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I love false nails. As a limited dainty I ’ ll arrive acrylics done once or twice a year, but I find them expensive and they tend to wreck my nails. This is why I like to apply false nails at home .
As a parent, and a writer, I find having retentive nail slows me down, so doing a DIY job of false nails seems like the easiest choice. I don ’ t expect them to stay on for more that 24-48 hours, they don ’ t actually have much of a negative effect on my natural complete, but they look truly glam when I go to any social events .

How to Paint False Nails Before Applying at Home
Pre-painted false nails are all well and good, but you can ’ thyroxine constantly buy the perfect shade for your equip. That ’ s where painting your own false nails before applying comes in handy .

How to Paint False Nails Before Applying at Home

You will need :

  • False nails
  • Chosen nail varnish colour(s)
  • Cellotape
  • Cotton buds

update : I wrote this post well before nail stands were then easy to get detention of. So if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to buy a nail down stand, then the cotton bud and cellotape method acting hush works. If you want the nails on a nice display stand like the one below, they ’ re actually in truth bum. This one is £8.99 from Amazon ( affiliate link )chrome and clear nail display stands

Choosing the right shape false nail

It ’ randomness a lot easier to paint a ready-shaped false collar, than to make any changes belated. I chose a short stiletto breeze through, but there are loads out there. I bought mine on Amazon and got loads for only a small amount .
These are what I went with and found them to be pretty good .

You need to try the unpainted nails over your own to check you ’ ve got the proper size. Once you ’ ve selected all ten, you can get to work .
How to Paint False Nails Before Applying at Home
The photograph above shows what the package contains, it ’ s good worth it for £5.99 !

Prepare the false nails ready to paint

This is where the cellotape and cotton buds come in. In order to paint false nails before applying them, you need to secure them to something !

Wrap the cellotape backwards around the lead of the cotton bud so that the sticky side points outward .
How to Paint False Nails Before Applying at Home
From there, you should be able to press the false nail onto the sticky tape and it should hold well enough to be painted .
How to Paint False Nails Before Applying at Home When you ’ ve secured the nail on the end of the cotton bud, your following gradation is to paint it .

Painting the false nails before applying them

once you ’ ve given the nails a coating ( or two ) they should be ready to use. Just wait for them to dry fully .
How to Paint False Nails Before Applying at Home
If you ’ re creative and have a firm hand, you could besides add collar art to a couple or all of the nails. I got some bang-up complete art brushes from Poundland, so you don ’ t need to spend a draw if you ’ re going to dabble in smash art .
The nails say claim to be reclaimable, so if that ’ s what you ’ rhenium plan, I ’ d invest in some gluey tabs to secure your nails quite than smash glue which will leave a residue .
Something like this :

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