good dawn ! I hope Daylight Savings time didn ’ thyroxine throw off you excessively much. Our little ridicule was astir at 5 am, then today is going to be an extra espresso shot kind of day. Before that though I have a playfulness Swatch Sunday post to share with you ! nowadays I ’ thousand sharing this Salon Chrome kit from Sally Hansen .
You might remember these kits popping up on Instagram when they were released back in early fall 2017 ! This was correctly around the meter powders were hitting bill popularity, so naturally Sally Hansen came up with their version featuring their Miracle Gel polishes. I was extremely curious about them when they first came out, but sadly the price ( $ 38 at my local Pharmacy ) was fair a fiddling besides much to splurge on. Luckily, I was shopping for groceries at Superstore back in late February & found a few of the kits in the clearance department, so obviously I had to pick it up to try !

To create beautiful holographic nails, the kit comes with a black polish ( Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky-O ), Holographic Powder, applicator, special Salon Chrome top coating, & Miracle Gel top coat. You ’ ra instructed to paint your nails with the black, wait a few minutes for it to dry to a tacky end, rub on your powder, then seal in with the special top coat before finishing it off with your Miracle Gel top coat & BAM ! 💥 Easy Peasy holo nails. Except it ’ s not quite american samoa easy as they make it seem on the box… .

I tried twice to follow the directions on the box, but kept smudging the black polish underneath. I waited the 3-5 minutes as directed, & improving to 10 minutes, but couldn ’ metric ton get it to work. So I decided to use a whoremaster I ’ ve tried with early powders before & grabbed my finger Paints Peel Off Base Coat & applied a layer over my root Blacky-O. After waiting 5 minutes, I dipped my applicator into the holo powder & rubbed it over my black polish & … it worked absolutely !

After cheating a little, I got these holo nails to turn out perfectly ! You can actually see that linear holo rainbow which about looks identical to the picture on the box. I ’ m not surely if there is a detail flim-flam to applying it directly to the black polish, indeed if there is I ’ five hundred sleep together to know what other people have done. I love having the option of creating holo powder nails without having to use UV gel polish .

I ’ m not sure if you can inactive find these kits in shop, but check out the headroom sections of your favored polish stores to see if you can find them. even though I found application a bit slippery, the conclusion result is GORGEOUS ! possibly not $ 38 gorgeous, but I will decidedly be heading back to check out if they have any of the other semblance in the clearance section at Superstore or to grab a couple more. $ 7 for the holo powder is decidedly worth it to stock certificate up on & I ’ thousand very curious to see how it will look over other basis colours.

Have you tried any of the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kits ? What did you think of them–did you have any of the same application issues I had ? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below !

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