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Let ’ s precede you to one of our popular complete polish brands Daisy Nail Designs AKA DND. You most likely have heard and seen them. They are known for their discolor choice, high quality and low-cost prices. Salons love them ! We love them ! When you go to a salon, chances are that you ‘ll see the DND swatches so you can pick the color you want for your mani or pedi, right ? They are not strangers to the collar community .

DND Polish
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DND has different collections and this is what we will be talking about nowadays. We love how DND gives us the best of both worlds because they provide lacquer, gel, and even dip powder ! They give us all the options we need. In fact, DND is the most practice mousse polish in America !

Let ‘s start out with the celebrated collection DND DUO Set. They typically come in a clear and loss formative box. Each located includes a bottle of nail lacquer and gel polish. The white bottle is the gel polish. The clearly bottle is the nail down lacquer, and you can see the accurate color you ‘re getting. All DND bottles besides have the identify of the color printed on the crown. One of the big qualities about DND is that it provides high shine semblance ! You lone need 1-2 coats to get the arrant mani or pedi .
DND nail polish

The DND DC Set is in a clear and hot pink plastic box. Each set contains a mousse polish and nail lacquer of the same color. DND DC is the baby line of the couple set, not twins though ! They have different colors and numbering systems for this solicitation. The bottles are amber and, besides, it is .01 larger in size !


Two smaller collections within the DND DC solicitation are the Mermaid Collection and Platinum Collection ! They both contain a variety of shimmery shades. At most, you would need 2 coats to achieve the perfect mani and pedi. They have all the aglitter color you would need .

DND DC Mermaid Collection

One of the most concern collections from the DC cable is the DND Mood Changing solicitation ! It is only available in gel. What is it you might ask ? Well, It is precisely how it sounds. These alone formulas change color with temperature. If you ‘re waiting for the discolor to change on its own, it might take a while. however, to speed up the process, try to running your hands under cold or hot water and watch the magic happen ! You will see the change instantaneously. If you tried it video phonograph record it and tag us in your post and hashtag # GoBeyondTheBottle. Go visit our Tik Tok to see more cool videos like this !

For all the dip powder lovers out there, try the DND DC Dip Powder Collection. Just like their nail polish, they have all the dip colors you would need at an low-cost price. There are a variety of colors that work well with any skin tone. The color phone number is labeled on the hood.

DND Dip Powders
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Since DND has a fortune of gel polishes, you will need a lamp for curing. They have their own UV/LED lamp. If you are modern to the gelatin life, here ‘s how it works. Unlike regular pinpoint lacquer that dries naturally, gel polish needs to be cured with an LED or UV lamp. It will not dry on its own. You will be sitting there FOREVER waiting for your nails to dry. When I mean everlastingly I literally mean everlastingly. There are two types of lamps. LED lamps and UV lamps .

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LED lamps use narrower UV rays to help cure the gel polish fast. They are more expensive and the bulb survive long. It takes lone 30 seconds to cure .
UV lamps produce a across-the-board UV wavelength, so it takes longer to cure. They are low-cost and work on all gel polishes. The UV lamps can take up to 2 minutes to cure .
DND has a subject of “ the best of both worlds ”. We carry their LED/UV lamp, which means you get both all in one ! It is then convenient ! This lamp will last you a long time .

DND LED/UV Nail Lamp

If you have not tried out DND so far, then what are you waiting for ? We offer the mark at competitive prices in a variety of colors. If you have DND on your mani and pedi right now take a visualize and tag us on our social and hashtag # GoBeyondTheBottle
For a express time, get a spare 1.6 oz DND hand sanitizer when you purchase 4 DND sets. All items must be added to your cart and use the code DNDBUY4 .


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