Firstly, what colors this staining/ discoloration? 

You may be here looking for one cause this happens but it can actually be many, it could be a combination and can happen at any time- I know frustrating. For some people this stain can appear within the first few days, others it can happen after a week or two. But let ’ s get into the most common reasons why reasonably white nails turn yellow .

Using poor quality nail polish or gel: 

Gel nails are non-porous, they don ’ thyroxine soak up liquids or get stained when they come into reach with chemicals or crap. however not all gel is like this, you may find that a cheap gelatin you find on Amazon or in Walmart or Target won ’ triiodothyronine be the same quality of mousse that you would get in the salon, this may cause your nails to be more prone to discoloring.

The lapp idea with regular smash polish, but nail polish is even more prone to this issue as they have pores, which can hold onto stains .


smoke is one of the most park causes of stains on your nails, people often forget that smoking doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate merely cause yellow stains on your teeth but besides on your nails. If you smoke frequently you will notice that your white or tied pale color nails will start to discolor and turn yellow immediate than a non-smoker, you ’ ll notification it more on your dominant allele hand. If you love reasonably white nails possibly this is the arrant rationality to try and stop smoke !

Exposure to the sunlight of self-tanners

overexposure to sunlight or tanners can besides lead to stain of white nails, you will often find this more in the summer when on vacation, it can be such a trouble, particularly if you love a summer tan. Nothing tops of a tan more than white nails but UV rays can cause nails to discolor immediate .

Harsh chemicals

There are many chemicals that can actually be damaging to your nails and breeze through color, some even you may not expect. Cleaning products such as washing up soap and using early clean substances, without gloves and reduce the life cross of your nails, causing stain, and in some cases, they can evening chip. even some haircloth dyes and skin care products have chemicals that can cause yellowing- even some makeup products !

So, how do I clean my nails if this happens? 

Despite discoloration being easily done it can besides be easily removed, here are the best tips to get rid of scandalmongering stains .

How to clean white gel nail polish?

Rubbing alcohol:  If the discoloration is preferably mild then you can gently use an acetone-free breeze through polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Do it promptly after you ’ ve noticed the tarnish. Use a Q-tip dipped in the remover and lightly rub over the stain, not excessively unvoiced as it may remove some of the gel paint. Wash your hands and scrub well: If you ’ ve good eaten a colorful meal, like a pot of dress ramen, or some beets good wash your hands in saponaceous water while scrubbing your nails, make sure you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate practice any soap that is excessively harsh. Hairspray: If the stain has been there for a while then I would recommend using hairspray. All you need to do is spray some on your complete then use a Q-tip to lightly rub away the stains, wash your hands after. Tea-tree oil:

Tee-tree is a natural stain remover, all you need to do is soak your nails in a little bowling ball of tee-tree oil for around 10 minutes then wash your hands. If the stain is still there keep repeat until it disappears. If none of these works, I ’ megabyte afraid that the stain may be beyond repair, and would be well good to redo your nails .

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