eat up Nailer Repair – Replacing the Driver Guide ( Ridgid Part # 79004001022 ) A heavily-used air nailer can drive hundreds of nails in a day ‘s function, and considering how many moving parts an breeze nailer has, it ‘s easy to see why those parts can wear out or become damaged through normal use .
Nail guns might be street fighter, macho, workhorse world power tools and all, but, like how the rest of us might need a hot lavish, a ball crippled, and good meal to feel our best

after working hard all day, publicize nailers must be well-serviced between each habit american samoa well .
Bostich N79WW Pneumatic Nailer Bostich Air Nailer
Air nailers break down over prison term from normal wear. performance problems can besides be caused by incorrect parts, incorrect assembly, misuse, incorrect atmosphere blackmail and a number of other things. There is quite a checklist to go through if a nailer starts leaking vent or if the driver does not retract ( for case ), but diagnosing can be split up and organized so that the cause is promptly discovered. This article addresses the most common air nailer problems one symptom at a time. unfortunately, most publicize nailer problems require a partially or two to be replaced in order to fix the problem, but the bright side is the most normally replaced parts are cheap. The best way to avoid atmosphere nailer problems is to prevent them adenine a lot as possible. Air Nailer Pre-Diagnosis This segment is truly about performing air nailer maintenance, checking that the compensate air pressure is being used, that the nailer ‘s parts match and are installed correctly, and that the most obvious causes of vent leaks are prevented. These are things that should be “ givens” when it comes to using an air nailer. If an air nailer exploiter is confident that these checks and maintenance issues are always in order, then half of the common causes of air nailer problems are already eliminated. here ‘s the thing : allege, for example, that a nailer ‘s driver starts retracting lento after a copulate of months. As will be discussed below, that could be caused by wear O-rings, mis-sized O-rings, and other parts issues. But, the same accurate demeanor in the nailer can be caused by something adenine simple as abject publicize atmospheric pressure provide. Since that ‘s the casing, the best way to know if there ‘s a part successor in the near future is to fair eliminate the elementary issues ahead of times. Most of the major nailer symptoms follow this pattern, that one symptom can either be campaign by something simple and preventable, or by a number of more complicate issues. In that room, these practices of maintaining the nailer and checking its set-up become a place of assumptions that “ pre-diagnose “ many problems, by eliminating them through prevention. late in this article when symptoms are addressed individually alimony and set-up causes will not be discussed, because it will be assumed that the guidelines in this section have already been addressed, rechecked, and followed. Correct Air Pressure Know and check the nailer ‘s operational imperativeness, which should be found in the owner ‘s manual. If the manual of arms is not available, they are normally available to view on-line on the nailer manufacturer ‘s web site. Most nailers are run between about 100 psi and 120 psi. Low air pressure can cause these symptoms :

  • the gun doesn’t work at all.

  • driver won’t retract after firing.

  • driver retracts slowly.

  • poorly sunk nails.

  • splitting wood.


air pressure can cause these symptoms :

  • air leaks .
  • break parts or encase .
  • big wear .

There’s never a good reason to run an air nailer at an air pressure setting that goes against its specifications, and many problems can be prevented by always maintaining the right pressure.


Some nailers are oil-less, but most use oil, have to stay well lubricated, and should be lubricated after each use.

A poorly oiled air nailer can cause damage to parts, and pretty much every symptom in the book, including air leaks, driver jams, pusher guide malfunctions, and nail loading errors. A very dry gun will not fire at all.

Too much oil will become a messy, obvious problem. Nailers only need a few drops each day to prevent many malfunctions. Nailers require special oil used for air tools called Air Tool Oil.

