Holographic and Iridescent Nail Polish (best of guide!) I ’ megabyte loving the holographic and iridescent tendency that ’ randomness happening right now. My inner 1990s ’ adolescent is all about it !
sol, I ordered a whole crowd of nail down polishes to test out and ended up having more than one front-runner ! I ’ ll mark my personal favorites with *stars throughout the textbook .
Iridescent Nail Polish Iridescent polishes for “ mermaid nail ” .
OPI Fireflies OPI Nail Polish in Fireflies

I very like how this polish looks when it reflects light. It ’ randomness kind of like the inwardly of an oyster ’ mho shell. It ’ s in truth pretty and subtle. For me, possibly barely a little moment excessively yellow though .
Mirage Nail Polish in Cotton Candy * Mirage Nail Polish in Cotton Candy
I ’ m a person who loves packaging and this international relations and security network ’ t the prettiest bottle. With that said, it was actually my favorite iridescent polish because it was so luminosity and brooding. In this photograph I am wearing a coat of lavender under it. I think it would be in truth pretty with a root of white as well. Legit mermaid nails !
Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Moonstone Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Nail Polish in Moonstone
This is superintendent pretty, but I ’ m not certain I would call it iridescent. It ’ south more like a glistening pearl color. It was less dramatic on my nails than in the bottle .
Revlon Matte Pearl Glaze Nail Polish * Revlon Transforming Effects in Matte Pearl Glaze
This polish is the entirely one I found at Walgreens. It ’ south got a very weird, fun freshness to it. I ’ m on the fence with felt polish ( sometimes I love them, sometimes not sol much ). personally, I love it even more with a glistening top coat like this :
Revlon Matte Pearl Glaze Nail Polish (with shiny top coat) It ’ randomness subtle, but indeed pretty.

Holographic Nail Polish Holographic polishes for “ disco ball nails ” .
China Glaze Hologram Holographic Cosmic Dust China Glaze Hologlam Holographic in Cosmic Dust .5 florida oz
This polish read more as dark eloquent than holographic ( in any unaccented ), but Emma complimented it when we had lunch one day. thus I guess it gets some bonus points for that .
Mod Lacquer High Strangeness Mod Lacquer High Strangeness
This polish read more as silver/purple besides UNTIL you went outside in undimmed light, and then… .
Mod Lacquer High Strangeness A-mazing !
sadly, this Etsy shop stopped selling before I completed this station, but another polish that I got from Amazon was SO alike that I didn ’ triiodothyronine tied take newfangled photos. They ’ re basically identical— Color Club Holographic Halo in Blue Heaven .
Born Pretty Holographic Polish 01 Born Pretty Holographic Polish 01 *Born Pretty Holographic Holo Glitter Nail Polish

This is besides highly holographic in send sunlight. But I love this one tied more because indoors it reads as sparkle silver rather of night argent. It ’ s a keeper !
Holographic and Iridescent Nail Polish (best of guide!) That was SO fun ! What should I try following ? twenty. Elsie
Credits// Author and Photography : Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions .

source : https://nailcenter.us
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