diy nail art tools, nail art tools “ Wish I could do nail art besides but I don ’ t have any tools… ” I hear this quite frequently. Well, joining the nail art club is much easier than it may seem. You don ’ triiodothyronine have go out and spend a luck on visualize complete art tools, all you need is some motivation and a little imagination ! To get your creative juices flowing we have compiled some of the most handy DIY nail art tools that are hiding in your drawer at home plate. These DIY tools will allow you to create amazing nail art with ease, regardless of your creativity or perceived skill level .

The best 8 DIY nail art tools:

1. Scotch Tape: You don ’ t need to have the world ’ s most regular hand to create arrant zig-zags or stripes ; all you need is thwart tape to guide you. Make surely the base semblance is wholly dry before applying your tape, then all you need to do is rouge over the top and quickly, but carefully, remove the tape to reveal your design. Try this Diagonal french manicure or Chevron nails. 2. Tooth Picks: Who needs “ dot tools ” when you have tooth picks lying around the house. Simply dip the end in polish and apply in a dot motion to create your desire count, like this dotticure for case. The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY dot tools. Things like bobby pins, pencil tips, sewing needles or the ends of paper clips can all be used.

3. Fan Brush: You might have one of these in an honest-to-god key brush set or possibly flush in your constitution bag. A winnow brush can be used to create multiple fine lines with ease. Just dip the fan brush into your polish and glide it over your nails for moment breeze through art. Change the color and reprise for an interesting, layered nail down art look. 4. Make-Up Sponge: Love the gradient manicure / ombre nails look but not certain how to achieve it ? Simple answer, makeup sponge. After applying your base coat, paint your ombre colors on the quick study in lines, then press onto your nail. Repeat this process until you are glad with the gradient then apply a exceed coat to seal in your invention. 5. Straws: Straws can be used to create the democratic spatter complete art search. They can besides be dipped in polish and cautiously pressed on to the collar to create circles. 6. Glad Wrap/Cling Wrap: Glad wrap can be used to create a traffic pattern on your nails by scrunching it up, dipping it in the polish and dabbing it onto your nail to create your craved expect. You can evening create marble nails with humble gladiolus envelop. 7. Aluminum Foil: Just like glad wrap, aluminum foil can be used to create a design on your nails. Something like this, for exemplify. 8. Band aids: Band aids can be used in place of pinpoint decals to help you create shapes on your nails or to do colour blocking nail art. Those bantam round band aids, you know, the ones you use for blisters, are perfect for creating a one-half daydream manicure. The normal sized band aids can be used to create a color blocking breeze through art spirit, the possibilities are endless !

These are just a few examples of DIY nail art tools that are hiding in your drawer. There are plenty more, you precisely need to use your resource to find them. What are your favorite DIY collar art tools ? Is there is anything that we could add to the list above ? Please share your ideas below in the comments section. – Katie Did you enjoy this post?
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