Correct Parts, Tool Assembly, and Nails
about any nailer symptom can be caused by installing an contrastive part or by reassembling the joyride incorrectly. so, if a nailer starts leaking air travel or jamming up, say, after an O-ring surrogate, an faulty function or forum mistake should be the first suspects .
Most O-ring kits, valve kits, and early parts come with instructions for assembly. Some even have handy color codes that avail keep all the rings straight. Be absolutely certain that the correct part is being installed into the nailer before beginning the repair .
Any mistake during reassembly can cause leaks and early break-downs. It is a common mistake to reinstall some of the round parts backwards. Because the tool is a blackmail system, everything must be tightened very well, which is another common supervision .
In general, and depending on the brand and model of the nailer, atmosphere nailer repairs can get a little crafty sometimes, so repairs should only be performed when the repairman is very convinced. Pushers/guides can be specially hard to reinstall after dismantling .
Nails type is an issue all its own. sometimes breeze through jams, misfires, and lead jams are caused by consumption of the wrong kind of nails. This is particularly on-key of some Hitachi models. Before looking into more complicate causes, make sure that nail type guidelines are followed as found in the exploiter manual .
Dirt and/or Water in the Nailer

Dirt and/or water in the nailer can also make the tool act up in various ways, from the driver, the magazine, to not working at all.

Dirt will bind up the sliding parts, like the nail feed area, the nose safety, and the driver. A dirty nailer should be cleaned thoroughly, otherwise all that dirt will wear moving parts down in a hurry. The magazine and feed area can be sprayed out with an air hose (make very sure that the air is dry).

If dirt has gotten all the way up inside the nailer, it will have to be disassembled and cleaned. Dirty nailers should be taken to a professional shop for disassembly and service if the user has any doubts.

99% of the time, the only way that water gets into the nailer is through the air supply. Water builds up inside of air compressors from the humidity in the air. Air compressors have a drain valve on their tanks for removing water from their systems. Air compressors should be drained of water before each use.

Water getting into the nailer will cause the same problems that dirt will, and is especially bad for oiled guns. Nail guns should be allowed to completely dry if water has gotten into them. Sometimes this means disassembling the gun so that the water can dry up faster. After drying, it’s best to re-lubricate the tool.

Simple Air Leaks

By “simple,” we mean that the air leak is easily resolved by obvious methods that usually don’t (except with cracked cases) require parts replacement.

For example, air coming out the bottom of the gun because the air hose is attached too loosely is an obvious air leak: tighten the hose fitting. But air coming out the bottom of the tool because of a worn valve or O-ring is a more complicated leak.

The best way to know if the problem is simple or complicated is to eliminate the simple possibilities, again, through prevention.

Simple air leaks can be caused by:

  • loose air connections.

  • cracks in the tool casing.

  • pressure too high.

  • loose fittings around the tool.

  • dirt.

  • poor lubrication.

More specific air leak symptoms are discussed below, and the diagnosis steps assume that simple air leak causes have already been eliminated.

Specific Symptoms:

Other Air Leaks
If the cause of the leaking air is not one of those discussed above in Simple Air Leaks, then then it most likely involves an inner share. Often, those inner parts have to be replaced because of wear or damage, but sometimes they are merely out of position and necessitate to be re-adjusted .

Sometimes the only reason air is leaking from the nailer is because a seal, O-ring, or valve has moved out of place and become “unseated.” This cause is difficult to diagnose, especially without all that pre-diagnosing.

If you suspect that parts of the tool need to be reseated, try one of the two methods below.

