ad If you ‘re the type that loves to have fun nails with a bite more sex appeal than a bare coat of rouge, you ‘ve credibly tried out acrylic fiber nails in the by. If your budget brain cringes a bite at the regular price of a salon inflict, why not give DIY acrylic fiber nails a hear ? light some floral-scented candles, brew yourself some relaxing tea, and give yourself a manicure and a new fix of tips at a fraction of the cost — all from the comfort of your home plate.


Buy your acrylics kit

Share to PinterestAcrylic nails first, you need supplies. If it ‘s your first time doing acrylics, the easiest way is to purchase a DIY acrylic fiber nails kit. A professional kit should contain detail instructions so you wo n’t be left in the dark. When shopping for a nail kit, remember to look for tips made with ethyl methacrylate ( EMA ). It is a much safer alternative for you and the environment than toxic methyl methacrylate ( MMA ), which is badly for your nails. once you ‘re a bit more feel, you can buy the person items you need based on your demand preferences. store on these for your own professional DIY acrylic kit :

  • Clippers
  • Semi-coarse nail file and buffer
  • Acrylic brush
  • Mixing bowl
  • Acrylic nail tips and glue
  • Acrylic nail primer
  • Nail dehydrator
  • Acrylic liquid
  • Acrylic powder



Prep the nails

Filing acrylics start by removing any old complete polish and make certain you properly soak off remaining gels or acrylics. Next, using a cuticle baby buggy, if you have one, gently push your cuticles back ( but do n’t cut them ). Be careful not to overdo it, or they might bleed ; putting acrylics on damaged nails or cuticles is a regretful idea. then, trim your nails brusque and buff them up, sweeping leave and correct with your buffer zone on each nail to remove surfeit glow. ad


Choose the tip size and apply the acrylics

Nail tips Your DIY kit will come with a range of acrylic fiber tip off sizes sol take fourth dimension to select the right one for each breeze through. If you ca n’t find the arrant fit, use a pinpoint file and condition it up so it fits nicely. once you ‘ve got 10 tips, apply a dot of nail glue and put them on one by one. Do n’t rush through this process and make sure the tips are even and directly. The bottom of the acrylic tip should rest about one-third of the means down your pinpoint. Apply pressure to each breeze through for 10 seconds to secure it. ad


Shape it up

Shaping nails up with a file Using a nail clipper and a file, smooth the acrylics into your coveted supreme headquarters allied powers europe and duration — turn, square, or coffin. With practice, you will be able to achieve varying shapes and lengths and choose one that ‘s most desirable for your hands. If you see a noticeable telephone line where the tip off meets your real breeze through, use a buff to smooth it out. ad


Apply the primer

Applying nail primer once your tips are on and shaped up, pour the acrylic liquid into the mix bowl and organize your materials and powders so you can reach them well. The acrylic fluent has a potent smell, so produce certain you ‘re in a ventilate area — set up a winnow or open a window. following, apply dehydrating nail flat coat to remove any remaining moisture from your nails sol that the acrylic fiber mix sticks to the smash. Wait for the flat coat to dry, then rub your nails with a lint-free pad to prime them for the next step. ad


Coat the nails with the acrylic mixture

Applying acrylics mixture Dip your brush into the acrylic fiber liquid, tap on the side of the stadium to remove excess, and then dip the brush into the acrylic powderize. You might have to practice a little bit before you reach the arrant liquid-to-powder ratio. The mix should be easily spreadable but not besides wet. Start applying it equitable above your cuticles and working your way up towards the end. Wipe the brush off on a wallpaper towel between each application. ad


Leave it to dry

Acrylics nails drying Acrylics are quite temperature-sensitive, so they will dry faster in a warm room. When you first start doing your own DIY acrylic nails, choose a cool environment so that you have more time to apply the assortment before it hardens. The drying procedure should take about 10 minutes. The easiest way to check if it ‘s dry is to gently tap your nails — if they make a chatter sound, you ‘re all set. ad


Create the final shape

Filing DIY acrylic nails Since your nails are all ready and shaped up, you entirely need a little touch-up. Using a semi-coarse breeze through file, go along the edges and tips for the perfect Instagram-worthy condition. You can besides quickly go over the nails again with the buffer to create an tied and placid airfoil. ad


Paint the nails

Painting nails You can achieve your desired color by applying an acrylic fiber powder color of your choice after step 6, or you can paint your nails with a regular clear or color pinpoint polish as the concluding step. Make sure you cover the entire surface of the nail for that professional and streamlined finish, and let it dry completely before going about your day with your fabulous new fingertips. ad


Maintain the nails

Acrylic nails Apply some carapace anoint after you ‘re finished to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. After two weeks or a act longer, your nails will have perceptibly grown out and require a touch-up. You can either reapply the acrylic to fill the fresh space, or remove it wholly. If you notice your nails looking unhealthy or changing color, assay for signs of infection and do not reapply the acrylic. Make indisputable you disinfect all your tools every time you use them to avoid starting or spreading infection.

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