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Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Method

How it works: This cold lotion technology softens the bond via sonography wave engineering rather of the traditional thermal method acting, giving the hairdresser more application options. The Ultrasonic Cold Fusion method acting allows for “ flat ” bond formation, providing seamless color placement and more natural shading results with your own haircloth. Ideal For: Best to add volume, add length on fine to normal hair. Application Time: 2-6 Hours Need to Know: Consultation Required ; customized blueprint and creative color options available

2-6 hours


Priced upon consultation

SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions

How it works: Strand-by-Strand keratin-tipped and thermal bonded application and is offered in more than 90 colors. Our stylists can customize Ombre shades and Fantasy colors which can fit everyone ’ south needs and style. SO.CAP. haircloth comes in three unlike textures : square, crinkled and curly and three different lengths. Ideal For: Best to add volume, add distance on fine to convention hair Application Time: 3-6 Hours Need to Know: Consultation Required

3-6 hours


Priced upon consultation

Sewn-in Extensions

How it works: Remy hair extensions sewn strategically in desire form along braid hair’s-breadth. Results can last up to 2-3 months Ideal For: Natural or textured hair looking for volume and duration Application Time: Determined during consultation Need to know: Consultation Required


Priced upon consultation

Tape Weft Extensions

How it works: Tape woof extensions are semi-permanent and very quick to apply Tape hair extensions are applied cursorily and easily. The pre-taped woof of hair is typically sandwiched on either english of the natural hair. Results are seamless. Ideal For: Length and density Application Time: 30 Minutes-2 Hours Need to know: Creative colors available ; Consultation Required

30minutes-2 hours


Priced upon consultation

Clip-In Extensions

How it works: Hair Extensions can provide longer, compact, more tortuous haircloth in minutes.
Ideal For: Looking for promptly style switch ; great for change of location and especial occasions
Application Time: 15-30 Minutes Need to know: Quality hair and customizable for any occasion !

15-30 minutes


Priced upon consultation

Sew in Hair Extensions

besides known as “ a weave ”. Hair weave is sewn in to basic cornrows and comes with numerous look and dash options. A great protective style for those would like less sustenance for their own hair or for those who want adult epicurean hair’s-breadth .


From 120

Sew in Extension Removal


From 45

Box Braids

Beautiful public square or triangle separate sections of lend synthetic braid extensions at any desire distance or size. Great for most occasions specially vacations that involve swimming .


From 175

Micro Braids

Elegant small braids throughout the integral scalp with human hair’s-breadth extensions. Great for address weddings and for casual wear. very short maintenance is needed .


From 250

Goddess Braids (2 or more)

besides known as feed-in braids. Beautiful goddess elephantine braids with synthetic hair in a craved pattern throughout the scalp. This style is a more casual spirit .


From 60

Braid Removal


From 70

Marley Twist

Two strand wrench with Marley extensions with desire size or duration throughout the integral scalp. A natural and beautiful look for all occasions


From 160

Faux Locks

This is an imitation of locks ( dreadlocks ). It is a wrapping technique of man-made hair around an individual braid leaving an magic trick of locks. Great style to start the process for achieving locks .


From 275

Locks (Dreadlocks)

individual ringlets of haircloth throughout the integral scalp that are NOT combed, nor can be combed. This is a lifestyle/hair change. A beautiful natural look offering numerous front and stylus options for maintenance sustenance. This attend is great for all occasions .


From 275


A proficiency of crocheting desired hair’s-breadth onto basic cornrows. Crochet hair’s-breadth comes in many different styles or forms. This is a very first gear sustenance hairdo and a bang-up everyday look .


From 120

Cornrows with extension

Cornrows with celluloid extension. Can be designed for elegant fashion or a more casual look. easy care expressive style which offers diverse look options .


From 80

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