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A Love letter to the Luxurious Lacquers

photos : we heart this recently I wrote that nail polishes are an excellent target to scrimp and save. Bold and beautiful collections that perform well can be purchased at the corner drugstore. Why, I asked, would one choose to spend close to twenty dollars on the latest, greatest semblance when one could approximate any vogue for under five ? bluff absurdity, I said.

then, as if to smack my beauty-product-obsessed front, a pair bottles of Le Métier De Beaute Nail Lacquer icon find their way to my solicitation and I am reminded of what luxury nail color looks and feels like. Le Métier de Beaute translates to “ the craft of beauty, ” and craft they do. Known for partnering with couture and quick to wear designers ( and early fashion pundits of big acclaim ), their breeze through lacquers are creamily divine in consistency, rich in wear and perfectly in tune with the symphonies playing the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York. We heart this took a look at four colors from the ever evolving solicitation of hues and I received two incredible specimens of high fashion complete lacquer : true Romance, a shimmery bronzed taupe, must have received its name due to it being over-the-moon dreamy. The consistency of the polish itself is about like that of a rich lotion. There is no drip, no thin. The color deposits attention-getting, multidimensional shimmer in one coat. I rarely find a shimmer polish that can do this. Though this international relations and security network ’ thymine marketed as a “ one coat ” polish, but when you see the price tag ( $18 ), this will be an authoritative fact to ponder. I besides loved how this shimmer didn ’ triiodothyronine classify, maintaining an even, molten choice in the bottle and on my nails. Oh yeah, this stayed about chip-free on my nails for over a workweek. crisp Dragon, a super saturated bluish-pink ( from the the Limited Edition Spring Haute House Hues collection ) is my new favorite color due, in function, to the fact that the great and herculean Oz—er, Senior Vice President and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing—says it should be. A strong, saturated hot pink, Downing created this to complement to rich floral prints of the jump runway, equally well as the English Gardens that inspired them. once again, one coat deposits a glossy, nearly neon stain that is to-die-for. Two coats look like truthful lacquer ( disclaimer : trying this at home may result in a beauty coma ). This will be on my toes all summer long. Like one would expect, this is besides nick repellent for over a week. Penny Lane, a new hue for Summer 2012, is a bright and bold cauterize orange that is “ evocative of women sunlight bathe in Ibiza. ” This one would look amazing on your fingers, while sipping an umbrella cocktail, at any urine side venue.

Mais Oui, is described as a bright, snow-clad egg white but it ’ randomness clean, opaque formula works as the ultimate summer white a well. All this greatness gave manner to a nag doubt. Call it the devil ’ mho recommend of many a critic. Is there a fatal flaw of this apparently perfective conceptualization ? Considering that these were such phenomenal performers, could it be that these were the nail polish equivalent to achingly high, muscle-pinching-hammer-toe-inducing stiletto ? Were these “ bad for me ” beauty ? Because of the non-peeling, non-chipping formula and dreamy consistency, I finally started to wonder if those despicable smash polish additives : Dibutyl Phthalate ( DBT ), Toulene, and Formaldehyde Resin were hiding in my perfect polish. Happily, I found that they are not. On tendency, and somehow crafting fabulously performing epicurean intersection, Le Métier de Beaute is besides Big 3 Free. Whew. Pure awesomeness seems to be their only ingredient. Pros:
Long Wear ( advertised as up to 14 days )
Rich, no-drip consistency
One coating does the occupation ( two makes it spectacular )
Fashion-forward colors created with the consultation of some of the earth ’ s great design icons
Smooth finish with no mottle, no dragging
No DBT, Toulene or Formaldehyde Resin Cons:
At $ 18, this is a splurge
Snappy Dragon is a limited edition ! What will I do adjacent year ? ? Comparing these nail lacquers to lower-end brands is, to borrow from manner, like comparing H & M to Chanel. I ‘ molarity happy to wear both, but close-up no one is going to be fooled. Ladies, can you afford a little splurge for luxurious couture nails?
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