How to have beautiful nails

Hands and nails is the Department must do more work. They must constantly move-even when you are sitting alone, plus the chemicals cause your nails worse quickly. Whether we like it or not, can negatively impact your appearance.

Thankfully, you don’t need a manicure appointment downloads or even new Nail Polish called them the best care. All you have to do is spend a few minutes to read what should and should not be in the process of caring for nails, remember and apply them to your nails.

1. cut your nails by the coward straight cut

cut your nails by the coward straight cut

“Always cut your nails by the coward cut straight,” said Robyn Gmyrek, nail care specialist of America said. Because when you cut the nails on a curve or sharp corner will weaken the nail structure, which makes it vulnerable to breaking and splitting. You should also cut the nails, the nails after a bath. Because at this time, the nails will softer and less likely to be broken, scratches or other damage.

2. Should not cut the cuticle around nails

Should not cut the cuticle around nails

Cut the cuticle around nails, toenail can make nails look neatly in a few days, but not skin grows back regularly and will soon appear phenomenal redness scratched, causing the skin around the robot shoots the nails vulnerable. Besides, cutting the cuticle may open the way for a number of infections and prevent the epidermis on your skin looks unsightly, even painful. A better solution if you want to remove the excess epidermis around the fingers or toes: keep dipping your fingers in warm water and gently push the excess cuticle out of your hands with a soft towel.

3. no rũa or cut the nails too fast

no rũa or cut the nails too fast

Too eagerly rũa or cut make nails look as if being gnawed. You can keep the nails short, but still needs a bit of nail polish on top. With this length, we will not interfere in the daily operation and does not affect the skin or hair, but your nails will look more beautiful.

4. Work your nail polish should be noted

Work your nail polish should be noted

You don’t need to endure the time drying nail polish to get a light nail the ball. Instead, you can use a cotton rũa pressed. Firstly, it will gently smooth the rough nails. Then hit the ball until you see the nails, her nails were polished up. You should only Nail Polish once a week, because the SLIM can do your nails. This is not good

5. Do not use regular lotion
This advice may sound paradoxical, but some kind of ice cream that contain alcohol, which can dry the nail and cuticle around nails, making them look OWL and lem nhem. You should use the essential oil to take care of this because the cuticle essential oil will make the Berry and stretch the skin around the nail not wrinkled. Apply essential oils onto the nail you in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep. Massage it gently to get the most beautiful nails.

Do not use regular lotion

6. You should wear gloves when work houses 

Toilet cleaners and other chemicals that can make your nails brittle and dry. The nails to soak the water too much can also cause the nails being soft and easily broken, broken. Wear gloves when work houses not only protect nails, but also help keep your hands from being damaged by harsh chemicals.

7. Nail Polish should not immediately after using the acetone

Nail Polish should not immediately after using the acetone

If you nail to attend a party special occasion, then please remove it with aqueous acetone right when the nail starts peeling. You shouldn’t Nail Polish right after using the acetone because at this time the nails are weak. Doing so can eliminate the natural shade of the surface layer of the nail. Feel free to come with your nail polish job.

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