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We love the expression of a chic glitter manicure precisely ampere much as the next person. But when it comes time to actually remove your front-runner glitter polish, it ‘s a unlike story. The heterogeneous texture of glitter polish makes it significantly more unmanageable to remove than regular nail lacquer, which means you can incidentally damage your nails when you ‘re trying to remove those stubborn flecks of glitter .
Thanks to how normally unmanageable it is to remove glitter nail polish, we thought it ’ five hundred be helpful to chat with a nail expert for their tips on taking it off. thus ahead, we chatted with Olive & June ’ randomness founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle. After all, who better to ask than person who formulates polish ( including glitter polish ) for a animation ?
Keep reading for Tuttle’s step-by-step approach to removing glitter nail polish—all without stripping your nails in the process. 


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begin With Topcoat

Paint fresh top coat
Olive & June
It sounds counter intuitive, but according to Tuttle, the best trick to remove glitter nail polish is to actually start by adding a bracing layer of any non-glitter shade on peak of it. Keep reading to find out why .


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While the Topcoat Is inactive Wet, Use Nail Polish Remover

Dip into nail polish remover
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Don ’ thyroxine wait for your modern coating to dry. alternatively, Tuttle says to use nail polish remover—whether via Olive & June ’ s polish Remover Pot or a soak cotton ball—to start the removal process. The tacky greatcoat will slenderly stick to the glitter, therefore when the polish remover dissolves the polish, it will take the glitter along with it .


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gently Buff Away Any Remaining Glitter

Buff nails
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While this is undoubtedly the most pacify method, Tuttle admits that some glitter may still remain and, as such, light buff may still be necessary. The antic is to not use anything excessively coarse .
finish up with a final examination dab of polish remover. once all glitter is removed, swipe one last coat of remover across your nails. now that they ’ re wholly clean, wash your hands, dry them off, apply cuticle petroleum, and let it soak in. If you plan to immediately re-paint your nails, just be certain to dip a nail brush into the remover therefore that you can rinse away any oil from your breeze through plate, as it will hinder polish from hard adhering to the complete .
“ When painting with a glitter nail down polish shadow ( like Olive & June ’ sulfur Obvi and Exclamation Point ), paint in slender coats and wait five to 10 minutes in between, ” she says. “ If you try to amply cover the nail with glitter in one coat, it ‘ll be excessively slurred and make it harder to remove. ”

Tools to Help Make Glitter Removal Easier Than ever

Olive & June Nail Polish Remover Pot

Olive & June

Mani Polish Remover Pot


certain, nail polish remover and a cotton swab can remove refractory glitter breeze through polish finally, but this spongey remover set-up will help get the job done in record time. The pre-soaked pot offers a unique texture to lightly scrub aside polish, fair keep in mind that what ‘s removed stays in the batch, so you might want to buy one and use it entirely for glitter polishes—not to mention entirely for yourself. After all, no topic how clean your nails are, you do n’t always know about other people ‘s situations .
Revlon Nail Buffer


Shape ‘N’ Buff File & Buffer


not lone will this smash buffer avail make glitter removal a cinch, it will besides provide you with the tools to file and shape your nails .
Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit


Mini Nail Rescue Kit


choose to have a fix of pinpoint tools as opposed to a single file with multiple uses ? This miniature set includes a miniskirt carapace and hangnail snipper, miniskirt carapace pusher and nail clean, a mini nail charge, and miniskirt clippers. Where the hangnail snipper, pinpoint file, and clippers are big to have in general, it ‘s the epidermis pusher and pinpoint clean that can come in handy when it comes to stubborn glitter polish. The contour silhouette of the instrument makes it utilitarian in docile scraping away any super-stuck chunks of glitter. barely remember : Be easy !
Peel-Off Base Coat


Ready For Takeoff Peelable Base Coat


If having to put extra attempt into removing glitter nail polish sounds demonic to you, know that you have another option. Allow us to introduce you to peel-off base coat. This one by UNT has about 5,000 glow reviews on Amazon. While it makes removing refractory glitter polishes a distribute easier, keep in mind that it besides tends to cut down on how long your mani will last, as it ‘s more prone to peel off. That said, it ‘s great for folks who like to change their nails every few days .
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