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Hi BP Family !
2021 is the year for indie brands to shine ! We love to introduce you to the indie brands who joined our family ! Although we know you all love the OPI, Essie, and CND – Indie nail polish brands need arsenic much love, if not flush more ! We know that indie nail polish brands are small businesses that do not have a draw of employees. They do so a lot on their own. All indie collar polish brands that we carry hold a special station in our hearts because, like them, we are a small business excessively ! We, of course, love to show indie brand support.

hera is the indie breeze through polish trade name we carry at Beyond Polish :

Elin and Anhthu

NCLA Beauty was founded in 2010 by two sisters named Elin and Anhthu in business district Los Angeles. The beauty-obsessed was born in Brussels, Belgium, and moved to California. Just like everyone else, they fell in love with the L.A. life style ! It is not a mysterious that NCLA beauty has high-quality cosmetics. NCLA Beauty stays true to the clean-free life style. They have cute breeze through polish formula. For beauty lovers, they besides have lip balm, brim scrub, and lip gloss. Their line of 7 complimentary, vegan, and cruelty-free has gained achiever on sociable media and won awards from allure to InStyle Best Beauty Buys ! NCLA Beauty is one of our cutest new indie brands we brought into our family !

NCLA Lip Duo
NCLA Lip Treatments

Le Mini Macaron was founded in 2015 by Christina Kao and Francois Xavier Humbert ! Christina used to be the person who goes to the salon and gets her nails done every two weeks. Francois works as a smash buyer for a french brand. They both decided to combine forces and create nail brands that allow you to DIY gel nails when you want ! Their scheme is perfect for the pandemic that we are in correctly now. People are even at home but want to get their nails done at home. At the fourth dimension, Christina and Francois lived in Shanghai. It was the norm to go to the salon and get their nails done, but the process of having to go to the salon and get their nails done was something they both dread. They believe that getting their nails done should not have to be a splurge. They both came up with Le Mini Macaron – the celebrated gelatin nail kits ! The gel collar kit is the shape of a macaron. The mark is vegan, cruelty-free, and 9-free. Le Mini Macaron is for anyone who is new to gel nails or loves to DIY their nails wherever they want. It is the cut LED light you will ever own !

Le Mini Macaron
Le Mini Macaron Gel Kits

Shop All Le Mini Macaron

Orosa Beauty was founded by Carolyn Chen in August 2019 as a colored pinpoint polish start-up. When you think of Orosa beauty or even google them – you think and see of the celebrated tik-tok sister Charlie D ’ Amelio and Dixie D ’ Amelio. The trade name collaborated with them called The Coastal Craze collection and the collaboration and brand was a adult hit ! There were bright colors that would make heads turn. It is okay if you are not into bright colors because there are besides settled colors excessively. Orosa has colors that are arrant for everyone. If you are an ingredient addict like us then you will love their Nope list where they do not want the 14 harmful or unethical ingredients in their products. The mark is 14 free, vegan, and cruelty-free .

Chalie and Dixie
Orosa Stickers

The establish identify is Jacqueline Carrington. She never saw nail polish discolor looks great on her clamber shade or other skin tones of other girls and women she knew. Her three-year-old daughter came back from her grandma ’ sulfur family with her nails painted. Her daughter inspired her to start a collar polish. People of Color Beauty is one of the exciting brands we were happy to have joined our family ! diversity is our chief focus, and we love supporting Black-owned businesses. When People of color joined our syndicate, it became a big reach. It was all the talk in the agency and still is nowadays. People of Color Beauty are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free .

Annie Pham

Cirque Colors was founded in 2012 by Annie Pham. You might wonder why the name Cirque. Well, it has the mean of a gang or circle. It came from an idea of a color wheel. Cirque colors have a color that is hand-mixed with alone colors and raw substantial. The speak about this brand in the office is that we love the color range in their collection. They are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free .


The founder ‘s name is Amy. Sundays is a smash care brand that believes health is a priority for everyone. Getting your nails done means it is a brawny way to practice self-care for your mind and soundbox. The humble indie sword identify Sunday ‘s Studio has a family feels to it. The indie brand wants people to feel comfortable as they are doing their nails. They do not have to talk to anyone. They do not believe that they have to sacrifice for smasher. We love how the packaging of the bottle is identical chic. Sunday ‘s Studio is non-toxic, 10-free, vegan, and cruelty-free .

What indie brands do you want us to carry following ? Leave a gossip devour below and we can ’ thymine wait to read all your suggestions ! We can ’ triiodothyronine wait to branch out and grow our indie nail polish brand class. If you do use any of the indie post nail down polish or beauty products – tag us on social and use the hashtag # GoBeyondTheBottle. Keep up with us by signing up on our newsletter and text message baseball club. We now have our own app in the app store ! Download link is down below. Talk to you soon !


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