Nails and spa used to be a great place to go for some pampering, not so much anymore. Since this such a hanker post, to sum it up I ’ ll fair say fair avoid it if you want good serve, but decidedly go there if you want an infection in your toe and want to pay for a mani that you have to redo yourself.
I was just there yesterday and was so defeated. The resort hotel pedicure used to be an hour long. now it is


clock minutes at a higher price. It is supposed to include a


minute foot and calf massage. The past few times, though, I felt lucky when I received


minutes and alternatively of getting a massage it is more like


minutes of rubbing lotion into your skin with no press any.
Ditto on the forearm and hand massage — rubbing lotion in does not equal a massage. Before filing nails, it would be nice if the customer was asked if they would prefer round off or square rather of the technician pick for the person who is paying for the overhaul. My nails were one sol dreadfully today that the bubbles in the key are bad adequate flush my conserve noticed. I actually thought that when the technician rubbed the lid against my merely painted breeze through that she would fix it for substantial. rather she equitable put more greatcoat on creating ridges.
Stop asking people if they want their eyebrows done ! It ’ south ill-mannered and you have watched me look at your menu, so it ’ sulfur reasonably safe to say that I know that it is n option. I ultimately left you do it nowadays because I have a wedding to go to this weekend. not only are they odd, but nothing was put on them to take out the stick, and my eyebrows are silent red over a day late, which has never happened at any early place I have had them done.
possibly the worst thing about the experience though was when the technician was trimming the cuticles on my big toe. I am not sure what she did, but it felt like she was digging in to the toe part under my hide on the right side and it hurt sol ill I let out an audible ouch. now, my toe is red and therefore sore that nothing, not even the hotel bedspread, can touch it without annoyance and discomfort. I have had enough manicures and pedicures to know that neither her over zealousness in trimming the cuticles and nails and the pain is not normal. Any advice on what the hell is wrong with it and how to calm it down would be appreciated because this lollipop hurts.
I used to come here because I felt so relax and pampered at a bang-up price, so I have kept going hoping that the bad experiences were just a good luck. I give up and honestly, even though I used to rave about this topographic point to people, I don ’ metric ton think it even deserves one star anymore. now please excuse me while I go repaint my nails and try to calm down the possible infection in my toe .

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