Discover the easy way to make your own complete decals with our DIY tutorial. step by footfall photos. Tips on how to use collar stickers. This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our links. Please read our wax disclosure here .Diy nail decalsDiy nail decals
This week, rather of showing you a particular design, I thought I ’ five hundred cover the basics of making your own nail decals, or nail stickers. You can easily do this with a sandwich bag, or any slurred ( but compromising ) credit card you have lying around !
This method makes it easier to replicate patterns or pictures on your nails, since you don ’ t have to do it on your actual nail down. It gives you more freedom to work around whatever design you choose to replicate, whether it be cute characters or barely a childlike practice that you can finally peel off and adhere to your complete.

For the tutorial, I stuck to simple basics, but if you ’ re more adventurous you could try making DIY nail strips deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, or some fancier characters, as they utilize the lapp concept. besides, removing any blueprint is a cinch since it ’ s all nail polish !
Scroll on down to learn step-by-step how to create your own unique nail art decals:

What You’ll Need:

  • Nail polish of your choice – I used Nicole by OPI’s Selena, China Glaze’s White on White, Sally Hansen’s Breeze Blue and Celeb City
  • A sandwich bag, or any sort of flexible, clear plastic – I chose to use a small snack Ziploc bag, but make sure there are no creases or folds where you paint your polish on.
  • Tweezers
  • Clear nail polish or a top coat
  • Mini shaped hole punches
  • Decorative scissors

Step 1:

Diy nail decals step 1 pt 1Diy nail decals step 1 pt 1
Paint a squarely of polish on the credit card, angstrom bombastic as you like, for the sketch. Fill in the delineate, making certain there aren ’ triiodothyronine any gaps. Remember that the thicker the polish, the easier it will be for you to peel.
Diy nail decals step 1 pt 2Diy nail decals step 1 pt 2
Wait a few hours for it to dry – I went back and held it up against the light to check if there were any sheer spots – if there were, I painted another layer on. I did this with a few unlike polishes to test the opacity ; the diaphanous aristocratic and pink colors needed a second coat, while the white and silver were opaque adequate to suffice with just one coat .
I recommend waiting a few hours before working with the polish. ( I let mine dry overnight. )

Step 2:

Diy nail decals step 2Diy nail decals step 2
Once it ’ south dry, use Tweezers to peel off the polish carefully – nowadays you have sheets of nail down polish you can work with. Take your time and be careful ! As you can see, I wasn ’ t very careful with the discolor on the bottomland, and split it in half. Oops !

Step 3:

DIY nail decals step 3 pt 1DIY nail decals step 3 pt 1
To make the stickers, just use your hole punches to make shapes you can place on your smash. With the cosmetic scissors, you can make different patterns to go on your nail, as seen below .
Diy nail decals step 3 pt 2Diy nail decals step 3 pt 2

Step 4:

DIY nail decals step 4DIY nail decals step 4
To apply your stickers, just place on your nail, rubbing it down with your fingers, and seal with a top coat. If you have a harder clock getting the gummed label on, just put some clear nail polish or a layer of top coat on before applying the poser, which will act as a “ glue ” .

The Finished Look:

DIY nail decal maniDIY nail decal mani
I thought it ’ d be fun to replicate this Beauty Department tutorial from awhile ago, keeping with the subject of hole punches, and it turned out great. Removal was a piece more unmanageable with the weave paper, so I ’ d probably suggest trying it with nail down polish stickers following clock time.

You can always experiment with this technique, by using your free-handing skills or any craft supplies you may have lying around !

Will you be trying this method for nail art?

Any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome ! Post them down below with breeze through art ideas you ’ five hundred want me to cover arsenic well !


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