pain and swelling about your toe and the inability to wear certain shoes might be signs of an ingrowing toenail. It ’ s a park condition that you can sometimes take care of at home. But if the pain becomes intolerable, or you can see an infection in the tissue around your toenail, you may need to seek medical treatment .
here at Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers, our skilled podiatrists treat ingrowing toenails to get rid of the infection and alleviate painful symptoms. To help you discern if your symptoms are beyond home plate remedies, we ’ ve put together this guide to help you identify when your ingrowing toenail requires medical attention .

Ingrown toenails are a coarse discipline

If you ’ ve ever had the corner or english of your toenail become red and inflamed, you ’ ve credibly had an ingrowing toenail. This common condition most much occurs when you cut your toenails besides short, wear tight shoes, or stub your toe. Additionally, some people have toenails that naturally curve into the skin, making them more susceptible to ingrown toenails and infections .
While you can resolve most ingrowing toenails on your own, if they become infect and the infection spreads, or if you have certain preexistent health conditions, an ingrowing toe can become more unplayful than precisely an annoyed toe.

ass your symptoms

Ingrown toenails normally occur in your boastful toe. Signs that you have an ingrowing toenail include :

  • Swollen, bolshevik skin on one slope of the affect toe
  • pain and tenderness in your toe
  • annoyance from the imperativeness of wear shoes
  • overgrow skin at the tip of the toe or alongside the nail
  • blood or pus that leaks from the toenail or an open sore

If at first gear your symptoms are equitable uncomfortable, but not besides good, family remedies may alleviate your discomfort and prevent infection .

Try these home remedies

At first sign of an ingrowing toenail, try these home plate remedies to reduce trouble and well and to see if your ingrowing nail down will resolve on its own :

  • Soak your toe in warm water for 15-20 minutes respective times a day
  • Apply antibiotic ointment to the toe and cover it with a bind
  • wear sandals so there ’ second no atmospheric pressure on your toe
  • Take an nonprescription pain reliever
  • Avoid cutting the toenail

If your toe begins to feel good after a couple days with these solutions, you ’ re credibly not at risk of the infection circulate or becoming enfeeble. however, if your symptoms worsen, or get better at first, but then the pain and swelling fall, it ’ s a good idea to seek aesculapian treatment .

When to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists

When home remedies don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate oeuvre, or you have recurring ingrown toenails, it ’ south time to schedule an date with us. Your chiropodist at Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers can determine what ’ s causing the recurring ingrowing toenail and treat it consequently .
If you have diabetes or a condition that causes poor circulation in your feet, you have a greater risk for an ingrowing toe becoming a serious medical problem. It ’ s particularly crucial that you don ’ t wait to seek checkup attention. Left untreated, an ingrowing toe can lead to an infection or an abscess on your toe that may require surgical intervention. Or the infection can spread into the bone in your toe .

How a chiropodist treats your ingrowing toe

After careful examination and talking to you about your overall health and health, your chiropodist may be able to carefully lift your toenail to separate the breeze through from the clamber. This helps your pinpoint grow above the bark alternatively of into it.

In more hard cases, your sophisticate may need to remove some or all of your toe. If necessity, your chiropodist may use a local anesthetic anesthetic to numb your toe and remove the nail and a humble area of skin that ’ s contributing to the problem .
To treat the infection, you may need to use a topical antibiotic or take one orally. If you ’ re prone to ingrown toenails or foundation infections, your doctor will discuss preventive methods to minimize problems for you in the long term .
If you ’ re concerned about an ingrowing toenail becoming a more serious health complicatedness, don ’ t hesitate to schedule a consultation at one of our offices in Arlington or Mansfield, Texas. Click the “ reserve on-line ” clitoris or call us to get the checkup attention you need in a friendly, welcoming air .

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