Nail art is now bigger than always ! With an array of colors, themes and accessories for nails available there are nails for every affair, including Christmas, Valentines, Weddings and our front-runner time of the year, Halloween.

Whether it ’ s bally themed, horror movie villains, or ghouls, ghosts and general chilling art, Halloween has some of the most creative options. here we take a expression at the best 25 horror and Halloween themed nails. Let your fingertips do the talking and let us know your favorites in the comments box provided below.
BLOODY NAILS nothing says a bloody glorious mess more than these nails ! Get the nails dripping with this cool and easy lineage effect pinpoint art. nail art with bloody hands. BLOODY ZOMBIE NAILS Straight out of dead-ville it ’ s a great expression to rock on Halloween or the train ride back from work so the buttocks future to you is kept gain. bloody-zombie-nail-art THE WALKING DEAD NAILS From one of the most popular television shows, The Walking Dead inspired nails are now for life, not good for Halloween. the walking dead nail art HALLOWEEN NAILS If you ’ re throwing a Halloween party then what better complete option than these pumpkins. pumpkinhead-nails HELLRAISER NAILS Because taking souls can be a chilling good meter. hellraiser pinhead nail art. FRANKENSTEIN NAILS Inspire sexual love and campaign fear at the lapp time with these cool Frankenstein nails. frankenstein-nail-art CHUCKY NAILS nothing says you want to play more than a fix of Chucky nails ! chucky aka childs play nail art. BROKEN CORSET NAILS Tie up those talons with this frighteningly aphrodisiac corset nail art. broken and dirty corset nail art. DRACULA NAILS Get those fangs and fingertips out with these ace cool Dracula inspired nails. dracula fangs nail art. SCREAM NAILS Friends are for life and nothing brings them together better than Ghostface. ghost face nail art BETTLEJUICE NAILS Get fat this Halloween with this ace cool Beetlejuice inspired nails. bettle juice michael keaton nail art. JASON VOORHEES NAILS Jason gave us lessons in loving mothers and staying sexually protected. And he looks pretty good on nails to. jason voorhees friday the 13th nail art.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY NAILS On every Wednesday from now on, you shall wear black. And these nails. Ryan Murphys American horror story nail art. FREDDY KRUEGER NAILS One, two Freddy ’ s coming for your nails ! freddy krueger nightmare on elm street nail art. SKELETON NAILS Head, shoulders, knees and nails, knees and nails. Halloween-Skeleton-Nail-Art SPIDER NAILS Creep some crawlies onto your nails with this cool spider-web/spider design jazz band. halloween-nails-art SMILEY NAILS A glad front is a happy nail. smiley-movie-nail-art SKULL HEAD NAILS Get horrifyingly funky with these skull principal designs. skeleton face nail art PENTAGRAM NAILS Get those friends following your moves with these pentagram effect nails. pentagram nails ANTICROSS NAILS doubt you ’ ll be the Saint of the party with these nails. black upside crosses nail art. SAW MOVIE NAILS It ’ ll be game over for early nails when you rock up in these bad boys. saw movie nail art. IT NAILS Pennywise knows these are IT when it comes to nails. pennywise it the clown nail art THE EXORCIST NAILS Be the devil of the party with these perplex exorcist movie nails. the classic horror the exorcist nail art. MONSTER ZOMBIE NAILS Be the baddest monster at the party with this superintendent cool blueprint. monster zombie nails THE GRUDGE NAILS You might get a few jealous grudges with this slick movie design smash art. the movie the grudge nail art. Liked it ? Take a second to support Nicola Odeku on Patreon !

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