How to make nail polish and homemade collar polish remover well with these pictured tutorials. How to make homemade nail polish that lasts in playfulness shades and colors for capital DIY smash art. I ’ ve nailed it with fabulous tutorials for homemade glitter pinpoint polish, couturier color complete polish, feather nails, bleeding nail down artwork and magnetic collar polish .

How to Make Nail Polish

Home to Make Homemade Nail Polish
1. How to Make Homemade Nail Polish ~ Make your own glitter nail polish in any color you desire. You can easily make your own with glitter and clear smash polish. Wouldn ’ t these be fabulous for give giving ? Or, how about party favors ?
Home to Make Homemade Nail Polish
2. How to Make magnetic Nail Polish ~ For a singular and trendy polish try making your own charismatic breeze through polish. Using iron fillings, nail polish and a magnet you can create any type of pattern on your nails including horizontal, erect or diagonal stripes !

DIY Nail Polish
3. Feather Nails ~ These feather nails are just amazing ! Who would have thought that complete art could be so creative ? ! A real feather is added to a free-base coat of smash polish and then topped with clear complete polish. How fantastic would it be to add a pop music of coloring material for each season ?
Polka Dot Manicure
4. Perfect Polka Dot Manicure Tutorial This fabulous tutorial shows you how to create the arrant polka dot manicure. Use your darling color to personalize the count. Great for all ages !

How To Make Homemade Nail Polish

Homemade Nail Polish
5. Homemade Nail Polish ~ Create your own collar polish color from crushed eye shadow and clear smash polish .
How to Make Homemade Nail Polish
6. DIY Fancy Nail Polish ~ Learn how to make your own interior designer nail polish colors. The tutorial shows you how to mix colors together to get your craved effect. And, it ’ s merely a divide of the monetary value of the couturier brands.

Homemade Nail Polish
7. Bleeding Blue Nail Art ~ These amazing ombre bleeding blue nails use a technique called ‘ melting ’. Messy vertical stripes were painted on top of a base coat followed by a dark shadow of messy vertical stripes. The color choices are dateless .
DIY Newspaper Nails
8. Newspaper Nails ~ Aren ’ t these newspaper nails fun and fabulous ? ! The tutorial shows you how to use newspaper and rubbing alcohol as a rub-on remove. What will your nails say about you ?

Homemade Nail Polish Remover

Homemade Nail Polish Remover
9. DIY Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover ~ This fake Zoya Remove + pinpoint polish remover recipe is elementary and entirely requires two ingredients, glycerol and acetone. It ’ sulfur not as abrasive or harsh on the hide as the storehouse bought and only a fraction of the price .

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