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I have been an avid nail art fan since american samoa long as I can remember. I used to use those bum breeze through stickers on my fingernails as a pull the leg of. And equally soon as I was old adequate for a job, regular trips to the nail salon was my foremost priority. When I lived in Vietnam, I had a breeze through artist that would spend HOURS painstakingly embellishing my fingernails with the smallest details — ice cream cones, bantam flowers, pineapples, bows, and bantam crystals. I silent miss her to this day !

In Korea, nail art is besides a way of life sentence. You might have seen your front-runner K-pop stars with dazzle nails, or possibly you ’ ve heard of a certain person called Unistella, who basically changed the pinpoint art world as we know it.

korean nail art

I wanted to partake with you some of my favored korean smash art accounts to look for inhalation. Some things to take note of :

1. Most korean nail art ( if not all ) use mousse polish on natural nails. You typically won ’ thymine find any long, acrylic nails .

2. Pretty pastel shades and delicate designs are the name of the game with Korean nail art .


THE QUEEN OF NAIL ART. Eunkyung Park, good known as Unistella, is a trendsetter for nail art, not precisely in Korea but globally. Remember the shatter glass nail down course ? That was all her. Wire nail drift ? Unistella. Tattoo pinpoint ? NAIL JEWELRY ? It ’ s a thing, thanks to her .

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Brands like Sally Hansen tried to cash in on the success, but thankfully, the national outshout became so loudly that Sally Hansen was forced to remove their “ K-Beauty Inspired ” complete designs from the shelves .

Look to Unistella if you want out-of-the-box designs or want your nails to look like works of art .


Nailtam2na is located in the stylish Sinsa district in Seoul. Nail looks tend to be dreamy and ethereal — think lots of pastel and bare shades, crystals and holographic pinpoint polish. Like with most korean pinpoint artists, acrylic nails aren ’ triiodothyronine very a thing .

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Are ultra-feminine, dainty fingertips your obstruct ? Look to nail_by.jjoo for inspiration. You won ’ metric ton find tons of bling, but you ’ ll find pretty pastels, delicate flowers, circles, and dots, and of course, glitter .

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Whenever I see this account on my feed, I immediately think BLINGGG. But not the gaudy kind — the understate, chic kind. Lemonde Nail is located in Gwangju, South Korea, and specializes in crystal and glitter embellishment. It ’ s the kind of breeze through art I feel like Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, would get if she could actually get nail down art. Think bare and bloom tones, with a few nails decorated with quartz glass hearts and gemstones. Trés chic !

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Have you always seen a manicure that was SO perfect, it made you stop and do a double take ? Well, that ’ s how I feel whenever I see Nail A La Mode on my Instafeed. Sharp, geometric shapes and clean cuticles take kernel degree, with unusual tinge shades making an appearance. If you can ’ thyroxine wear crazy complete artwork or you ’ rhenium looking for something chic and mod, this is the report to follow .

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Drawing Show is where you want to go if bluff and daring is your crush. Drawing Show reminds me a bite of japanese nail down art — it ’ s colorful, each nail down is ornately decorated, and hand-drawn designs are the norm. Look to this account if you want to see galaxy-inspired nails, insane flowers that look like a watercolour painting, and 3D acrylic designs .

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Are you into korean smash art ? What are your favorite accounts to follow ? Let me know in the comments !

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