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contrary to what a batch of people may feel, I very enjoyed this movie. Of course, it is not without its flaws and sure, there were quite a total of them, but I still enjoyed it. I feel the movie truly balanced romance and comedy in a very exciting direction. That being said, I even need to break it break it down further. The movie ‘ JUNE ’, directed by Desmond Elliot, starred Michelle Dede, Empress Njamah, Uche Jombo, Toni Tones, Vector tha Viper, Chinyere Wilfred and a host of other actors. ( Watch Trailer for the movie)
The floor follows June, a wedding planner who is battling with her predicament of being unmarried at her age. Unlike her unmarried friends, she happens to be in a kinship so that should naturally mean she was closer to the finish channel, but that wasn ’ t the case hera. She is battling with her overbearing mother who decided to pray down heaven because she is convinced that her daughter being unmarried is a spiritual offspring. She besides has to battle the difficult node that threatens to ruin her resoluteness but ends up being a bless in disguise. She ends up having to make heavily decisions and finds love in the most unlikely stead .
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The storyline was beneficial but I can ’ t say the lapp for the act, many of the characters were not besides established and there was some forceful incredible acting. I will commend Chinyere Wilfred for carrying out her overbearing maternally function believably and interestingly and she was the source of a bunch of comedian relief in the movie. I liked Vector in the movie, it was good see him play the leading man, though I feel his work could have been pushed further. The character of Vector ’ s characters mother was not by rights portrayed at all.

Michell Dede was a joy to watch and I enjoyed her acting in this movie and the objectionable and annoying bride to be, played by Toni Tones was besides another of my favorite characters in this movie. I besides liked how they played Empress Njamah and Uche Jombo ’ sulfur characters, one being the desperate hustler looking for a conserve and the other pretending not to care therefore much and being a dainty two shoes. The contrasting characters made the scenes enjoyable .
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The costume for the weddings was poor, weddings in Nigeria are brassy and thus if you are going to give us a wedding, give us a marriage to remember. It was besides very obvious that they used the same church service for both weddings and the décor inside the church was not altered at all, certain we know it was shot the same day, but a fiddling pluck could have helped. besides, for the dressing of the mother of the bridget and prepare, their costumes were not up to per at all and the constitution of the dress ’ s mother was not it at all.

The sound was besides not great and at many points, we could barely hear the negotiation, while it other cases the legal was barely excessively forte. In terms of set choices, it wasn ’ t so great but it wasn ’ triiodothyronine atrocious either. Though I was expecting most of the scenes to have more solid administration shots, it was silent adequate. besides, in the bar scene with Michelle Dede and Vector, I truly don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what the editor program was trying to achieve, we clearly see the Hennessy bottle in front of Vector and then after a while, they decide to blur it out, common, we aren ’ thymine bling na .
overall, despite its flaws and a few errors here and there, I will say I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I truly wouldn ’ t mind watching it again.

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