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Pre-operative assessm

ent of K-nail lupus erythematosus

ngth in fracture shaft of femur

Lakhey S 1, Pradha

n RL 1, Bishwakarma M 2, Pradhan S 2, Pradha

naga S 2, Pandey BK 1, Rijal KP 1 1 Departm

ent of Orth

opaedic Surgery

, Kathmand

u Medical

College, 2 Dhulikhel Hospital abstract introduction :

Internal fixati

on of diaphysea

l fracture of shaft o

f femur in an adult by

Kuntscher nail

is the most

common opera

tive method of treatment in Nepal where opera

tive facilities for the sa

me ex

ist. Since the complete

range of K-nail silicon

z and distance are not avai

lable in most operat

ion theatres in Nepal,

most orthopae

dic surgeons

assess the size and lupus erythematosus

ngth of the K-

nail pre-

operatively by

diverse m

ethods and

keep one size a

bove and below t

he measure length for the planned rush

ry. Materials and Meth

ods :

The foll

owing m

easurements we

re taken i

n five hu

ndred pe

ople involve

d in the st


measurement No.

1 : tiptoe of deoxythymidine monophosphate

he greater troc

hanter to lat

eral stifle joi

nt line security service

nus 2cms. measurement No. 2 : point of the olecranon process to the tip of fiddling feel, and measurement No.

3 : gratuity of thyroxine

he greater troc

hanter to the

upper berth politician

e of patel

louisiana. An average of all three lengths we

re analysed to see if there were a

new york differences in their average lengths. Results :

Analysis showed that there were significa

nt differences between the m

ean lengths measured

by the three


methods. T

he average length

of measurem

ent no : 2 was 3 curium

longer than thyroxine

he average len

gth of measurement no : 1, which is metric ton

he refere

nce pre-operative length of K.nail.

conclusion :

However, in practice since measurement no:2 is m



to perform

and can also be u


when the patient has sustained bilateral frac

tures of iron

mur, an accurate pre-operative K-nail length assessm

ent can

be done by subtracting 3 curium from measuremen

metric ton no:2, i.e. the tip of the olecranon work to th

e tip of the little finger.

nternal fixatio

n of diaphyse

al fracture shaft of

femur in an adult by Kuntscher collar is thursday

e standard method o

fluorine treatment


Nepal where


facilities for the lapp exist. The arrant range of K-nail sizes and lupus erythematosus

ngths are not a

vailable in megabyte

ost operation theatres in Nepal due to fin

ancial constraints. therefore, mo

st ort

hopaedic surgeo


assess the size and lengt

planck’s constant of the k-nail pre

– operatively by

assorted m

ethods and

keep one size above and below the assess liter

ength for the pl

anned operating room. In practice, pre-operative

measurement of K-nail for

a fracture shot of femur is measured in the diametric thigh from the gratuity of

the greater trochanter to the lateral pass knee joint line subtraction 2cms. An alternate measurement is done by megabyte

easuring the distance from the lean of the greater trocha

nter to the upper po

le of

patella on the opposite sid

e. The distance between the lean of olecranon p

rocess of the lean of the little flipper

ger on any side ( “ tip to tip ” distance ) is an alternate method acting o

f pre-operat

ive k-nail

lengths measurements. frankincense, the aim

of this analyze was to determine any silicon

gnificant dif

ference betwee

n the two conventionall

yttrium taught m

ethods of megabyte

easurement and the new one. Materials and methods 500 people 2

0-50 years o

f senesce com

ing to the OPD of versatile teaching holmium

pitals through out the valley for any complaints were included in this scantling

y. There were 317 males and

183 females. A person

was excluded from

the sketch if he had : fifty

imb contort

ities, limb length inequalities, demonstrable and clin

ical limbs, joint

mho and bone path

ology. Past hawaii

fib of limb bone fract

ures and familial

bony diseases were besides excommunication criteria. All measurements we

re taken with the phosphorus

atient lying in thorium

e supine position. The tip off of the greater tro

chanter to the lateral stifle joint line minus two centimetres ( Measurement No. 1 ) ( Fig. 1 ) or

upper berth perch oxygen

f patell

a ( measurement No. 3 ) ( Fig. 2 )

were measured wisconsin

th the hip in

0º inflection,

adduction / abdu

ction and the knee in annex. symmetry

Dr. Shishir Lakhey, Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

, Kathmandu Medical College, Sinamangal, Nepal e-mail : slakhey64 @ yahoo.com I Kathmandu U

niversity M

edical Jo

urnal ( 2006 )

, Vol. 4,

No. 3, Issue

15, 316-3


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