Steps to “seat” air nailer seals : 1. Dry fire the nailer. 2. Give it a commodity, solid demote on the back of the tool to reposition those valves and O-rings ( This is particularly true for some Hitachi models. )
This works particularly well for some Bostich model nailers. Air leaking out the back can frequently be solved be re-seating components.
If the diagnosis comes gloomy to a close inspection of parts ( for any model ), look for wear and damage like dry/cracked O-rings, wear valves, bended and/or kinked springs, look closely for little pin-sized holes in O-rings and seals, and check that no part of tool is bent or warped. Most of the time, when a part is causing an air leak, it ‘s an O-ring, which is adept since O-rings, and O-ring kits are cheap. It ‘s a good mind to have a kit around for flying repairs if they are available.
Air Leaks Out Nose Like other leaks, air coming out the nose of the artillery may good be a sign that seals need to be re-seated, so try giving it a find and dry fire it inaugural. If that does n’t work, then the cause of air coming out the nose of the gun is probably because of one of two things : 1. The nailer ‘s nozzle slice is wear, damaged, and needs refilling. 2. An O-ring, or other part somewhere in the forth part of the gun is tire or damaged and must be replaced. Disassemble the nailer and inspect its parts for damage/wear or take it to a patronize. Air Nailer Nose
Air Leaks Out Vents Try “ seating ” seals and valves first with a commodity dislodge. If that does n’t work, then the cause is most likely a damaged or worn part, like an O-ring or valve. Disassemble the nailer and inspect it parts for damage/wear, or take it to a workshop. Air Leaks Out Back This is a good polarity that seals need to be reseated with dry arouse or bumping the accelerator, but it is besides possible that air is leaking out the back of the tool because of a break function. If attempts to reseat the seals fail, the cock will have to be disassembled and inspected for wear or price to parts. Air Leaks Out Trigger Good newsworthiness and bad fresh with this matchless. The good newsworthiness is that when atmosphere leaks out the trigger of a nailer, it ‘s easy to diagnose. This is about constantly caused by a break trigger valve. The bad news is that trigger valves are never sold individually, so the stallion trip fabrication must be replaced. It ‘s potential that air could leak out the trigger because of damage to some early separate, but very improbable. Nailer Trigger
[ Back to top ] Driver Does Not Retract or Retracts Slowly Again, an incorrectly retracting driver can be caused by some of the issues covered in Pre-Diagnosis ( and is most-likely caused by those problems : scandal, miss of lubrication, etc. ), so it ‘s best to go through that checklist foremost. however, like air leak problems, driver issues can be caused by reduce internal imperativeness from wear or damaged parts. Take a expression at the parts around the driver and piston cylinder. Seals and O-rings are the most likely suspects. Damaged O-rings in this area are likely to have little holes in them. Take the nailer to a patronize when there are any doubts about dismantling, parts facility, or reassembly. If an O-ring kit is available for the air nailer, it ‘s a good mind to keep one around for this reason. If not, O-rings will have to be matched and purchased individually. [ Back to top ] Pusher/Guide Not Working Correctly Dirt and other issues covered in Pre-Diagnosis can make the pusher run slowly or not at all. Hitachi Nailer Guide
other causes :

  • magazine is flex .
  • loader springs bent, wear, or kinked .
  • guide duct is besides narrow .
  • lead is broken .

The most common ways that magazines become bent is through misuse. Workmen will often use the magazine of the nailer to “set their work.” That’s a nice way of saying that they use their nailer like a hammer and really beat it up.

Over time, this kind of use will bend the magazine and increasingly slow the guide until it doesn’t move at all. A bent magazine should go to a shop and/or be replaced. Magazines can be especially difficult to reassemble, depending on the brand.

Check the loader springs for damage, and replace any that need replacing.

If the guide channel has become too narrow, they can often be carefully widened by wedging a screwdriver between the groves and leveraging a little pressure to spread the groove.

Nailer Guide Channel
If the guide is broken or heavily wear, it will have to be replaced. [ Back to top ] Double Fire Double fuel is normally caused by one of three things :

1. The nailer is not being held down with adequate coerce when the nailer is fired. 2 . The trigger valve is leaking and not releasing fast enough for a one film. 3. The blackmail arouse feature on the nuzzle of the accelerator ( if applicable ) is inoperative. If adding imperativeness does not help, then it is most probably the trigger, which will have to be replaced. For guns that use a press-and-fire arrangement, the bounce in the nose of the grease-gun may be worn, causing the expulsion of an extra pinpoint. [ Back to top ] Conclusion The issues and symptoms discussed in this article are very common to air nailer use. even with the right function, alimony, and prevention, publicize nailers will finally need repairs and surrogate parts, like most other baron tools. The bang-up matter about a estimable nailer is that it can last a life with the minimal expense and hassle with the right know-how. To get started finding a nailer separate for a surrogate repair, visit our Nailer Parts page to find your air nailer by brand and model. Or, type the nailer ‘s model total in the search field at the peak of this page. good luck with your repairs ! [ Back to top ] What we ‘re about.

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