today, I want to introduce many of you to a stigmatize that you can now find at CVS. To many of us, including myself, this may be the first you ’ ve ever even heard of this post !
I was browsing through my local CVS ; going through the Valentine ’ s Day sugarcoat and I noticed a new display. Hah, did you score any deals in the sale goodies ? even better than Valentine ’ second Day is the day after. When all the chocolates and sugarcoat go on sale ! then if you can resist the temptation, those sale prices go lower and lower !
Ooops. Forget that tangent, back to what we were talking about. Ruby Kiss ( RK ) has tons of farce. Suiting all your makeup needs. It seemed like there was something to make everyone happy. Foundations, concealers, bronzers, powders of all kinds, lipsticks, glosses, facial masks, primers, sprays. You name it. I perused, looked at all the makeup they had to offer. THEN, I saw them. The pinpoint polishes .
For $ 1.99 each, I picked up two from the many many colors to choose from and went on my direction to happily review them for you !

After I bought these polishes, I tried to do arsenic much research as I could about the brand. I hopped on their Instagram page besides and that ’ s where I found out curiously that they are obviously only going to be sold in CVS stores for a express clock time .

I guess since their display is only an end-cap at CVS, it ’ s not a permanent wave brand. I ’ m not sure how long they ’ ll be around for, but there is so a lot to offer I think it ’ randomness safe to say they should be hera for a while. That would besides depend on how well the brand does though .

Ruby Kisses has a pretty significant polish offer. In store, I saw 24 shades plus a top coat. On their locate, there are 48 shades ! They flush have a peel-off base coat that I am very concern in. I ’ molarity constantly looking for a ersatz for the NYC Peel Off Base that is no long sold anywhere near me .
The price is unvoiced to beat. $ 1.99 ! That ’ s the price of extraordinary Colors or Wet n Wild, so that means these polishes have to live up to those brands. ‘ Cause both of those brands offer some great quality polish at cheap prices ! They ’ ra comparable to polishes quadruple their price !
These aren ’ t merely standard nail polishes. They are marketed as HD breeze through polish, promising graphic, high-definition tinge. Along with that, Ruby Kisses besides claim that they are durable and chip-resistant. Going as far to say “ flawless application with equitable a single stroke, ” according to their web site .
This brand is all about enhancing beauty at an low-cost price. Everything in their line is priced reasonably, budget-friendly. That ’ s something I ’ megabyte decidedly on-board with .

Cotton Candy is a pale flip blue, truly evocative of bluing cotton candy. beneficial name. I knew this would be a good test to see just how their convention performs. pale colors are the crafty and even the best go on streaked on the first base coat.

This was no unlike. The first gear coat went on a short streaked. I noticed that convention was a good viscosity, not excessively thick or thin. It built on itself good, except I had to cover some patchiness with a 3rd coat. Despite this, it is a gorgeous tinge and performed like a standard pale bluing. not great, not bad .

Chances of Clouds is a discolor I knew I need to get, I ’ ve never gotten a polish this semblance that performed badly. This color is my failing ! 9 out of 10 times, I would pick this polish color when in doubt .
This one was great. dear bribe and nicely pigmented on the 1st coating. I got away with 2 coats on most nails but I ended up noticing some patchiness and painted on a 3rd. The first base visualize below is 2 coats, the second photograph is 3. It look significantly more appealing with 3 coats and it seemed to add some decent radiance. Again, the formula was merely properly. I didn ’ triiodothyronine notice that this took any more or less meter to dry than other polishes .

These have a categoric compact brush that covers the nail well. It can be a little hard to follow the crook of the free-base of the nail with something this thick, therefore if you have nails on the smaller time, it may take a little getting used to. It ’ s a good brush, nothing rotatory. Nice and thick for those who like to swipe once and be done .

overall, I had a thoroughly experience with this mark and I ’ five hundred say I ’ five hundred be volition to try them again. I in truth liked the way Chances of Clouds performed !
They claimed “ flawless application with good a single solidus, ” I ’ megabyte not indeed certain about that. For both of these polishes, I ended up having to put 3 coats. It is extremely difficult to load a pale semblance with a pigment recipe, so airplane propeller to them for doing it well !
As for their claim about it being durable and chip tolerant, I went about 2 days with no chips. I normally chip after the 1 day mark, so I ’ d say this is pretty average for me. This would require more test to see if it is more long wear, but based on this first test period, it didn ’ t meet its claims.

I enjoyed these polishes and trying out this post for the first meter. It ’ south nice to go to the drugstore and have thus many bang-up options for improbable prices. But I don ’ thymine think these beat out extraordinary Colors or Wet n Wild. They ’ re in the same price compass and I think their formulas and colors are well. For this post, if you want to try something, I ’ d say you should drip your toes into their constitution. The polish is good, but there are better. All without paying one supernumerary penny .
sol, if you ’ rhenium curious, I surely urge you to try this trade name ! If you have a short ton of polish, possibly hop these, unless there ’ s a unique color that very catches your eye !

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