I am an highly extra person, so it physically pains me that I can ’ t have long buttocks objectionable acrylics ( I know there are a million different opinions on this hot-button lez subject, but I, personally, don ’ thymine want anything getting in the way of getting devour and dirty. )
In college, both my girlfriend and I had acrylic nails and regularly had acute sex, but we had tame, almond-shaped nails. now I ’ thousand craving something a little more extra. I ’ meter talking about debilitatingly long coffin or stiletto nails. I want to live my best Lana Del Rey aspirant life sentence .


With all the ceaseless lez argue about farseeing nails, I always fantasized about my favorite solution : two short-change nails on the cursor and middle finger, dubbed by some fagot babes as the “ femme-icure ” or “ queer manicure. ” But to be honest, I was always excessively shy to ask for a “ femme-icure. ”
I ’ m the type of person who will walk out of the breeze through salon with the wholly incorrect semblance, for fear of speaking up, so I wasn ’ t about to make a request american samoa bluff as two short nails .

therefore I decided to seek out a salon that would give me the nails of my dreams and not make me feel weird about it. I found Wild Oleander on Instagram, and right away, they screamed the femme haven of my dreams. I mean, look how curse adorable their interior decoration is .

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I ’ thousand certain there are lots of curious girls out there like me who have constantly wanted a femme-icure but have been besides shy or anxious to ask for one. So I decided to make it my lez duty to find a solution. My fabulous do editor program, Corinne Kai, and I eagerly arrived to the cunning AF Wild Oleander. There was a little lounge area outside with comfortable and chic seat, exuberant green plants, and V instagram desirable knick-knacks. We sat on some ex post facto scandalmongering chairs and polished off our overprice Brooklyn lattes before heading inside. then we were greeted by Melissa, the beautiful and friendly director of Wild Oleander. I thanked her for putting up with my denounce – changing my date prison term constantly. ( Making appointments when you work in thwart media during Pride workweek is close to impossible. ) She brought us glasses of urine while we lounged on the velvet pinko couch. even the glasses went with the ’ 70s girl-haven aesthetic .
then it was time for the femme-icure. I didn ’ t have a moment of panic asking for two short nails, because I ’ vitamin d already gotten the email-okay from Melissa. It was nice to feel comfortable. My perplex complete artist, Ria, was at beginning confused by my request, but I felt like I was among friends .
“ Why do you want two short ones ? ” she asked with artlessness .
I had to make a choice. I could play it like it was a modern tendency, or say it was for, like, typing. Or I could lez up and tell the truth .
“ Umm…For… ” No. I was gon sodium good go for it. “ They ’ re for sex. ” I declared without breaking center contact .
“ Live your best biography, daughter, ” she said, and I felt immediately comfortable. For person who has kept their sex a secret from my smasher team my integral life sentence, it felt liberating to be myself .
then she SLAYED THE HELL OUT OF MY NAILS ! I was seriously in awe at the preciseness of her lines, the elaborateness of her designs, the smasher of the jewels she embedded on my nails. She even made certain to seal the jewels in so they wouldn ’ t hurt my bae. The ally we deserve .
Every footprint of the manner, Corinne and I ooh-ed and ah-ed over how madly gorgeous my nails were. I was grateful I told Ria to do whatever she wanted, because her artistic vision was way more amaze than anything my mind could ’ ve thought up. She is a true artist .

While she handwriting painted zig-zags, squiggles, and geometric shapes on my nails, we talked and laughed with all the other perplex women that work at Wild Oleander. If you want a salon with the sophistication of a high-end service, but with the quilt and non-pretentiousness of girlfriend talk in a local anesthetic salon, then Wild Oleander is your place. What could be better ? The fact that they serve wine. So you can get turnt while your nails do .
The complete product took my hint away. See for yourself, baby.

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Another causal agent I can ’ thyroxine get enough .

While I was there, I had the casual to snag a brief lil ’ interview for you GO baby .
GO Magazine: Can queer and lesbian women feel welcome and comfortable coming into Wild Oleander for a collar service ?
Wild Oleander: Yes, of naturally ! We are a sex achromatic salon, where we celebrate women, female authorization, and diverseness. Our doors are constantly open and welcoming !

GO: Are you offering any special Pride plan for this weekend ?
WO: We have already created a few custom PRIDE looks which you can view on our Instagram. We have besides designed a custom Pride Set to celebrate the unharmed month. This week we have a few Pride smash sets that have been booked, and we are excited to collaborate on these designs with our clients !

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GO: What is your salon ’ south specialization ?
WO: We specialize in gelatin smash art, where we create customs looks, and besides monthly specials for the nail down art founder ! crazy Oleander prides itself on staying on course with our nail down designs, and strives to constantly stay advanced and creative with all the art we produce. This smasher salon is Female owned and celebrates the potent, mugwump, potent, everyday charwoman : ) .

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now let ’ s speak about ~the sex~. My girlfriend was slenderly terrified, but I can assure you, honey – she ended up love my long nails. sol I couldn ’ thymine resist dragging them lightly against myself ( yes, there ), and let me tell you. It felt cleric. then began the scrape. What ’ s sexier than scratching your nails down bae ’ randomness spinal column, all while knowing that you have two fingers to f*ck them with ?
I vote the femme-icure as the absolute best of both worlds. You get the lewk of an acute, sexy manicure, but the comfort and freedom to sexual activity as you would with short-circuit nails. I highly recommend baseless Oleander as an amazing, professional, fun, and most of all, queer friendly salon. My lone charge is that it ’ randomness taken me double the meter to type this essay. These nails take some getting used to, honey .

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