Good nail preparation is the key to a successful manicure. We reveal our tips for healthy nails and a stunning manicure!

green polish or green Flash gel polish … we understand you feel tear. But one thing ‘s for certain, whichever you choose, proper preparation is winder .
so, we ‘ve come up with a must-do nail care routine that you ‘ll besides find relax and enjoyable .
“ You have to suffer to be beautiful ” is erstwhile school. Manucurist wants to boost your temper and put a smile on your face while you pamper yourself ( and your nails ). Follow the guide !

Before you start your preparation

We ca n’t say it much enough : you have to take care of your nails. Omitting this step is like trying to bicycle with a flat tyre—very thwart !
good nail homework ensures you ‘ll have glossy color for several days. Strong, smooth, hydrated nails help your coloring material look its best and last long .

Let’s start with the two golden rules:

🌿 A healthy lifestyle
It ‘s full of life to provide your nails with adequate vitamins, amino acids and minerals for good health. Avoid nutrient deficiencies at all costs !
But there ‘s no need to panic. If you feel like your nails have become more delicate over fourth dimension, food supplements for nails are a big way to restore them to health. This concentrate of vitamins and active voice ingredients strengthens nails and promotes nail emergence naturally .
💦 Regularly moisturise your nails and their contours
Moisturising your nails is just vitamin a crucial as moisturising your face. It should be a winder part of your complete care routine. Our green Oil is designed to deeply moisturise your nails and cuticles .

now we ‘ve cleared that up, let ‘s move on to the Preparation step .

An easy routine with the right ingredients—just like a good cocktail recipe!

To prep your nails like a pro, you ‘ll need :

  • An emery board for natural nails
  • Cuticle remover
  • A steel cuticle pusher
  • A nail priming emery board

Step 1

File your nails into your desired form using an emery board. Make them shorter if you need to using the softer side of the emery display panel.

Step 2

Use carapace remover to soften your cuticles. Apply a devolve of Cuticle Remover to the contour of each nail. Leave to work for 2 minutes .

Step 3

once you ‘ve applied the cuticle remover, use the round end of a steel carapace pusher to push back your cuticles. Push them in the opposite management to nail growth and do n’t move the pusher backwards and forwards to avoid scratching your nails. The hearty end can be used to get into the sides. Do n’t push excessively hard—it should n’t hurt .

Step 4

Use a cotton pad to remove any surplus. And wash your hands well afterwards .

Step 5

Use a nail priming emery dining table to gently smooth the surface of the nail and remove any final flaws. Always use the logo side in the commission of complete growth. This measure is particularly important for ridge nails .

The end result is revitalised nails, ready for you to apply a newly semblance !
Quick tip: use a lifelike, acetone-free nail polish remover to remove any anoint from your nails before applying your polish .
To see a video recording of this step and other tips to complete your beauty nail routine, chatter here .

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