure they ’ ra amaze, no doubt about it. I barely feel that I have enough of those in my collection and my darling silver medal holo, Floss Gloss Intergalosstic, has a especial place in my solicitation .
so my last pick is Stop, Look & Glisten. This is a gray/brown holo that is so different from the rainbow holos released leftover and right. It has so a lot more dimension. Like stars across the iniquity sky, the holo shimmer pops correct off the deep canvas .
Essie describes it as a holographic charcoal grey metallic complete polish .
This has the best formula out of these. It was closely a one coater, closely opaque in a few strokes, thanks to that better brush !

Stop, Look & Glisten reminds me of the original holo version of OPI ’ s My Private Jet, but a stronger holographic adaptation. It ’ s evocative of the shade, not an claim victim, so don ’ metric ton get your hopes up if you ’ ve been leeming for it .
It ’ ll satisfy your cravings and I completely recommend you grab this one out of them all if you ’ re only will to get one !
For the curious draw, here ’ s a look at all three swatched english by english .
once again the camera is making the aureate pull warm, it doesn ’ metric ton avail that my skin is on the warm side. so keep that in mind .
(L-R, Index-Pinky) Semi-Precious Tones, Stop, Look & Glisten, Of Quartz, Semi-Precious Tones
Look how the holo just POPS in Stop, Look & Glisten ! That ’ south the one. Did I mention this collection is restrict edition ? You better get some tend shoes and get going !
I ’ m like a break record, but let me country that without their new broad brush, they would not have been able to get these holos a perfect as they are. That brush and this formula : a match made in heaven .
I love their border on to this collection. These are the perfective holo polishes for anyone who ’ s new to holo or have admired from afar. They ’ re a shimmer done vitamin a sophisticate as it could be .
This is what you need to bring your summer festivals into the twilight weather. It ’ ll take you from watermelon and bbq to hay rides and hot cider. Hooray for cool weather, although I will miss those summer niiiiiiights. I couldn ’ triiodothyronine resist, I blame my inner Sandra Dee.

Get your hands on that charcoal holo. You need it .
nowadays we ’ ra remembering those lost 18 years ago .

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