From potholes to stray nails and screws, your tires can encounter a lot of hazards on the road. And when they become damaged or go flat, you might be wondering whether you should purchase a new set or get the tire repaired professionally .
not every flat or puncture run down can be fixed, but there are early instances where you can get the run down — and your entire car — spinal column on the road with a quick repair. Read on to learn what kind of tire price can be repaired and when you should get a refilling .

What Kind of Tire Damage Can Be Repaired?

Can You Repair a Punctured Car Tire?

puncture localization and austereness of damage can often be the deciding factors between getting a bore repaired vs. replaced. If you ‘ve got a run down that ‘s been punctured in the tread area and it does n’t measure more than 1/4 of an edge ( 6mm ) in diameter, a elementary animate may do the flim-flam .
If the tire has two punctures, getting a tire compensate may placid be an choice a long as the punctures are at least 16 inches apart and the utmost count of repairs does not exceed a sum of 2 in the tire. Any more punctures than that, and you should consider getting a fresh tire. Punctured tires will likely need to be replaced if :

  • The puncture is more than a ¼ inch in diameter
  • There’s a puncture in the sidewall or shoulder of the tire
  • You have multiple punctures that are less than 16 inches apart

Can You Repair a Run Flat Tire?

durable run-flats, such as Bridgestone DriveGuard tires, can frequently buy you a little more time in a flat tire situation. But if driven on with less than 15PSI, they may not be repairable. To prevent this exit on run flats and differently, debar driving your vehicle if you have a bland or are first gear on air .

 Can Tires with Side Bubbles Be Repaired?

If you notice a burp in your tire ‘s sidewall, this has likely been incurred by high-impact damage. Factors like driving on a flat, hitting a pothole or curb the improper direction, riding over focal ratio bumps or railroad track crossings besides quickly, or overloading your tires can all lead to this issue. Although this bantam bulge may not seem intimidating, tires with side bubbles are not repairable, and you should have the run down replaced a soon as potential .

Can You Repair Tires That Have Existing Repairs? 

Repaired tires can much be mended again if the damage does n’t compromise a previously repaired area. For example, if you have a nail-in-tire position, you may be able to do a promptly repair if the puncture localization does n’t overlap with a previous tire injury and the animate was done by rights. If it does overlap, you will likely need a refilling .

Can You Repair a Tire After a Car Accident? 

Oftentimes, affected tires will need to be replaced following a major incident. If the tire has sustained serious wrong in a crash, such as significant cuts or pace separation, it should be replaced, not repaired.

Tempting Tire Repair No-Nos 

You might be tempted to do a immediate situate when you do have a bland or damaged tire. here are two that can be used in emergency or short-run situations but should n’t be considered long-run run down repairs :

Should You Use Sealants or Emergency Inflators?

These debauched fixes are a double-edged sword. They ‘ll help you get your car to a local Firestone Complete Auto Care, but do n’t count on them to keep you on the road for very long. run down sealants can freeze in cold weather, damage your tire imperativeness monitor organization, and prove ineffective at repairing any tire damage that ‘s more dangerous than a slowly escape or modest hole. It ‘s besides crucial to note that our technicians will not be able to fix punctures in tires with emergency impermanent sealants .

When Can You Patch Up a Flat Tire?

again, these are agile fixes that are n’t meant to enable long-run use of a deflate or damaged tire. When considering a flat tire patch or substitution, remember that a while does n’t fill in the hole left by a puncture — while a spark plug does n’t offer a permanent seal. In short, patching or plugging entirely are never adequate long-run solutions. That ‘s why at firestone, our technicians can use a patch-plug jazz band to provide an adequate long-run solution for some bore punctures.

Taking Care of Your Tires

To ensure your tire is safely repaired or replaced, it ‘s best to have it visit and serviced by a prepare technician. Visit your local anesthetic Firestone Complete Auto Care and ask about our run down repair services. Your base hit is our priority, and we back all of our shape with a triple promise that guarantees your repair will be Fixed Right, Priced Right, Right on time .
nowadays that you know when to repair vs. replace a car tire, schedule your appointment today !

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