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I love this target. The ladies are indeed dainty and very accommodating. THE GEL MANICURE IS LIFE ️️
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I don ’ triiodothyronine know about nails but their waxing service was frightful. The lady didn ’ t even check the temperature of the wax, it was cold and hard as arctic. She was so careless that she tied dripped the wax on to my coat. And no apologies or any when I even tipped 20 % despite experiencing all this. All of them precisely lacked energy and tidal bore to go home. I would not come here again .
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Amazing and professional service, they in truth know to do a real pedicure. Higly recommended 100 %
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Staff are civil and friendly even compassionate with my disability. They clean breeze through very beneficial. The place is clean and tidy .
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come in for a 12pm appointment at 11 : 45am and was able to start my pedicure soon as I arrived. Everything was very clean. The pedicure was absolutely amazing. They flush use hot stones to massage your feet ! I besides got a mousse manicure. I am extremely finical when it comes to my nails and the manicure came out perfective. My nail technician was superintendent courteous and very professional. Great customer service ! I will decidedly be coming back here again .
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The last fourth dimension I was there they filed my nails at the exceed sol much that my nails were so faint that I lost 3 ! Of my nails ( natural ones ) the pictures shows my natural hanker nails
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Just came as a walk-in, although they took me veracious away the avail was mediocre. not sure where all these bang-up reviews come from. I ’ molarity hoping my recapitulation deters person looking for that amazing experience because you will be disappointed. The massage during the pedicure was as if the woman didn ’ thymine want to do it. I asked her for square human body and she rounded the edges, I then asked her to make them square and she didn ’ metric ton fix it. very disappoint, not coming back .
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Loved this put, if you ‘re stopping by the SCA this is the nail spot. It was a calm set and the technicians took their time and made my pedicure perfective ! The tools were clean, aseptic, and opened right in front of clients. even though it ‘s out of the room I would decidedly go back .
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I went to Karma Nails & Spa on June 20th to get SNS dip powder on my hands. It was a very clean salon and the technicians that assisted me were identical friendly. One technician helped with a wind for a broken nail while the other worked on the rest of my nails. I selected a light pink color and asked if there was glitter in it, she told me no. After three coats of the SNS powder, there was visible glitter specks in it. When I pointed it out to her, she told me the ignition in the salon did n’t allow her to notice before. I had already been there for an hour and my nails were done so I did n’t make a big deal out of it – flush though I was n’t a winnow of the glitter, I did n’t have the time to get it re-done ( nor was I sure if she would re-do it without charging me, but that ‘s on me for not inquiring ). The cost was $ 40 ( $ 35 for SNS + $ 5 for one nail wrap ) and I tipped her $ 10 = total, $ 50. One workweek later, my hair’s-breadth kept getting caught in my nails when I ran my fingers through, similar to the way acrylic nails do when it ‘s time for a fill up. On June 29th, the nail ( meaning the powder ) merely fell off my right bridge player thumb ( the leave hand thumb had the wrap – which is still standing strong today ). The days following, one by one, the nails ( SNS powder over my actual nails ) fell off as if they were press-on nails. It was embarrassing so I peeled the rest off – they came off like they were newspaper on my nails. They did n’t even end 2 full weeks ; a manicure would have lasted longer and cost a divide. I have had SNS done doubly before and both times they lasted up to 3 weeks, each. This was a disappointment because even as I was leaving, I asked my technician if she would be available the workweek of 7/15 so I could come get them re-done before an event on 7/20. I am not certain if the powder she used had gone bad ( expired ? ) or her application method acting was incorrect but it was a waste of money and I will not be going back .
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I liked the fast service and how my nails were done. however, there were some mawkishness to it. I ‘ll come back but will watch more closely and make sure that my nails are perfect next time. I ‘m certain they can do better .
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I love this place ! excellent manicures and pedicures and very sanitary. Try the k Tea Spa pedicure it ‘s in truth amaze .
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I ’ ve constantly seen this place on the avenue and think, why not give them a test specially with all these big reviews.
originally when I got my breeze through done there I was going to post a painting with my bang-up review, as the two people who did my nails were decent, fast and from the naked eye they looked great.
I am on day 5 now of a nail infection. As person who not only worked at a nail salon but frequently visits them, I have never, ever gotten a complete infection.
The extreme pain that I have felt the past 5 days I would not wish on anyone.
then, they may be nice, sure the nail look bang-up, but know that you may be walking in with the captive to get gel nails and walk out with an infection .
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The best pedicures of my animation have taken topographic point here. excellent staff and service. Worth waiting if they ’ rhenium full, they make an attempt to get you in ASAP .
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This place was amazing ! I had to be in and out within an hour and one didnt even need to say anything to them. The second gear iodine got into the president for a pedicure, another woman came up doing my manicure ( otherwise i wouldve been there for 99 years ) and at no steer did i ever feel rushed. They take their clock and pay attention to detail.very exhaustive job and very particular ! Would most decidedly come again
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The gorge are in truth decent, they accepting walk in but they prefer appointee, I got my complete done there and I loved it but unfortunately my complete has broken I had to go back to tell her, and she did it therefore well I am very glad with the service and highly recommend them
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Nails are constantly on point nowadays ! Gel manicure is super blank and lasts 2-3 weeks. Ladies are friendly and they offer the best prices compared to other salons I ‘ve been to in Queens. $ 35 for a gelatin mani that I actually love .
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The serve is fantastic but the gel powder is bad, one day and 4 nails break ! Pay $ 40.00 not recommended .
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Lovely stuff I did gel manicure I picked the faulty color the lady was thus adorable and change it for me thank you I highly recommend this place
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Went to Karma for the first fourth dimension yesterday and had a great feel. They were so exhaustive and did a great caper. It took a little longer than other places but it was deserving it. Super restful and great work .
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