Hopscotch Kid's Natural Nail Polish little girls enjoy breeze through polish angstrom much as the big girls do, but the chemicals inside that brassy bottle can make your headway spin. Whichever color you choose, you should always choose a pinpoint polish color that is on the lifelike side of the smash polish spectrum .
Nail polishes, lacquers and tints are full to the brim with all sorts of toxins and chemicals. One promptly whiff of an afford nail down polish bottle and you know there are some good chemicals involved. These toxins should rarely, if ever, be applied to kid ’ s fingers. The chemicals can leach into your child ’ second pinpoint seam and potentially cause health probelms. not a nice thinking after you just spent quality time painting your princess ‘s little fingers. fortunately there are natural alternatives to these chemical infused brands .
Ginny Cardenas, founder of Hopscotch Kids, was annoyed with the sum of toxins found in cosmetics marketed specifically for children. She didn ’ thyroxine want to expose her kids to all those substances, no matter how cute the color. In 2009 Ginny created Hopscotch as a dependable option to the chemical tease cosmetic lines. Hopscotch is not toxic, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, fragrance- rid and biodegradable. Ginny created Hopscotch with a capricious and playful aura that not entirely appeals to kids, but to parents as well .
Hopscotch Kids Water Colors is the prime minister non-toxic, kid-friendly alternative to solvent-based nail polish. This is a water-based rule that is free of the fetid and coarse chemicals that are prevalent in most polishes. These nail polish colors actually act as a collar conditioner, which is different from conventional brands. All those miss-pronounced chemical ingredients like dibutyl phthalate, cellulose nitrate, butyl and ethyl acetates are nonexistent in this polish.

hopscotch comes in football team acute and blazing nail polish colors that are sure to brighten your day. It may take you a few applications to get salon quality results but it is worth the extra time. All the nail down polish colors stay bright and clear. We tested them on the ultimate critic, an energetic 6 year old who wanted each one of her fingers and toes painted in a different color form. She loved them !
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The nail down polish colors we tried were Eenie Meenie Miney Moe ( turquoise green ) ; bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a Dish ( Hot Pink ) and Three Sailors went to Sea, Sea, Sea ( Sea Blue ). All singular and carefree pinpoint polish colors with equally alone names .
A few of our Naturally Savvy team members couldn ’ triiodothyronine resist painting their own nails excessively ( and some of us are a draw older than 6 ) ! Hopscotch had scantily any kind of smell and dries in a hard, durable ending. Hopscotch ‘s breeze through polish colors are bright and vibrant — perfect for kids. If you ’ ra looking for more ‘ adult ’ nail down polish colors, Ginny besides has a telephone line of polishes called “ Scotch ” which are premier, not toxic polishes geared more towards adults. Think plums and tan colors.

Hopscotch is fun, innovative and best of all, kids love it. We love that it ’ randomness non-toxic, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, aroma absolve and biodegradable. distinctly, Hopscotch deserves the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval .
To pick out your own complete polish color or to buy Hopscotch nail polish, visit their web site at www.hopscotchkids.com .

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